Deciding it's probably best for them to leave, Kana walks her friends out. "It", of course, turns out to be "Ominie-san". Let’s be honest: Japan rules the roost when it comes to electronics firms. A college girl, Haru, had just completed her entrance ceremony when she meets a fellow student and her childhood friend, Yukari. "So, why did you find the cat, but not me?". The door opens and a feminine figure enters the room and laughs as it walks behind the rows of desks, someone everyone knows they can't look at.

The man takes a photo of it. When the man loses her, he makes it back home and dries himself off. Masayuki gets an uneasy feeling like something really bad is about to happen. A moment later, the woman reappears in the student's view and painfully contorts herself into the shadow's cat-like pose, and suddenly turns her attention toward the student with a contorted face.

The actress in the ad—Keiko Matsuzaka—was allegedly driven mad, or had become pregnant with the devil’s child, depending on who you listened to. Unlike other creepy Japanese creatures, the Jinmenken are harmless enough. Some time later, after Machiko gets her wound treated; complete with a bandaged finger, Kenta goes out for two days on a business trip but not before placing a rat cage trap to calm down his worried girlfriend.
The first season was directed by Tomoya Takashima, with scripts written by Hiromu Kumamoto and produced by ILCA. Ryousuke demands why she left him and his father. It's this hospital's rule." In 2004, a 14-year-old student known as “Girl A” killed her best friend in a infamous crime called the “Sasebo slashing.” When police investigated her computer, they checked its browser history.

Then the third man asks for a handshake which she does.

[19] Rumors and legends about Hanako-san have achieved notable popularity in Japanese primary schools, where children may challenge classmates to try and summon Hanako-san. But the blaze is best remembered for the bizarre urban legend that surrounds the tragedy.

One night a lone elementary school teacher had remained in the faculty office a bit late to finish working on the school newspaper. On February 16, the voice says he felt something, like fingers wiggling. He looks in the mirror and finds himself looking extremely disheveled... and that he has maggots crawling out from under his eyelids. Sentai Filmworks will be re-releasing the series with an English dub which was slated to be released in 2019, but has currently delayed.

Just then, a door opens and handprints and footprints appear all over the floor and walls of the corridor. [8] The first and second seasons have been licensed by Sentai Filmworks. An office worker boards the last bus of the day. It has been alleged that in the aftermath of the fire, department store management ordered saleswomen to wear panties or other underwear with their kimono, and the trend spread. It was believed that the spirits of the hitobashira became guardians of the building, fending off any evil spirits. Too late, student sees the black mass devour her friend, and she flees. He realizes to his horror that she has no face at all, just a blank sheet of skin. An officer suddenly asks to shake hands with her which she does. Machiko replies in a creepy voice, "Welcome home." She tells Haru that she enrolled in the same school she did and made it off the waiting list. Suddenly, the same voice from the snow hut says, "You think so too?"

Each episode features a diff… The main characters in the ad were a woman in white and a young boy, dressed up as a tiny ogre.

[8] Picking a color which has not been offered leads to the individual being dragged to an underworld or hell, and in some accounts, choosing "yellow" results in the person's head being pushed into the toilet. Urban legend has it, if you read the poem out loud, you will die. The “Red Room” video. Although fan death is most commonly associated with South Korea, it is also a Japanese urban legend—and one that spreads across Asia as a whole.

But instead of housekeeping, he sees several silhouettes of people and he hears the TV come back on. Miwako isn't comfortable with the idea of having her tooth pulled out by these old world dentists and tries to leave but is held down by the assistants. Believing that he dropped it back at the museum, the man rushes back despite it getting late and that it must be closed. She answers it and hears a deep breathing before she hears Momoe's voice. Ryousuke demands his father to tell him what he did to his mother. They claim that "Tomonari" invites her to play with them, but she declines and promises to play with "Tomonari" soon. The women started their descent to safety, but, at the halfway point, a strong gust of wind disturbed them. The hiker finally remembers what happened to Takeru: he died from complications of the surgery.

The repairman checks the camera and says he sees them: one man and two women. All that serenity and calm air. Eventually, the car runs out of gas forcing the men to push the car, but it seems the tunnel goes on forever. Upon noticing the elevator's rather gloomy-looking occupants, the. Suddenly, she sees three children dropping rocks off the waterfall... She tries to tell them it's not safe but instead, they just stare at her with creepy looks then walk away. She takes the ring, an heirloom of the wife's mother. Other variations include the detail that no one is able to retell the story since they die after hearing it. Just die like Kyoukou and Ayaka!" Suddenly, the lights go out and the coughing returns, only it's growing louder and the walls begin to shake. Early reports of kunekune appeared on several websites at the same time. The girl asks what should she read next, but the man tells her she has done enough and thanks her. Once the castle was built, whenever a young girl would dance in the streets of Matsue, the entire castle would shake. Still in the shadows, Akane explains Kyoukou and Ayaka were so scary, she couldn't fight them and asks for forgiveness. If Tarou-chan isn't here, leave the door open a bit!" The end card from season 1 and 2 comes up again, and this time, the boy says the words "The End...", A salaryman walking home from work runs into two children, both of whom are sad that a dead cat is lying in the middle of the street.

Haru says that she didn't know, but Yukari tells her she wanted it to be a surprise and they'll be together again.

Then Momoe says that "he's" coming. As he carries the garbage bag outside, that's when the woman realizes something: today is not garbage day. Sae's mother suddenly arrives and apologizes for her daughter trespassing. Sae's mother gets an uneasy feeling when she then says, "I wanted to join them." She says, "I'll suppose he'll do..." before dragging him back under the bed. Soon after, he hears strange scraping noises through his wall and follows them around the apartment to the bathroom. Later, before dawn, one of the boys wakes up, and wants to go to the bathroom, but is afraid since being told that dream. One midsummer night, a man complains about his boss in his diary, when he hears a loud mosquito-like buzzing noise. Then a website with a list of name appears, with the boy’s friend at the bottom. Suddenly, he hears a sound and looks down to find Takashi clinging on a branch, too afraid to get down and he thinks the branch is about to break. Stranger still, the chalk line is leading away from the yard and into the school. Wondering if she should introduce herself, but deciding it's probably not the best time, she continues walking. The salaryman looks out the window and sees a blonde-haired woman in a red dress running next to the taxi at an impossible speed. The hiker is about to open the door when the old man stops him. Feeling unnerved by the man's words and the path he's directing him, he slips past him and continues going straight. Say what? Another train passes by and she sees, through the gaps of the fingers, in the reflection of the train's windows, that the pale girl is the one covering her eyes. Bala itu sejenis bahaya. When the woman turned around, her best friend said, "If you can see me, then help me." Start your 30 Day FREE Trial now! Inside the dark house, the only presence is the sound of gurgling water.

As his parents drive away, his mother wonders if she is getting old since she keeps thinking she has forgotten something important. As the family drives on, they pass an old, dilapidated house, much to Takeshi's curiosity. His last diary entry- a messily-scrawled "Help me...". During that decade, Kleenex launched an impressive ad campaign. In 720 BC, the Kingdom of Israel was destroyed by ancient Assyria.

The demon child was actually supposed to be the character Ten from the anime Urusei Yatsura. The story ends with Takuya's empty eye sockets bleeding. He investigates, finding it empty, but his bedroom window is wide open. They’re able to shake them awake, and when asked what had happened, no one could remember how they ended up there, including the Cowhead story.” – Thoughtcatalog […], […] Traduzido de: […], […] – 10 Creepy Japanese Urban Legends – 10 Freaking Creepy Japanese Urban Legends […].

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