What is it? We bought the car from a VW dealer wtih VW finance as an ex demonstrator, it had its first 3 services with VW and then to our local garage. My battery has lasted 17 years. Brad said he had a similar problem in some industrial equipment, and he considered two solutions, one being a mechanical accumulator, the other being an over run clutch, the clutch was tried first and worked beautifully, and breakage was eliminated in the equipment completely. Why wouldn’t you want to get vcds? But there’s another application this part might lend itself to……. Tremendously reliable motor. At that time I look for inexpensive over run clutches I could build into the Serpentine pulley and found none cheap enough to be of interest to our ‘all too frugal’ DIYer group, but here it is! With continuing advances like this one,

What a rip off, you have to pay the inflated price for their servicing just to keep up the warranty, what you don't expect is a diesel engine to pack up after 100k miles.

How did I know? JavaScript is disabled. Peugeot had the same problem with a load of their 1.9XUD engines that suffered from con rod failure. Course there are two ways they can fail. prime new filter, and inlet line when you put back together. one, you might want more aptitude on working on cars, or just your car. Checked all of the vacuum lines... a week worth of checking... changing fuel filter is a good idea, you never know, just saying, as you well may. The first failures noted by enthusiasts probably started getting some attention in the early 1.9 TD (IDI) engines. To bring the picture into focus, the sprocket anchors the Serpentine pulley with an integrated harmonic balancer. i did check for turbo problem and believe waste gate might be the problem and coming to emissions, i cannot see or detect any leak on vacuum pipes. Coronavirus: Can I still drive my car during England's lockdown? Who would think a Virus might become one of the greatest Economics teachers of the century? been advised by my local mechanic to replace the engine and that it is not worth throwing money at due to it's mileage (158k). © 2020 Pistonheads Holdco Limited, All Rights Reserved. You may have a flakey cam shaft sensor if so equipped.

- Railroad. I have a TDi and my Alt clutch failed. also i have checked the rockors etc look worn but ok i did find damage on the valve 3rd cylinder not smooth slight chip and rough metal and a previous repair the small end went through the block. A special thanks to Vince in Canada for his excellent ‘hands on knowledge’ and explanation, and to VW for creating both a problem and solution we could study and learn from. will the sprag clutch add to the overall efficiency of a small diesel power plant? This pulley allows the alternator to automatically de-clutch from the drivebelt and freewheel on its own… preventing the alternator from applying reverse torque to the crankshaft pulley when the engine decelerates. Any errors or omissions in fact.. as it relates to the VW design, please scroll down and use comment. How old is battery? On my 08 mk5 golf tdi 105 wich was driven since 89,000 to 152,000 until the piston pierced the head resulting in engine breakdown it did have timing belt changed in between. I think there’s a chance we can measure the difference in fuel/KWH figures with it’s addition >when< we deploy slow speed prime movers in generator applications. VAG vw audi group, have skimped on quality on turbos and their metal used on the engine heads due to their older 130 PD being solid bullet proof engines, VAG wernt making enough money on parts being sold cos of them being solid, so therefore they changed the head and turbos to a lower quality so parts could get sold more, and VAG makes more money. I had the same thing just over 5 weeks ago. Gassing Station | Audi, VW, Seat & Skoda | Top of Page | What's New | My Stuff. > “I hear it unload” I just don’t understand. VW said nothing to do with us we are happy to wash our hands of a 5.5yr old car with 86k on the clock. Otherwise you might not be taken serious... i will sort out a youtube video for posting and from past history and the previous owner it has been ragged and not well looked after engine wise, ok thanks for the advise i was going to get 14's but now ill get 15's i appreciate all the help on here as i am totally new to cars and a tdi i managed to get the price of the engine down to 350 inc carriage and i have not got an engine jack unfortunately so i am sending it to my local garage to be fitted. Do you have any ideas? Do it sooner rather than later, as I overheated my injectors and that cost me £3000 in total..... audi a4 -2001 -pd130 - 168k -ORIGINAL CLUTCH, few timing belts-regularly serviced.

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