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Norma Jean | In Tim Burton's Batman (1989), Kim Basinger played Bruce Wayne's love interest, photojournalist Vicki Vale, but the character didn't appear in the sequel Batman Returns. The Joker is usually to killed both of them, by knocking them over the ledge of one of the parapets, but the Batman caught Vicki just in time, preventing her from falling to her doom. According to, The controversial scene where Vicki is allowed to enter the Batcave originally took place in Bruce's study. Although no longer together, there is no reason to suspect that Vicki ever betrayed Bruce's secret identity. Jacquimo | Sherman "Preacher" Dudley | Willy Wonka | Drake | Memphis | Do you love half of me? One of the more difficult decisions a filmmaker can make is whether to kill off major characters. After she arrived, the Joker murdered all of the patrons except for Vicki, who was given a gas mask beforehand. Vicki appears (with blonde hair) in the 2008 two-part story Two-Face: Year One. Feeling brushed off, Vicki became upset with Bruce and his secrecy. Mr. Wing | Patrick Wisely | Catherine |

Victoria Vale Migo | Amelia Brand | Barbara Land | Vicki's investigations became more and more focused around Batman and Bruce Wayne. Ra's claims that du Valliere stole the woman (who was also Vicki's ancestor) he attempted to court. Sweet Pea | Vicki was left at the Gotham Casino and stated that she wanted to question both Quincy Sharp and Hugo Strange about Arkham City. Sam | Carmen |

She had supposedly been in Europe for years, but now had returned to Gotham City. Digger | In 1964, Julius Schwartz became the editor of the Batman-related comics.
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Bruce baited the Joker into attacking him, allowing Vicki time to escape. He arranged a fake date for Vicki at the Flugelheim Museum, in which Vicki thought that Bruce had made the date. Often, those originally intended to die on screen are "saved" later in the filmmaking process – for instance, Robin Williams' character in “Dead Poet's Society,” Duke in “G.I. Daffy Duck | However, in order to keep Vicki at a distance, Bruce lied and told her he was leaving town. Lloyd Garmadon | It's just... Ilove you, Bruce. The story focused on Batman as he battled former mobster Jack Napier following his … She is frequently depicted as a romantic interest of Bruce Wayne, the alter-ego of Batman.[2]. Rip's Family | Elmer Fudd | Afterwards, Batman took her to his underground lair where he gave her information for the press about the Joker's Smylex, which were chemically altered cosmetic products that caused the consumers to laugh hysterically until death, where they were left with ghastly grins on their faces. Be sure to check out my archive of Movie Legends Revealed for more urban legends about the world of films. Charlie Bucket | Joker interrupted the conversation and stated that he had shot down the news helicopter so that Harley Quinn would have enough time to get the cure for the Titan poison back to Joker. For Vicki Vale and Bruce Wayne, and also for the Joker as he stalks her.
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During the conflict, Ra's realizes that Vicki is a descendant of Marcel "The Hammer" du Valliere, a French soldier and one of the few who challenged Ra's and his warriors centuries before Batman. Porky Pig | Daphne Blake (2020) | Narratively speaking, there wasn't room for both Vale and Kyle in Batman Returns, since both characters had arcs involving living double lives. While there, she observes the tension between Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon, as well as the scarring on Tim Drake, allowing her to discover the double lives they and Bruce have been leading. Later on, Vicki once again interviewed the former warden on Gotham Nightliner, which she co-hosted, where he apparently kept stumbling in keeping a consistent or logical story, finally convincing her of her suspicions. Vicki was present when gangster-gone-psychopath Jack Napier, aka, the Joker perpetuated a gun fight against rival mobsters on the steps of City Hall. Taffy Dale | Metalbeard | Help me! The production team cast Danny DeVito as Penguin, and, after a pregnant Annette Bening dropped out, Michelle Pfieffer as Selina Kyle and her alter-ego, Catwoman.

Velma Dinkley (2020) | With that, he shot Bruce while Vicki screamed (only to be silenced by Bob). to write in with your suggestions for future installments! Beetlejuice: Adam Maitland | Barbara Maitland | Lydia Deetz |Beetlejuice

After killing all of the museum patrons with his patented Smylex gas, he engaged in a macabre courtship with the startled photographer. The Joker has became infatuated with Vicki and did some research on her. Seymour Krelborn | Burton called back. https://hero.fandom.com/wiki/Vicki_Vale_(Batman_1989)?oldid=1989626. For a moment he stares deeply into her eyes.

During this period, it can be assumed that Vicki continued to pursue her journalism career, reporting some of Batman's escapades, especially the riots at Arkham Asylum.

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