I have a 03 745li with 185k. But seems to be happening more often. I went for a 600kms fun run with a few friends with alot of spirited driving and half way through when we stopped for a break I noticed the car won’t shift in Park and if I shut it down and try to lock the car I can’t. Clutch A 42,0ms 4f83 | Thanks Paul, you need valve body rebuilt or at least change square gasket, it most likely leaking ressure. For those questioning whether a rebuilt valve body is necessary, if absolutely is if you are experiencing the symptoms described. ZF engineers also improved the valve body, replaced solenoids, replaced some friction elements and almost all steel plates, Overhaul Kit | Clutch D 0,0ms Clutch B 9,0ms I have a 2006 RR HSE with 6HP26 . 4f89

OF OCURSE IF YOU DID IT LATE, IT MIGHT HAVE AFFECTED ACTUAL CLUTCHES AND BUSHINGS, Pingback: To those of you having irregular downshift issues while braking/coming to stop?

Jeff Need help thanks, all help already written in this artcile. My 2009 BMW 520d Lci transmission works perfectly, except for when im cruising, my rev counter goes up and down and the car begins to shudder. | My car is 2004 BMW 530i with 268000 KM on it. All Rights Reserved. valve body problem, pressure loss or solenoid stuck, I have 04 530i If I let the car come to complete halt, no hard shift or if I don’t let it shift by gentle gas from almost dead stop. Now for the past 30,000km ive had an issue with the revs flaring up between 3/4 and 4/5 when the tranny gets above 85c. you need to start from valve body rebuilt, if done in time you can save your tranny drums, driving like this will finally kill the tranny and you will need full rebuilt or new tranny. TOOLS & ACCESORIES Zf Netherlands told me that this was acceptable. The engine went up to 5500 rpm and about 50mph before I let my foot off the gas. Cycle on and off with key clears warning and drives normally. Application – RWD/AWD/4WD

you mean firmware?? | What is your diagnosis and what are the list of things you suggest I do considering the car may have never had a transmission service . I have a 6hp26 from a 2003 Jaguar XKR I bought with 102K miles and not running.

In other words it is more like a manual tranny with torque converter working only at very low speeds and low rpm. best option to install bmw engine with tranny and harness, or you will run into lots of issues with this tranny setup. Is there a software he can use that will fix this, or is it only available at a BMW shop? No other vehicle I have ever owned started trying to lock the converter in 2nd gear and definitely not under any load, that’s just stupid. So I think the tranny is causing it. Great article, quick one , 2004 bmw 530i the faults are 4f85 , 4f8a and 4f84 , the transmission as being rebuild but the same symptom still there when shift from 4 to 5 (sleeping) transmission fault light come on. Drum What do you think? Retainer

F02 – Transmission error reading P0716 – Turbine/Input Shaft Speed Sensor Circuit Range.

It might be the next day or 2 before it happens again. Clutch E 56,0ms Lower gears mostly, hot or cold. Zip kit instal .cleaned everything test solenoid Please can you advise if you can supply ,or if you can recomend someone in Johannesburg that can supply . I bought this car 5 years ago.

i have done a resistance test and all test OK. valve body/solenoids. Gear engagement is handled by 5 clutch packs, and the whole gearbox is controlled by a 6HP19 Transmission Control Module called the ZF 6HP Mechatronic module / Mechatronik module. | Clutch press, Clutch A -4.0 mbar try to update software first, if no good get another ecm, hi Reset my adaptations using my Foxwell scanner and did ZF procedure after. don’t forget to reset adaptatioons, but most likely this is a valve body failure. YOU DON’T NEED TO REPLACE ENTIRE UNIT. I also do get the hard 2-1 downshift clunk most of the time. To view our 2020 replacement transmission pricing guide, click here.

Problem – The ZF 6HP19 uses 7 different solenoids to control the different gear ratios. WELL, you did it once yourself and burned the amplifier, so did it worth it? just folllow the article, its all the same for these transmissions.

The trans shifts great all the time. I BELIEVE 3 SERIES TRANNY HAS BETTER GASKET VS 7 SERIES 6HP26. shifts perfectly but some times when it´s go from first to second gear with little gas and downhill it shift hard. IMPORTANT NOTE: DON'T FORGET TO RESET TRANSMISSION  ADAPTATIONS  AFTER ANY REPAIR DONE ON THE TRANSMISSION!!! Thank you for your help, It will click, the “D” indicator in the instrument cluster will blink and the RPMs will rise slightly and fall. It is recommended to replace the “Sleeve" within the framework of the sheduled repair without waiting for its damage. I have a problem with my 2009 335d zf gearbox, vehicle has been remapped about 370bhp/730nm of torque. Here are the adaptations values. The stereo itself works and all functions work but the sound quality.

Front speaker work pretty good w no distortion,

Thanks in advanced! Do you think if i replaced all the gaskets it will solve my problem. Range on my car is 196 000km, no proof of oilchange ever. Was serviced by BMW till 40k kms and then local mechanic after. This is useful for when the engine power has been increased significantly from stock. square gasket is a must every 70kmls or 5-7yrs.
As i know the 6HP26/28`s have an integrated ECU programmed to the specific features of the coupled engine. valve body problem, you need to diagnose clutrch adapation numbers or get valve body rebulilt. Never seen trans temp over 90. Thanks. I know its a long list of issues, but if you take care of your tranny every 80-100kmls it pays for itself pretty good. My ides was to search for a transmission from a Jaguar XK8 due to the similar engine characeristic. 6HP19 Solenoid Problems Problem – The ZF 6HP19 uses 7 different solenoids to control the different gear ratios. Detent Cables, Kick Down Cable, Cable Kick Down, Differentials, Differential Carrier, Differential Carriers, Diff, Diff., Diff Housing Carrier, Dipsticks, dip-stick, dip-sticks, Dip Stick, Double Wet Clutch, Dual Dry Clutch, Dual Clutch Wet, Dual Wet Clutch, Dual Clutch, Wet Clutch Kit, Right Axle Seal, Seal Left Axle, Left Axle Seal, Seal Right Axle Its tuned to approx 350hp and 800nm.

423-361-1638, both units need rebuilt. The message did not come again and gear shifting was smooth as normal. Slight 2/1 downshift clunk and slight delayed into reverse and clunk sometimes. Like gears are loose sound very bad. I have never noticed this happen after the vehicle warms up. When transmission is warm, seems to get slight surge when coming to stop, like from torque converter.

3) mechatronic valve body rebuilt. I have an x5m e70 2012, 110 kkm on the clock. What you are supposed to know about your ZF6HP26, 6HP19, 6HP28 and similar ford Transmissions.

It will do this twice every 2 seconds until I put it back into park. INPA OR ISTA CAN DO IT. E fill 100

all i meant is its not gonna be a waste, but there is a high chance it might fix everything. I went to change the fluid in it to your recommended ZF Life guard since I have it out of the car.

no sure about melbourne, but try valve body rebuilt or at least replace solenoids in there along with square mechatronic gasket. Coukd it be the TC? Now it has developed a shutter from the torque converter at low speeds under moderate loads. You can really feel how slow the shifts are and how slow the TC locks up. I want to replace pan/filter, fluid and square adapter gasket. No Problem!! Bushing Can I get away with a solenoid kit if it is in the transmission? And then accelerate again the second gear spins.

ISTA tells me to replace mechatroics unit. I am guessing it can be the Torque Converter, since I’ve replaced the fluid, and filter, and VB seals. I’ve also had all vavle body sleeves adapter seal and mechatronic plug changed.Can you please help me been trying to figure this out. Extremely helpful. When driving around town, driving seems normal. It is advisable to make two partial fluid changes in case of contaminated fluid and at the same time to change the filter.

I have 2009 bmw 535i xdrive I am having harsh shifting and surging especially when going up hill in the morning (cold).

sounds like valve body problem or and torque converter, but first you need valve body rebuilt, Pingback: Audi S5 V8 automatic transmission issues, Pingback: Audi S5 V8 automatic transmission issues - AudiWorld Forums. I am afraid it is cluch problems. Inhibitor Switch

EDS2 shift solonoid . Dealer says software is ok and recomends trans replacement . If i keep revs slightly up when staionary or using any throttle while driving , it wont drop out, I would greatly appreciate any thoughts you had on this. you need to check valvebody first or replace it with rebuilt one. It still flares up between 3/4 and 4/5 and slip’s out of reverse. What do you think? I am also having periodic lockups where the transmission won’t shift to the next higher gear. I’m thinking just the square gasket??? Getting fault more often in past few months. Thanks! Drive it. Runs perfectly o reverse and all other gears. Most important thing for this tranny is correct fluid pressure and temps, other parts like clutches are very durable and made with highest quality standard. | Not sure why adaptive strategy errase would cause all these issues …also slight delay into engaging reverse when selected ….thoughts ? I’m thinking about changing out the solenoids and seals/gaskets. I thought it was an engine surge at first but it must be the converter locking and unlocking. This is a great write up, thank you! Thanks for helping out everyone. You can only tell if tranny is doing okay only by checking adaptations values. 4f85 Have a 2007 Bmw 750 il. Error is currently present 2004 530i Code 4F8C.

its ok condition numbers, clutch D is a little high but nothing serious yet. This info is stored in the TCU not the ECU correct? Variations – 6HP19A (AWD) & 6HP19X (4WD) This is all great information Bravo! Upshifting to 2nd not very smooth? ZF 6HP19 Transmission Problems. resetting adaptaitons when valve body isnt in good shape will cause failsafe transmission mode.read carefully my article and you’ll find that mechatronics module is the most important on this transmission. or am i being parannoyed, NO ITS NOT, YOU NEED TO SERVICE YOUR VALVE BODY.
In sport mode it can engage clutch as early as at first gear!! MECHATRONIC INCLUDES ECM+VALVE BODY. get valve body rebuilt before rebuilding entire tranny. Car goes into failsafe when hard accelerating and changing from 5th to 6th and only happens around 160-170 km/h.

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