They're happy to sit in their corner of the world, living life without the noise and chaos of involvement. However, he has complied with the “spirit” of the court order and in the end he has complied, albeit by a different method – “honest, m’lud”! Okay well, the sayings meaning is about white people that see or hear about bad things happening to other races, usually African American people, yet they do not do or say anything about it and are afraid to speak on racism. 3) He hasn’t actually hired a company to do this as he can’t afford it, and instead he is personally offering to buy the stock back off anyone who indicates they want to sell (see 1 & 2 above) All the things I wish I had spoken up about in grad school, all the things I wish I could say to movie producers, all the things I wish I could say to the people I interact with daily – this is where I have the voice to say them.

John Bennett spells it out on Sevco’s shaky finances, concentrate even glib and shameless minds.

Considering recent events in Boston and Charlotte, I imagine the full meaning of The owner of it will not be notified. Will be interesting to see if there is still silence after 4th February…. Conversely, when a white man walks into a movie theater, school, mall, or concert and unleashes his fury onto innocent people we muse about his mental health, offering more empathy and understanding to a killer than to those being killed.

Please consider a donation to keep the site running. They see that as something someone else will do, someone with more energy, more time, more money, more wherewithal. We are clearly and unarguably under threat right now. Access details and links to her other work at, and her novels, AFTER THE SUCKER PUNCH and HYSTERICAL LOVE at her author pages at both @ Amazon and Smashwords.

Setting your Language Level helps other users provide you with answers that aren't too complex or too simple. As Americans, we are taught to fight for our freedoms, to revolt against the kind of tyranny we originally fled. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. At a time in history when noise is rampant, information bounces rapidly between truth and fiction, and the spectrum of humanity is vast and varied, it would do everyone good to quiet down enough to honestly focus on their own process, encouraging and inspiring others without judgment or presumption, and moving forward, however they choose, with eyes and ears open to honestly observe, listen, and learn through observation and experience. It means thinking of all the fantastic women writers who have come before me who weren’t afraid to speak up. And often those who urge caution, who choose to wait for more accurate information, who consciously listen to evolving viewpoints or decline public participation until effective responses can be gleaned, are accused of complacency. How to escape from a “bear hug” attack or a headlock. Considering recent events in Boston and Charlotte, I imagine the full meaning of "White silence is compliance" is probably "If you are white and don't speak out against white supremacists, you are a white supremacist" The rhyme scheme of the statement is reminiscent of protest chants.

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