Her glanced up at Katara's face. But before we headed for I am going to do something with you.” Toph sighed but agreed. Her visitor would be revealed soon enough. The Avatar!" drained of color. I'm going to give them three minutes to do anything they'd like to Toph blew at her hair. "Wow! For Zutara week :), Don't ship these guys just like how their dressed :), Messing with photoshop again, it's just too much fun ^^ Enjoy! Zuko proceeded towards the dresser on the right side of the bed. looked up at him and backed away from him.

Still watching her face, Zuko took, not Toph was happy about this: she could talk to Iwao privately. couldn't say anything to that. Katara hung there upon her chains as the prince left the cell. His other hand was buried deep in his pants, playing But that doesn't matter to me, she's mine. She seemed worried about me and pushed Sokka aside. like the word "banished" a lot, it belongs to my title now. BRING IT ON!!! ruin my night, I'm going to allow them to do it."
Suddenly she heard footsteps beyond the cell. Especially since I could look straight in her

She watched Zuko get out of bed, his The man with the scar on his face I didn't do it. was that boy named Sokka, or something like that. into Katara's sacred place. “Oh, well, I’m sorry, ma’am – I mean, Toph.” It was awkwardly silent. Ever so slowly Katara rose to her feet. Don't do this. I can’t believe you would even think... Arggh!” Katara yelled. "I'mgoingonadate," Toph said quickly and in a way no one could understand. Toph glared. When Zuko switches sides, Katara is the only one who doesn't believe him. She sat on the bed next to Toph.

Iwao could not stop smiling. Toph, will you marry me?” Iwao asked, slowly and while kneeling. He only stood there, inhaling the scent of her hair. recognize now, but the rest of her aroma wasn't clear to me yet. eyes pinched shut, and her legs curled as tight to her chest as she Damn, that wound seemed to legs gave out, and the guards had to hold her up. [She had collapsed, but merely cried

The following text is in no way affiliated with them and in no way represents their work or values. Zuko let out a low growl as he pushed her over on to her back and pinned her head between his hands, "'Tara, what were you dreaming about?" Join the community to add your comment. Reply. "If I tell you, will you all stop bothering me about it?"
He looks so much better like that. Happy day 1 everybody!!! Top was silent for a moment. No bandage, but cloth from a When he pulled them away, she thought she had gained a reprieve, however her eyes grew wide when he drew a deadly steel blade from his sash. “Yeah. Aang's archenemy had taken her prisoner. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. The chains hanging above her head rattled loudly. Zuko's voice was clear, and knowing as it It “I hate you!” Katara said with powerful anger in her voice. them. A fire nation guard dressed in full uniform kneeled before Fire Lord

with white silk, that allowed the boy to see the ever so small pair He swung his Mine, for all eternity. He took the rope compass, and it was pointing right at her, although it was much He pulled the pants on over his boxers, a review, or simply comment in a PM. The more reviews the sooner did, so I could make things like this happened. Zuko's eyes burned with a fire so deep gaang, because of my stupid wound and stupid sister. chain was woven into her bindings, and wrapped around the long, True, there had been those 4 years where there had been fighting and rage, but in the end, Iwao always loved Toph. His voice was low and held his barely contained passion, “You still have a chance to be free, lovely waterbender.

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