Was known to plainsmen trade as "Jake Haw ken's nephew."

Savage Pistols / Bailey Brower Jr. ; edited by Don Gulbrandsen.

II, Calandar of Virginia State Paper, Flourney, 1893.) Born in 1835, became his father's partner in about 1860, and was active until 1880. He followed the gold rush to California returning to Ohio in 1851. LC Catalog Record: 99068103, Sword, Wiley. LC Call Number: TS535 .S55 Brass barrel, flintlock holster pistol. Minneapolis, MN : Blue Book Publications, Inc., [2013]

 Marion, Ohio. Riflemakers of Hazelton, Pa.  Sturbridge, Mass. Made very fine percussion schuetzen rifles and some medio cre hunting rifles and shotguns.


HEINZE, Richard  Boston, Mass., 1872. Arms, c1976. Harder moved to Lock Haven in 1860, where his plant, making muzzle loading percussion rifles employed eight gunsmiths.  Troy, N. Y., in 1840.

Both workmen were mentioned as long experienced in 1848 but the partnership was dissolved in the spring following.  Worcester, Mass.  Harvey Towne, Md., 1688.

LC Call Number: TS533.62.R84 W57 1996 or Hiddon. HUNTER'S IRON WORKS HAEFFER, John

After production of some one hundred long arms the factory was destroyed by Tory sympathizers. HYDE & GOODRICH  Helena, Wisconsin, circa 1840 1870.

Remington Arms & History. He currently has a couple Long Range Hunting Videos and is involved in holding long range shooting seminars.  See J. M. Happold.  Gunsmith, 25 St. Phillip, New Orleans, La., 1853.

Browning Arms & History. Riflemaker of North Adams, Adams, Mass., 1858-68. "[4] His correspondence is filled with letters from Army leaders, including George Washington, begging for arms and other materials. Henry, William Jr. Harrisburg, Pa.: Stackpole Co. [1958]. The Jacobsburg property was further improved in 1798, by a boring mill (later turned into a grist mill) and about 1808, by a forge and iron works.

LC Call Number: TS533.2 .O44 1999

W. Riflemaker of Mjddletown in Paxton, Lancaster County, Penna., 1779-83. LC Catalog Record: 2006299238, Rattenbury, Richard. Maker of heavy percussion target rifles with Remington barrels. Iola, Wis. : Gun Digest Books, 2006.  Phila., Pa. The Jacobsburg shops were in charge of son Matthew S. Henry; sons William III and John Joseph, oper ating the Boulton and Philadelphia plants, respectively. Hawken* Jacob


Shotguns and rifles, Washington St., Tiffin, Ohio.1857-66. HUMPHREY, Dan Made few muzzle loading guns.

See Gemmer, John P. Samuel Hawken died in St. Louis, Mo., May 8, 1884, and is buried in the Bellefontaine Cemetery.  Son of Peter Humberger II.

HALK, I. or J.

 New Haven, Conn.  Carlotta, Vt., 1790-1810.

1st ed. LC Catalog Record: 2009499576, Muderlak, Ed.

During the Civil War made long range sharpshooter rifles with telescopic sights for the government.  Pottsville, Pa. They're always pointing up to his castle-like home, which caps one of the surrounding mountain peaks. LC Catalog Record: 93091518, Leyson, Burr Watkins.  Chester County, Pa., 1769-71. Unidentified. v. 1. LC Catalog Record: 2004103292  Lancaster, Pa., about 1740-50.

The Whitney Navy Revolver : A Reference of the Models and Types, 1857-1866.

    Remington – Ruger

HONAKER, Jos. Hogan, John B« The Hi-Standard Pistol Guide. HUNR, Edwin HARMON, L.

The Book of Colt Firearms [by] R. Q. Sutherland [and] R. L. Wilson. HAWKINS, Henry- Born in Pennsylvania, December 13, 1775, coming to Ohio with his father in 1791.

Hidden, Enoch He completed and delivered 153 stands, completed 70 more which he reported on hand, "also 45 barrels that are bored and 79 that are not, and fit to bore, together with bayonets, loops, breech pins, mountings and stocks."

HOLLY SPRING IRON WORKS Born on a farm in Hopewell Township near Glenford, Ohio, October 8, 1826. Rifle and pistol maker, 1852-64, Cincinnati, Ohio. Winchester Rarities / edited by David D. Kowalski.

And when you step out into an air of genuine leisure you know what he means when he says. Marlin & Ballard Firearms & History. Initials of H. Tracy, U. S. Inspector of Arms within years 1831-1850.

Henry Deringer Pistols from 1826-1870 : The Reference Book for Collectors and Professionals / edited by Robert A. Sadler and L.D. Juniper Race, Phila., Pa., 1819.

Colt Peacemaker Yearly Variations.

Lincoln, RI : Andrew Mowbray Publishers, c1998. HART

At fourteen years of age he was apprenticed to an uncle whose name is not recorded.

Woonsocket, RI : Andrew Mowbray Publishers, c2007. 16 Atwater Street, Detroit, Michigan. With an uncle, (brother of William Henry I), John Henry, gunsmith, to whom he was apprenticed at the age of 14, moved to Detroit, where the uncle was in business about 1773-74.

HUGHES, Michael S64 M37 1983 HORR, Austin

HOLMES, George H.

LC Call Number: TS537 .B64 2002 He sold many of these pepperbox revolvers.

Learned under Uriah Fisher at Rices Landing, Greene Co., Pa.

Produced combination percussion rifles and shotgun, over and under with ramrod on each side. A heavy halfstock percussion rifle.  New York, N. Y. By 1775 rifle making had become an enterprising industry with most of the settlers and Indians trading their smoothbores for rifles, and New York was second only to Pennsylvania in their manufacture. He attended school at Claremont until about 16 years of age, when he began serving an apprenticeship in the gunsmith trade, working for a number of years for local gunsmiths. Portland, OR.

HAGA, Wolfgang 1801.

In connection with the production of these arms, Hall followed in the footsteps of Simeon North, pistol maker, and designed and constructed a number of machines used in the manufacture of his rifles in order to insure interchangeability of parts and facility of manufacture. ), Flintlock Kentucky rifle, lock hand made; raised carving and 16 silver inlays. & BRO. Holmes, George H.

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