The aircraft remains were spread in a circle approximately 50 metres (160 ft) in diameter, which was said to suggest a high‑energy impact. best. West Air Sweden Flight 294 was a cargo flight of a Canadair CRJ200 from Oslo to Tromsø, Norway that crashed on 8 January 2016. Thanks once again to AV for professional reporting of technical details. It is also rather bizarre that the captain pushed the airplane into a steep dive without first performing a rudimentary instrument scan - including the standby artificial horizon - which would have told him that the airplane was flying just fine.

The unit was, however, not intact, and the part containing the memory functions was missing. [10][11] On 12 January, SHK reported that the distress call from the pilots contained the word "Mayday" repeated, with no further information. Good work Sweden. The Swedish Accident Investigation Authority (Swedish: Statens Haverikommission, or SHK) opened an investigation into the crash.

A Canadair CRJ-200 cargo plane of West Air Sweden was destroyed when it impacted remote terrain near Akkajaure, Sweden. (2016) The crash of West Air Sweden flight 294 - Analysis.

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This website uses cookies for user interface, tracking performance and optimized ads. this is why when I'm flying (as a passenger) on a nightly oceanic crossing I can never really be thouroughly calm... By Thomas on Tuesday, Dec 13th 2016 06:16Z. The crew's subsequent response resulted in spatial disorientation, leading to the loss of control of the aircraft. On 26 January, Statens Haverikommission reported that they had managed to read both CVR and FDR, and were analysing and validating the recordings.[8]. You don't suddenly get that kind of pitch change without being able to feel it.

Full flight information and flight history for aircraft SE-DUX, Crash: West Atlantic Sweden CRJ2 near Akkajaure on Jan 8th 2016, lost height after emergency call, Nordic plane rescue team stop survivor search, SE-DUX West Air Sweden Canadair CL-600-2B19 Regional Jet CRJ-200PF - cn 7010, West Atlantic's CRJ200PF crashes in Sweden,, Luchtvaartincident of vliegramp in Zweden, Wikipedia:Geen afbeelding lokaal en wel op Wikidata, Creative Commons Naamsvermelding/Gelijk delen. You will notice very sudden changes, but gradual ones, no chance. The flight departed normally and was enroute at FL330 without anomaly until about 70 minutes into the flight and until 80 seconds prior to ground impact. 29 comments. Deze pagina is voor het laatst bewerkt op 25 aug 2020 om 09:25. Here's the thing. level 1. 478 points. By (anonymous) on Tuesday, Dec 13th 2016 22:31Z. Fatalities. Reading this is most horrific and frightening - so deeply sad for the two pilots at their peak, yet they were in a perfect storm that finished everything within 80 seconds from FL 330. Flight status, tracking, and historical data for WestJet 294 (WS294/WJA294) including scheduled, estimated, and actual departure and arrival times. But it wasn't easy. [3] Op het moment van de crash, had het vliegtuig 38.601 vlieguren opgedaan gedurende 31.036 vluchten.[4]. I am not a professional pilot, but engineer. The crash site was located west of Kiruna (Sweden).On Jan 10th 2016 the SHK reported that about 1.5 cubic meters of fluid, about 1200 kg/1500 liters/2640 lbs of largely aviation fuel, needed to be removed from the crater at the crash site during Saturday (Jan 9th). In this case the flight director thought they were pitching up and issued directions to rectify that - when in actuality they were not pitching up. The investigation is ongoing, a final report is estimated by December 2016.On March 9th 2016 later the afternoon the SHK released their interim report stating that there had been no significant weather along the planned route of the aircraft which took the aircraft into Swedish Airspace still controlled by Norwegian ATC. 100% Upvoted. Rescue and Recovery still focus on finding the crew, which remains unaccounted for. Following the autopilot disconnect the FDR recorded both elevators went into the nose down positions, all angle of attack sensors indicated negative angles of attack and the aircraft entered a descent reaching a vertical acceleration of -1G causing the G-Load warning system to activate issuing a triple chime, a synthetic voice alert indicated low oil pressure for both engines.The FDR showed that the stabilizer trim went from 0.9 degrees nose up to 1.7 degrees nose down, the according clacker sound indicating stabilizer trim movement were heard on the CVR. Any chance we can barrow your investigators to help our friends in Egypt solve 2 airbus mysteries. [4] The aircraft then underwent a cargo conversion re‑designating it as a CRJ200-PF (Package Freighter). [7], Both Norwegian and Swedish authorities searched for the aircraft, discovering the wreckage at 03:10 in the morning. They are very compulsive but clearly only driven by the failed unit on the Captains display, and I assume likely were not present on the right side display.

There is just a big large hole leaving small fragments at where the plane impacted ground, evidence suggests the aircraft came down near vertical. Het toestel opereerde als vrachtvliegtuig, er waren geen passagiers aan boord van het toestel. Those parameters emanate from the airplane’s IRU units"The SHK continued that the pitch angle recorded by the FDR does not match the actual progress of the flight (see graphics below, showing blue the actual recorded pitch angles and green the computed pitch angles), the pitch angles were computed based on true airspeed and acceleration data, the computed pitch angles may be a few degrees off as the actual bank angles were not known. The final report was published by SHK on 12 December 2016. In my opinion, the disagreement of devices should be way more pronounced displayed, then it sure would be first thing for pf to check the disagreement (and standby device) and would have quite simple solution (do nothing and youre ok)... By PeterH on Sunday, Dec 18th 2016 20:48Z. The initial manoeuver that resulted in negative, This page was last edited on 3 November 2020, at 20:14.

The small difference if I remember correctly is that here the instruments were (partly) not working properly, so this was additional complication pilots had to cope with, while instruments on AF447 showed everything correctly after initial confusion just pilots did not have time to understand the situation. By 1310 USN on Monday, Dec 12th 2016 20:49Z. De resten werden rond 03:10 uur gevonden door een straaljager van de Noorse luchtmacht. @PeterH: All I am saying is that perhaps the pilot thought that what's on the display must be correct, ignoring what his body tells him (or in this case ignoring the absence of noticing anything different).

By Passenger on Monday, Dec 12th 2016 22:51Z. The final report was released earlier today, check the SHK's website. One thing I cannot understand: How a FO could just sit there observing fully normal instruments with no changes; no changed G-load, no sound/noise changes, level flight, steady altitude and suddenly the captain pushes down the aircraft abnormally and the FO does NOT SAY A WORD about it despite the altimeter counting down to hell?!? The indicated airspeed then exceeded 400 knots and the stabilizer trim was reactivated and reduced to 0.3 degrees nose down. One would think that would be a tie breaker. Het vliegtuig voerde een vrachtvlucht uit die bestond uit 4,5 ton post en pakketten. The captain called "Mach trim", the engines were reduced to idle thrust. In both events the plane was perfectly fine for flying, and yet it crashed. The dialogue between the pilots consisted mainly of different perceptions regarding turn directions. Last Update: Thursday, Nov 5th 2020 18:04Z, By Simon Hradecky, created Friday, Jan 8th 2016 14:09Z, last updated Monday, Dec 12th 2016 16:49Z. We learned to keep matters, in emergeny situations (chemical industry, NPP), simple. The crash site was located at an elevation of 1,000 metres (3,300 ft) in a remote area near Lake Akkajaure, approximately 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) from the Norwegian border. Flight status, tracking, and historical data for West Air Sweden 689 (SWN689) including scheduled, estimated, and actual departure and arrival times. The investigation is currently analysing and validating the recordings. De overblijfselen van het vliegtuig lagen verspreid in een cirkel van ongeveer 50 meter in diameter, wat suggereert dat het toestel met hoge snelheid vertikaal is neergestort. By Rudolph on Saturday, Apr 30th 2016 04:46Z. During the further event, the last valid FDR value shows that the speed continued to increase up to 508 knots while the vertical acceleration values were positive, with maximum values of approximately +3G. Even if you feel a change, you couldn't tell whether the airplane is climbing or descending, or rolling or not. [1][2][3], The aircraft was built in 1993 and was operated by Lufthansa CityLine as D‑ACLE until the end of 2006. Het toestel vertrok vanaf Luchthaven Oslo Gardermoen om 23:10 uur lokale tijd voor een vlucht naar Luchthaven Tromsø. The aircraft had been operated by West Air Sweden since 2007 as SE‑DUX. Clearly they need assistance to complete a report. There is no evidence of survivors, the crew has been declared missing.Sweden's Statens Haverikommission (SHK) opened an investigation reporting a distress call was received shortly after midnight on Jan 8th 2016, the aircraft disappeared from radar at about the same time. Extracting information and analyzing it could take a few weeks. Vlak voor de crash heeft het toestel een noodsignaal uitgezonden. By jerry311 on Monday, Dec 12th 2016 22:12Z, " are therefore not at all qualified to pass any judgement on this crew's performance whatsoever...". The captain (42) had accumulated 3,173 hours total and 2,050 hours on type, the first officer (34) 3,050 hours total and 900 hours on type, the aircraft had accumulated 38,601 flight hours in 31,036 flight cycles.Norwegian Air Force reported the crash site is very small, overall diameter being 50 meters, and is evidence of a high energy impact. By PeterH on Thursday, Dec 15th 2016 01:25Z. They also expressed the need to climb. Het vliegtuig onderging vervolgens een conversie tot vrachttoestel. The episode is titled "Impossible Pitch". (Before anyone chips in I do know that the Collins FD108 clockwork flight system had stars, followed by "PUSH" at the top of the display, and "PULL" at the bottom but I'm not telling how I found out), By PeterH on Friday, Dec 16th 2016 00:08Z, By peter on Thursday, Dec 15th 2016 14:12Z. 64 comments. The pilot looks at his instruments and immediately sees that the nose is pitching up, but there is no change in speed or altitude. The SHK wrote: "Because the aircraft's two black boxes have been found the Commission of Inquiry is hopeful to be able to determine why the aircraft crashed.

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