Your tool comes to you with a fine edge.

That is not a problem in a seat blank, which is only about 24 inches long.

Fancy Baluster Leg Sugar Maple Black-on-Red Milk Paint, Elegant Double-Bobbin LegRed Oak with Shaved FacetsBlack-on-Red Milk Paint, [email protected] Shipping also available. On the last day, the bow is fit to the arm and spindle mortises are drilled freehand in the bow using a brace and spoon bit. Seat woods include elm, ash, cherry, sweet chestnut, walnut, tulip, mahogany and pine. Unpainted, the wooden surface of the chair is quite visually stimulating, so the form of the chair needs to be simpler than on painted chairs. Paint serves several purposes on traditional Windsors. The handles are hand shaped in my workshop using wood from a walnut tree taken out by a storm on my farm in 1976. Enjoy! Chairs assembled in this way never come apart! Maple turning blanks 30-30”…$6.00. The saddle makes the Windsor chair, one of the most comfortable chairs there are. Legs: Sugar maple, one of the strongest North American hardwoods, is ideal for traditional chair legs. It highlights the fancy turnings, crests and arms on traditional Windsors and visually unifies the form of the chair. The last step here is to cut out the seat from the square blank. Typically, these species aren’t found wide enough to yield a one-piece seat, so the chair maker glues up seat blanks out of narrower, more stable pieces. Careful matching of the two edges and planing yields a seat blank. I use a jack plane and a jointer plane (Record no. Typically made from three specific woods, the woods in a traditional Windsor chair are selected for their necessary functional qualities, rather than for looks alone.

When painted with milk paint the growth rings in white pine raise. Written by James Mursell, this book was the first new book about the making and design of Windsor chairs for over 10 years. Its size, balance, and blade make an excellent tool for fine woodworking tasks. It is extremely thin: every pore and growth-ring of the wood subtly shows through the paint. 7 shown in photo) to flatten and edge the board. Once the glue has dried, wedges are trimmed and the chair is prepared for finishing. Contemporary and traditional Windsor chair designs are available. Category: Windsor Parts Tags: blanks, Chair, chairmakers, Parts, Pine, Seat, Seat blanks, Windsor, Windsor Chair, Windsor chair parts. The through holes for the legs and arm posts are 5/8 inch and the blind holes for the back spindles are 1/2 inch. Put another way, I use a hand plane to put a straight edge and a flat face on each of the two pieces that go into a seat.

The goal is a glue line that will all but disappear. Details of the woods used in the photographed chairs is included but other alternatives could be used. These seats are 20 inches wide and 18+ inches deep. I use planks with a full two-inch thickness, but wood that thick has a lot of stress in it, which … Windsor Chair Parts: All chair parts are made from high grade saw logs and are fresh cut to ensure high moisture content.

Since the seat is about 20 in wide and the lumber is about 12 in wide, the seat blank is assembled from two pieces. My first step once I have sawn the lumber into pieces is to fabricate seat blanks. Since the two boards for each seat came from the same larger board, they have similar color and grain. Please check our store as we are moving these items to be Purchased directly from the website.
The spindles, arm and bow are prepared for assembly by scraping and sanding them. Shellac is a natural varnish made from resin secreted by female lac bugs on trees in India and Thailand. Left unpainted, the grain of the wood distracts the eye from the form. I keep plywood templates for different seat sizes.

My first step once I have sawn the lumber into pieces is to fabricate seat blanks. Also, to make the lightest and most elegant chair possible, the woods need to be chosen for their intrinsic qualities, as mentioned above. If the reference face is not flat, the planer will simply follow the twist in the board and the blank will not be flat. Be cautious and do not let the blade touch anything hard or abrasive. Moisture content varies from green to air-dry, depending on storage time (green blanks are a sheer joy to turn, air-dry blanks warp less). Once they are shaped the arm and bow are steamed, which plasticizes the wood. © 2020 Tony Peirce and, Have you ever thought of taking a chair making course? Dimensions: 13.5″ x 6.5″ Windsor chair maker James Mursell has made each of the chairs shown above. The arm is then mounted on the arm stumps and the angle adjusted using a tapered reamer. After flattening, I use a power planer to thickness the boards. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! 7 plane. A gutter adze, a scorp, compass plane and travisher are used to accomplish this. **Maple turning blanks are sawn square to your spec in short lengths to ensure straight grain and ease of turning (Maple riven stock available too if needed) ***, Add $1 per blank if you wish to have your blanks turned to rough cylinder, Shaped spindles dried straight taper (add to blank price)….………….…………$5.00, Maple & Birch arm stock 1”x4-6” up to 24” long…………………………….………$5.00, Pine seats two piece glue up………….$25.00-$30.00, Three piece (one flat sawn two pieces quatered)………..$25, Quartered wood 4’ or 2-2’ pieces……….$40.00-80.00 (varying on diameter and grade of log purchased). Cross-sections are given to help in shaping the seat. Make your own Windsor chair with Tony Peirce in his workshop in the beautiful Eastern Townships of Quebec.

My first step once I have sawn the lumber into pieces is to fabricate seat blanks. For Windsor chair plans click on any of the Windsor chairs below to take you to its specific page. The logs were sawed at the historic Hale Farm and Village, Bath, Ohio using a 19th century steam-powered sawmill. On unpainted chairs, the purpose of the chair design shifts from showcasing fancy elements (turnings, scrolls, etc.)

In this photograph, Richard, one of my first students, is learning to smooth the seat edge with a spokeshave.

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