The resort was already above 4,500 feet of elevation. The Tokyo-based company celebrates its 100th anniversary this year, founded in 1917 with its U.S. subsidiary launched in 1969. The vehicles we were driving were rear-engine, independent front and rear suspension, and at one point had raced in either the Baja 1000, Baja 500, or other race. Yokohama focused much the tire's development on tread life, claiming this is the consumer's biggest concern, and introduced a new high-density rubber compound utilizing a new triple-polymer blend designed to increase tread life. To get through the area, we had to plant the tires in the middle of the ruts to keep traction. These aren't highly modified production trucks, but instead, all-out race trucks with rear mounted engines, full roll cages, five-point safety harnesses, and suspension almost the length of me. This was definitely more of a fun activity than a true test, especially because, once again, we were not able to compare the tire against a competitor.

They suffered no chunking, just some outer tread block wear.

The siping has a depth of 80-percent of the tire tread. The event included two types of ride-and-drive tire-testing opportunities –, When breaking out the data between likely mud terrain vehicles for which this tire is designed versus the overall truck marketplace, he said the growth and the opportunity is there. The end of the lap brought us through a left-hand turn and then down the front stretch to hit the main jump. News: Openbay Adds Support for Major Tire Suppliers to Otis, News: Massachusetts Votes to Amend Right to Repair Law, News: Shop Boss Adds New Features to Software, News: TBC Corp. Running Programs for Military, First Responders, Featured: 2019 Newsmakers: Bridgestone Americas, Products: Meyle Releases ABS Sensor Kit for Targeted Replacement, Products: Autel Releases ADASCAL2 Expansion Pack, Passenger/Light Truck: Toyo Tire Debuts Open Country A/T III, Tires: Feds: Auto Repair ‘Essential’ Amid COVID-19 Outbreak, Buyer Beware? In addition to a unique look, the toothy pattern extended to the sidewall allows for better grip on off-road surfaces. It always provided excellent traction. “The extra strength in the sidewall helps against punctures and holds up to heavy abuse.”. According to testing by Yokohama, the M/T is 2.3 decibels quieter on the road compared to other leading tires in the space. “When the stress is more even across the tire, there are less hot spots. Being in Colorado makes it a little difficult to get to Baja to test, but Gateway Canyons Driven Experience gave us the next best thing.

For those that do, we headed out to Gateway, Colorado and Gateway Canyons resort and tested out a brand new mud terrain tire. The tire exceeded our expectations on the Baja course.

The first couple corners of the course were rutted-out, soft sand. Yokohama Geolandar M/T G003 Off-Road Tire Review. We would have liked to have had more rocks to climb to see exactly how the tire gripped on the rocks. Hitting off-road trails in a caravan of lightly modified Jeep Wrangler Unlimiteds, Yokohama wanted to us to experience the tire on different surfaces (except for mud, ironically) with pressure set to the vehicle's manufacturer-recommended level. The event included two types of ride-and-drive tire-testing opportunities –  behind the wheels of a Jeep Wranglers tackling rugged mountain terrain, and later strapped inside modified caged V6 Ranger Baja buggies speeding around the bends and jumps of a short course. Passing some enchanting overlooks and old uranium mines, the Wrangler never struggled on the Yokohamas, giving this city-dwelling journalist all the confidence needed to tackle any obstacle on the trail. Yokohama unveiled its all-new Geolandar M/T G003.

For us, of course, light truck has always been a significant portion of the tire business.”.

The Geolandar M/T G003 applications include a wide variety of popular pick-ups and SUVs, including the Dodge Ram 1500, Jeep Wrangler, Chevy Silverado 2500, Ford F-150 Raptor, Nissan Titan, Toyota FJ Cruiser, Land Rover Discovery, GMC Yukon XL 3500, among others. This section of the trail was nicknamed Rocky Road and it lived up to its name. © 2017 Power Automedia.

All rights reserved. For more information on the Geolandar M/T G003 and for a full list of sizes, be sure to check out Yokohama’s website. Our return trip to the resort was deliberately extended so we could drive on the highway a little longer and listen to the road noise. We then went into a long left-hand turn on hard-packed dirt, which made it feel as if we were driving on pavement.

After lunch – letting our adrenaline come down from the Baja experience – it was time to climb the plateaus around Gateway. We would not be able to confirm this, but do have access to the third-party report. For consumers interested in a more rugged look, the Geolandar M/T G003 features angular mid-blocks, a square open shoulder, raised black lettering and sidewall armor. Also on the course were a couple rocky sections.

“The wider and flatter contact patches allow for more evenly distributed stress throughout the tire,” Abram explained.

Chinese Tires Mean Different Quality Levels, Toyo’s Celsius Plans to One-up All-Season Tires. The road had a few sections where we were able to flex out the suspension, but nothing too crazy. On our short highway drive, the mud terrains were surprisingly quiet, but of course still noisier than a traditional road tire. We got to drive the Jeep on a multitude of different terrains. Additionally, the engineers designed the tire to have a wider and flatter contact patch, also improving tread life. All vehicles were equipped with the new Geolandar mud terrains. “For the mud terrain, it covers enthusiasts who are going out, racing, and getting air, to the people who use the tire to go out and do activities like hiking or rock climbing.”. “The traditional mud tire sizes, the 15-inch, 16-inch – really the bulk of the market for many, many years – is actually going down and the real growth is in the 17-inch, 18-inch, and 20-inch and above. To help ensure consumer satisfaction, the Geolandar M/T G003 also carries Yokohama’s 30-day money-back trial pledge. Listen to the latest episode on "What's Treading". Considering the top selling trucks in 2016 – F Series, Silverado, Ram, Sierra and Wrangler – Abram, Maximizing TPMS Sales for Winter Tire Season, Technology, Regulation, Weather Dictate Tire Evolution, Commerce Slaps Duties on Imported Tires from Vietnam, Bolt On Technology Expands Text To Pay Capabilities, Virtual AAPEX Keynote: Aftermarket is Resilient, Vipal Rubber Releases VT850 HD Tread in U.S. Market, Atturo Tire Debuts AZ850 Muscle Tire Lineup, Goodyear Launches New OTR Tire for Long Haul Fleets, Coats Releases New 80C Center Clamp Tire Changer, Hunter HD Vehicle Unmanned Inspections Available in 2021, KYB Releases Truck-Plus Performance, Leveling Assemblies, Virtual AAPEX Session: Creating a Business Culture Employees Embrace, Virtual AAPEX Recap: Getting Out of a Price-Based Model, TIA Dealer Forum: Ingenuity, Tenacity Foster Success, Video: Continental's Total Confidence Plan, Video: Old TPMS Tools – What To Do With Them, Alliance Tire Launches Galaxy Truck Tire Line, USTMA Finds Recycling of End-of-Life Tires has Stalled, The Strong, Silent Type: Yokohama’s New Geolandar M/T G003.

The tire was quiet up to around 30 mph. The tire performed well on all different terrains, but also looked great doing so. He explained that the tread design is intended to be wider and flatter, which can reduce tread wear by more evenly distributing the stress on the tire, reducing hot spots, heat and friction for better tread life. As we got closer to 50 mph there was a slight hum, but nothing as extreme as some other tires. The course with everything traditionally seen in Baja. Yokohama is also the Official Tire of the Nitro Circus Live US Tour and Nitro World Games and is launching a unique promotion, the Yokohama “Get Trucked Up” truck giveaway contest to run June 17-October 15. To our surprise, the tires had minimal damage.

We took it out for testing and it was like ‘Wow, something’s missing here.’ The thing that was missing was much of the tire noise.”.

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