Mini Moose | Xin Fu | Azula's final fate has yet to be determined, although it's clear that her mission to make Zuko into the same kind of ruthless tyrant that their father was ultimately fails. Kuvira | She also stated that she had been wondering as well what exactly happened to their mother following her disappearance six years earlier. [8] Her acrobatics and use of a hidden shuriken knife were apparently skills she picked up from Ty Lee and Mai, respectively. Approaching the port, Azula addressed her crew.

Azula sadistically relished in the sight of her father burning her brother's face during their Agni Kai. General Zhao |

Before Zuko could take them from her, she burned them, having already read them herself.

[10] For her, Ozai always represented absolute power and perfection, qualities which she desired to acquire. RELATED: Avatar: The Last Airbender Should Have Done Better By Azula. SpongeBob Squarepants Villains | [17] The most notable feature of Azula's bending was her ability to create blue flames, which are much more intense than the red, orange, and yellow flames normally used by firebenders, though she was only known to bend normal colored fire during her childhood. Finding out that Appa is stolen while Aang and his friends are in the middle of a desert is hard enough for Aang. However, she hesitated when Ursa declared her remorse of being a failure of a mother to her, even crying, allowing Zuko to stop her. Hearing Zuko ask for his citizens' understanding and patience as he searched for a way to be a better leader, Azula smiled and sneered "How touching" to herself.

Cyclops |

She begins banishing people in Chapter 20 of Book 3, called As a result of her sequestered life of royalty, she had developed a considerable amount of social ineptitude, particularly in her uncertainty of how to act around boys, and she frequently intimidated them during conversations. Mai | RELATED: Avatar: 15 Reasons Zuko's Character Arc Is A Masterpiece. Frustrated by her inability to tie up her hair bun, she "fixed" the situation by cutting off a part of her hair, leaving it a tattered mess.

Sadly, what they discover is a horrifying example of the Fire Nation's inhumanity.

From there, she and Zuko watched their father request that he be made Fire Lord instead of Iroh.

She found great pleasure in embarrassing the two of them. Azula's final moments in the series saw her being left in a sobbing mess, screaming in defeat. 4. She thus revealed her own plans to find and kill Ursa herself in order to stop her once and for all.

Granted, for most of the series, Momo is mostly just comedy relief. Rate. As punishment, his father challenges him to Agni Kai, a firebending duel. Boiling Rock Warden | While Zuko dealt with his guilt over betraying Iroh by leaving the Fire Nation to seek out and aid the Avatar, Azula turned inwards, growing more paranoid and fearsome. The most noticeable feature of Princess Azula's bending was her ability to create her characteristic blue flames, which are much more intense than the red, orange, and yellow fire normally used by firebenders. The Fire Lord accepted and Azula was released.

In return for knowledge about what had been written in the allegedly burned letter, she requested to be allowed to go with him on his search for their mother. Ukano believed the intention was to put Ozai back on the throne, but she revealed the truth to Zuko when the two briefly dueled. Rattlesnake Jake | She possessed good self-control, facing down Long Feng and deceiving him when held captive,[7] and could lie with a straight face and no physical reactions. Red Rackham |

She even appeared to have began to warm up to Zuko and start to show a level of compassion and care for him, as she expressed concern over Zuko after discovering that he had been secretly visiting an imprisoned Iroh, warning him that if it were to be discovered that he was meeting with their uncle, it could be misinterpreted as conspiracy and shared nostalgia and depression with her brother as they paid a visit to their family's decrepit summer beach house.

Bree Blackburn | With the Kyoshi warriors finally captured, Azula, Ty Lee, and Mai used their robes, stealing their identities to freely enter Ba Sing Se and the Earth King's palace, beginning her coup against the Earth King. Sheldon Plankton | Izumi even mentions at one point that the Fire Nation will not engage in conflict unless it's absolutely necessary, proving how the Fire Nation has evolved from the more aggressive thinking of the past. As Aang prepared to cross into the Spirit World to seek out the wolf spirit, Azula walked away; when confronted by Zuko, she snapped at him, wondering if they were really going to find their mother or help "a couple of vagrants".

Azula relentlessly drilled herself toward perfection and settled for nothing less from herself or those who serve her. Despite her state of mind, her attacks on Zuko and Katara during her final duel proved ferocious and destructive, and she was still able to fire lightning accurately. She's also enraged that her mother, as Noriko, has another daughter: Kiyi. Azula grows mentally unstable at the time she is appointed Fire Lord and dueling Zuko for the crown. Aiwei, Earth Empire She is also the only known female able to redirect lightning. Azula can be considered a foil to Zuko. This triggers the Avatar State within Aang for the first time. Zuko in return was hardly on terms with her as he found her cruelty to be unreasonable and the fact their father favored her only added insult into injury. Book Two: Earth (Spring 100 AG) Tarrlok | During their showdown, Azula was thought to have killed Aang with a bolt of lightning. Azula successfully convinces everyone the original Kemurikage are the culprits until she is confronted by Aang and Zuko. Even under the effects of her mental illness, her wit and ability to strategize were not completely lost, as despite being excessively provoked by Zuko's taunts of fearing his lightning redirection, she still could come up with a strategy to overpower her brother by aiming the lightning at Katara instead, which succeeded in incapacitating Zuko.

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