Which of the following is a form of "soft" influence tactic? A. refers to the process of gaining support from one or more people, B. is an indicator that a person lacks power due to low, C. is an attempt to increase liking by, or perceived similarity to, some, E. refers to the use of logical arguments, factual evidence, and. Carlos is a manager who has poor leader-member relations with his employees who perform unambiguous, easily understood tasks. _______ is not a relationship-oriented behavior.

Meanwhile, the executive continued to, push for the reward system. The combination of a soft tactic with reasonable persuasion is more effective than a combination of two hard tactics. ability to influence others to enhance their own objectives. It is interesting that you mention that a leader should assess the situation and decide which tactic or tactics to use that will be most effective at moving or changing not only the teams’ behavior but the individual as well. Which of the following is considered a "soft" tactic used to influence others?


Once a leader selects an influence tactic, its success is determined by the response of the follower. ingratiating tactics. He or she chooses to accept the influence and makes a voluntary effort to do what is asked. A description of each influencer can be found on this Web site 11 Influencers. Narcissism is a key positive leadership trait. I have seen tactics used almost daily by my boss, my children, and even myself. The most innocent (soft) of influential tactics I’ve seen are those that my children use when they are trying to gain that extra hour of video game time with inspirational persuasion and bargaining power. Leadership scholars Gary Yukl and J. Bruce Tracey identified 11 influencers in the early 1980s (Hallet, 2014). This sounds simple, but what actually is the most effective way to do this? However, the consultant's report, determined that the reward system would not work well for a variety of, reasons. The third outcome, the purpose of the tactic, is commitment from the follower. A. Ingratiati on B. The list of influence tactics has also been divided into what I feel is the most important function of influencers:  effectiveness. Effective leaders repeatedly face the challenge of influencing subordinates to accomplish organizational goals. Of course, this applies to both personal and business relationships. Becoming a better influencer: 4 most effective influence tactics (part I). ______ focuses on clarifying employees' roles and task requirements and providing rewards and punishments contingent on performance. We need to start somewhere and that is usually where we are most comfortable. I will also state that based on the situation, different combination of influencers is effective. Retrieved from http://www.ianrpubs.unl.edu/pages/publicationD.jsp?publicationId=733, Filed Under: Uncategorized Tagged With: influence tactics, First, I agree that an effective leader is one who can appeal to followers’ deepest-held values, offer logic and reason, or use threats to get the job done. Hard tactics such as exchange, legitimization, pressure, assertiveness, apprising, and coalition offer individuals less freedom, while soft tactics such as personal appeal, consultation, inspirational appeal, ingratiation, and rational persuasion allow more latitude in deciding whether or not to accept the influence (University, 2007).

These influencers are: rational persuasion, apprising, inspirational appeal, consultation, exchange, and collaboration. He applied indirect pressure, which at the time I had no knowledge of such tactics yet my gut was telling me something was off, but he succeed in achieving his desired outcome…obtaining the documents. In business, leaders use influencers to help achieve organizational goals through modifying their followers’ behavior. A senior executive wants to introduce a new reward system for, salespeople. Lesson Commentary 7: Power and Influence. This combination seems to produce a good ream environment while fostering ownership to the issue or situation. ______ leaders focus on providing increased service to others—meeting the goals of both followers and the organization—rather than to themselves. The list can be split between positive and negative, and soft (pull) and hard (push) type of strategies.

In conclusion, in everyday life, choosing an influence tactic is often required when we are seeking to change the attitudes, beliefs, values, or behaviors of another individual. Which of the. For leaders to effectively communicate and persuade followers, researchers have identified behavioral influence tactics to be used individually or combined with the intention of changing workers’ attitudes, beliefs, values or behaviors (Pennsylvania, 2014). Leadership is the ability to marshal human, informational, and other resources to get something done. It is also the ability to attract, and attraction often leads to acquiescence. expert. _____ involves actively applying legitimate and coercive power to, Extreme forms of _____ include blackmailing colleagues, such as by, threatening to reveal the other person's previously unknown failures. The most effective tactics are those resulting in commitment from the follower. Sixth Edition. the LMX focuses only on the behaviors or traits of leaders. Retrieved from https://courses.worldcampus.psu.edu/sp14/psych485/ 001/content/07_lesson/03_page.html, Rykrsmith, E. (2011). __________, which all managers have, is power that results from a manager's authority to reward his or her subordinates. Course Hero is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university. Hard influence tactics can place more strain on the relationship between the influencing person and the target, especially when the action was unwarranted. Retrieved from http://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/eleven-influencers.htm, Pennsylvania State University World Campus, (2014). Another possible outcome is unenthusiastic or apathetic compliance on the part of the follower. After all, influence can also rest on the hard power of threats or payments. two parties demonstrate their dislike of each other.docx - 74 Which of the following is a\"hard influence tactic A Ingratiati on B Upward appeal C. Which of the following is a "hard" influence tactic? He should use a task-motivated leadership style.

College Dropout to College Graduate: The Effects of Servant Leadership, The Lack of Leadership during the Coronavirus Crisis. Medical knowledge possessed by doctors results in their _____ power. Which of the following best describes the term "laissez faire"? Which form of government suppresses the voices of its own citizens to maintain a group in power while allowing some economic or social institutions to exist without government control? March 2, 2014 by Kimberly Ann Sisti 2 Comments. This type of tactic does not hurt anyone. A supervisor pushes employee performance by constantly checking, their work, reminding them of their deadlines, and threatens to put, their unknown failures on the company notice board. From many years in the work force, I will say that all tactics are beneficial to the leader but a good leader must be able to choose the right tactic and actually use it. Obviously, this is something that stayed with me since I can still recall the situation. Proper assessment of the situation, whether you are a leader or follower, and if the tactic is being used in business or personal life, will govern which tactic(s) will receive the best result. Influence tactics are the specific ways people attempt to exercise influence ... Soft tactics are more likely to result in commitment Too much dependence on any one tactic may lose its effectiveness Keep in mind what kind of attitudes and behaviors you desire when using tactics. For a person to be recognized as having a high degree of political skill, he or she must have the _____. Which negative trait of some leaders is marked by a cynical view of human nature that condones opportunistic and unethical ways of manipulating people, putting results over principles? On the other hand, negative tactics are defined as those that strain relationships, hurt others, and/or damage reputations, and these include legitimization, coalition, pressure, ingratiation, and personal appeals (Hallet, 2014). Upward appeal C. Coalition forming D. Silent authority E. Information control 77. The outcomes of tactic combinations depended mostly on the potency of the component tactics. 6 Influence tactics – using Cialdini’s science of persuation. One negative experience I had was by a former boss who approached me requesting access of documents only I had access to and he used his coercive power as a leader to obtain this from me. Soft tactics allow the person to be influenced with more latitude in deciding whether or not to accept the influence than do hard tactics. unless he or she complies with your request. Which of the following is NOT one of the main goals of U.S. foreign policy? "Hard" tactics were generally less effective than "soft" tactics. The best leaders display both transactional and transformational leadership styles. issues for the purpose of changing their attitudes and/or behavior. Which of the following is considered a "soft" tactic used to influence others? After reading the report, the executive discarded it without, notifying others of its existence. But situation dictates the approach and good leaders see this and are able to change the way they engage subordinates with different tactics to fit the actual situation and worker combination in order to solve complex organizational problems. Which of the following is not a key quality displayed by humble leaders? Equality of opportunity. This preview shows page 1 - 5 out of 23 pages. B. is an indicator that a person lacks power due to low centrality. Selecting the best influence tactic is an important step in achieving the desired outcome and each of us, not just business leaders, use these methods to influence the beliefs or actions of others to suit our needs. Which of the following statements is true?

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