Sent an international priority parcel from Germany to Miami on 9th January 2020. Please note that we can only provide information about shipments coming from and/or going to Belgium. I’m not making this up I’m driving down to LA to pick it up I’m f%@king over it. keeps sending my package to the incorrect facility in indiana i don't understand how they keep sending to the wrong place like wtf just send it to my house instead of sending it back and forth... Jul 30, 2020 My package is now 8 weeks late with no update since April 23. From Illinois to Iowa lol.

Friday no package. We orders package.

DHL sucks!!!! The company I purchased my scope from also submitted the same paperwork just as many times. Completely unreliable shipping company.
 – About 9 months ago. It's been 2 weeks now! They delivered only 20 packages in the span of 7 hours - which immediately lets you know that something is up. The package is legit 2 hours and four minutes away from where I live, it shouldn't be taking this long for a package I had 2-4 day shipping on (it was shipped out last Wednesday). The good guy sent... Sep 4, 2020 What is the matter with this pickup system? Today is May 24 and no change to the canned message on the website, I can't get a hold of a DHL live person, sender doesn't care (thanks Ebay).

I’ve contacted both dhl and the merchant where I got it from and they... Aug 25, 2020

 – About 3 months ago. Top 10 Most Common Mental Disorders,  – About 1 Month ago. DHL just adds aggrivation and time lost  to the customer.Cheapest, cheaper, cheap is all a fluid question that depends on the service class you require, the service level you expect and the per item cost with any perks or benefits.The USPS started to include free insurance for priority to compete with UPS/FEDEX/DHL.Bulk mail entry points for the USPS offer such discounted service, companies locate around them for ease of use.No one here can tell you what would or is cheaper.

Been waiting for my package since last month like 3 weeks ago.

I swear that the training they give their reps is basically to deny everything and blame other companies. when i went back home, there was no package delivered. Plain and simple this company sucks. DHL has twice declared that a shipment was delivered, (both with signature required).
 – About 7 months ago.


We orders package. f%@k. Ordered a package from dhl shittiest service I’ve ever gotten in my life estimated delivery February 18th 2020 & it still isn’t here.  – About 4 months ago. DHL life about making a delivery attempt but no one was home. Courier prevented the delivery of a package I bought online claiming I REFUSED it when I didn't. Back to another phone call and find out the fees associated with the shipment are over 50% of the value of the shipment. Waiting on the phone for about 20 minutes to get ahold of person to ask why my package left California to OH, when I live in CA. I hate DHL. I filed a complaint with the BBB, not that I have any hopes of anything coming from it. Up until last year DHL was cheaper to ship Internationally.

I get that you might be lazy to deliver it to my door, but why then not leave a note? I purchased a power supply for my PC on Newegg.

 – About 8 months ago. I checked the tracking and it's been stuck at tendered to USPS for the past couple of days. In my 63 years of age I have never had to interact with such a disgusting person as Ms Diana Jones. Oh my god. Then maybe made it back too. When I try to resolve the issue it’s gotten to be a real pain in the ass. Each call to DHL takes 30 minutes or longer to reach an agent. DHL shipped and arrived at my distribution center but it got put on hold. DHL charges the shipper twice as much as USPS and USPS charges them nearly half for volume discount. So I called DHL .. after several attempts I was told that my parcel is still s route to the distribution center in NJ. USA DHL is F**ing bad, especially Chicago Franklin Facility is a piece of shit. I just got contacted and told that I, the receiver, had to fill out a proforma invoice for customs.  – About 1 Month ago. I wouldn't care if they passed it off to USPS, but let us know, they just say it's been delivered of your tracking number is invalid. They yet again lived up to my prejudgement. They've been holding it for over a week, and never bothered to let us know. To all frustrated customers of DHL in the USA. I live in Germany so its destination is an APO address. Who would be so ignorant to ship something without studying the country’ restrictions and limitations! Shipment I have been waiting for for several weeks finally arrives at the local san Francisco office last Thursday. As I was sitting in my living room by the window, I got a packaged delivered notification, it was weird because I seen no... Had a package coming from Hong Kong to Rhode Island USA. Everyday Miracles Series,  – About 7 months ago.  – About 4 months ago. Turns out my parcel was just sitting in a ‘service center’ that is just 30 minutes away from my place. Worst company ever. You wouldn’t think it... Jun 30, 2020 No knock, did not ring door bell, did NOT leave a door tag. Estimate delivery time is bullshit.... no online chat service and the web interface is old as f%@k!

I’m so fed up. To update my address! Ensure its 100% Digitally Duty/Taxes paid.

Next time, I'll ask 'em to ship it UPS or USPS. Second Hand Designer Clothes Shops Belfast,

 – About 2 months ago. We live in a small place where everyone knows everyone and there’s only one asylum seekers center, very straight forward and easy to find. theres no excuse no excuse at all for *** poor service..... not in today's market.

April 14th now still nothing.

DHL was paid a service to deliver and instead I get unprofessional reps that could care less and I am exhausted and angry! Why I bother to buy items from anyone who still uses them is beyond me. Help desk email doesnt answer the question and months later package lost. I wish we could see who they're going to ship through so that I can just move on to another seller.... Mar 5, 2020 My Italian... Sep 30, 2020 Just Dance Good Feeling, I won't say it is a bad company in general. My package cleared customs at 6:41 AM and just now at 12:07 PM it departed the airport facility.  – About 8 months ago. I ordered a couple of packages through EBAY and it seems when the seller uses EBAY Send as the shipping method, they utilize DHL. Then when I go to a different page on DHL's website, the tracking number is valid but then it shows that my package is in Vietnam.

I order 3 shirts from the same website and I paid for the best shipping from that store (over 60 bucks) and 2 of the shirts were shipped by fed ex I had no issues I picked them up on the 3rd of july , I then wait all of the 4th to receive my 3rd shirt that was being shipped by DHL since I dont have a door bell so I have to keep en eye out so I can sign for it and I hear and see nothing. Left it in the hands of the business shipping the package to track it down, and days later, still no reply or word on where my package is. Not to mention sitting 10 feet from the door all day. I get that you might be lazy to deliver it to my door, but why then not leave a note? And NOW I have to authorize them to clear the parcel through customs.

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