Thus the YO brand entered the Schreiner domain. When the first local cowmen reported profits from gathering herds of the wild cattle and driving them to markets in Kansas, few in Kerrville believed them. This famous ranch was founded by Charles Armand Schreiner, who was born in 1838 in Alsace-Lorraine, an area that lay between Germany and France. Prices were good for cattle and wool, and the YO Ranch prospered. brand was first used on the Texas gulf coast in the 1840’s by Youngs O. Coleman of the Fulton Family Ranching Empire near Rockport.

Y.O. Terms of Use. The Y.O. Being a practical man who didn’t like to do the same job twice, he simply bought the YO brand from the sellers. Consider the problems facing the YO Ranch during Myrtle’s tenure -- the ranch had no running streams so water for the livestock was always a problem, its sheer size contributed to logistical problems, scourges like the screw-worm fly afflicted both livestock and wildlife, and the national economy frustrated commodity prices. Join us on a guided tour to view and photograph a variety of different species of exotic animals. After practicing on YO Ranchlands and getting the herd used to traveling together, in the summer of 1966, they drove the cattle from the Texas Hill Country all the way to Dodge City, Kansas. Couples searching for a destination wedding in the Texas Hill Country should include YO Headquarters on their list. He graduated from the University of Texas, where he played football; the team nicknamed him “Crip”, since he managed to break a collarbone, arm, leg, and three ribs during his football career. People traveled to the YO Ranch and stayed at their lodge, mainly as hunters, but increasingly as visitors to a working ranch, where the livestock included exotic animals. Headquarters is a perfect location for adventure challenges, group challenges, and cooperate events. Don’t forget to check out the hot tub! Captain Charles Schreiner immigrated from Alsace-Lorraine in 1852. Second, he saw early on the value of the Texas Longhorn as a breed and as an historic reminder of the beginnings of ranching in Texas. brand was first used on the Texas gulf coast in the 1840’s by Youngs O. Coleman of the Fulton Family Ranching Empire near Rockport. As early as 1953, Blackbuck Antelope, Axis Deer, Sika Deer, Fallow Deer and Auodad Sheep were introduced and have been running wild with the native Whitetail Deer since. Keeping the Traditions and History of the Legendary YO Ranch Alive. Growth continued on October 19, 2018 with the purchase of an additional 5,784.22 acres.

Since then, extensive renovations have been made which includes new roads, brush clearing, new lodging and much, much more. We are a premiere, year-round, hunting destination for both exotic and native game. Privacy Policy. He finished law school and was captain of the 1900 team that won all six games it played. Ranch, its brand, and its cattle from Taylor and Clements with profits he made by driving more than 300,000 head of Texas longhorns “up the trail” to Dodge City. Charlie III, as he was called far and wide, is important to the story in many ways, but I admire two specific items. Ranch has permanently branded six generations of the Schreiner family and those same hard-working folks have left their indelible prints on the Y.O.

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