This makes you wildly self-aware in comparison to peers. I don’t know why I’m an old soul. These spirits are quite special people. The knowledge I have on music is insane and unreal. They focus on irreplaceable things that bring them lasting fulfilment and joy, not just temporary pleasure. Hey clare….regarding this matter how would you consider yourself, as sensible or emotional? Vintage definition is - a season's yield of grapes or wine from a vineyard. I believe that if we could engage within ourselves. You probably see an old person as being frail, slow, perhaps worn out mentally or physically. Being an old soul refers to how you view and approach life. It wasn’t always so.

If a photo belongs to you and you wish for me to remove it please let me know. It is very thorough and refers back to what an old soul is in every aspect. You can’t help but feel like you strangely fit in.

Someone who would somehow always find themselves isolated. I was quite surprised by these — from appreciating the classics to knowing how to stay calm, most of these described me perfectly. I’ve lost most of my values. No more dealing with insensitive ignorant youngsters solely. Like I mentioned it’s how I breathe. But, I was raised by an extremely religious family. I don’t find it weird or uncomfortable. If a photo belongs to you and you wish for me to remove it please let me know. If, for example, carbon had not been here, then we would not be here either. Vintage: pleasantly reminiscent of an earlier time. They walk a separate and solitary life which is different yet very peaceful and fulfilling. Learning about new things is likely very exciting to you, whether through literature, music, art, math, science, current events, or anything else.

I was called that today, which is why I ran across this article after looking into it. Now everything make sense to me. Through the span of their Earth life, an old soul will find that while they may be drawn towards the education of any kind, they always come back to spirituality in some form or another, almost as if the universe is guiding them towards their destiny. i love how i stumbled across this enlightenment just befor i started to question my day and bring on the debates this was a very lively note and i appreciate the moments spent on this article reading – KT, yep checked several in the list that is totally me. Want to use LittleThings' editorial content? While others search for a new way to tackle a problem, you are more than willing to try the old way, because you know it will work. Been wondering something lately. Strange but true. Kiera Shumbe - Joanne McFatter from Stephen Bezdicek on Vimeo. I am incapable of being racist, sexist or showing bias towards someone for purposes they were born into. Spiritual teachings and disciplines that could take a lifetime to understand (such as enlightenment and taming the ego) an old soul can grasp naturally and effortlessly. Did we miss any surefire signs from our list? I have already started to benefit from the rituals you have performed for me. Old souls have no interest in things that can break or be taken away from them. Here is the definition of these terms and the common usage of these terms in the antique business. Being unbiased and educated about many religions makes me more empathetic to others and I appreciate the gift that it gives me to understand people in general and why they do the things they do, good or bad. You understand the importance of speaking and dressing like you mean it (often in a very classic way), and you carry yourself with pride. With a few minor things that we are not the same in. You love people and all, but you draw your energy from being alone. I wouldn’t change it for the world. When I was young, I was pretty much convinced that there was nothing afterlife in this world. In an age where relationships don’t always last, you still have faith that two people can make it through life together and still be madly in love by the end. I love your entry. I feel more isolated, misunderstood & lonely here as a result. The other 96 percent are substances that astronomers cannot see and cannot explain, but they can measure their existence based on the impact on solar systems and galaxies. Why!.. All Rights Reserved. I carry a lot of knowledge, art, power, own sense of identity, kindness, and down to earth traits that are all vital characteristics to being a good person and a like able person to be around. I am cautious about friendships and relationships if I see no real value to it or it’s not authentic. While others search for a new way to tackle a problem, you are more than willing to try the old way, because you know it will work. I retain information like it’s the thing to do.

The elements of the earth are so finely composed and balanced that life can just exist. It is fun to see we are a few out there but with no easy way of identifying ourselves or contacting others alike. The Vintage Soul. As a child growing up you always knew you were different from the rest. You have a better understanding than most that there are billions of others out there living their own lives, and you are fascinated by the tales that each one possesses. I wish only to portray their soul on my page. We are very free spirits that go not a moment without a busy highway of complex thoughts. I’m generally brutally honest but I choose my words very carefully so I do try and minimize damage because I understand the pain of rejection or judgement, but I always default to the clearest truth I can get away with. I would like to say thank you for your Book of Angels. Spirituality calls to your spirit. Thursday, January 30, 2020. One thing I forgot to mention…I live in an older generation. Maybe you’re drawn to one religion in particular or you’ve created a medley of parts of different spiritualities that work for you. When a soul has experienced a large amount of its journey, it picks up experience and knowledge of a spiritual nature. Does absolutely nothing to me! An old soul is a much more elevated position. Today I do not doubt that we continue our existence in another world / another dimension when the earthly life ends that something exists that we do not know what is. They’re always so far off the mark of who I am & why I am the way that I am. And now.. let me ask all who read all the way through the comments of this revealing and conforting article about the old souls.

everyone here is basically right. In my life, I’ve traveled a lot, experienced a lot. JUST FILL OUT THIS FORM: The Astrologist is a program offered by Padre’s partner Digitalist Ltd. More information can be found on the Privacy Policy of The Astrologist. I am always happy to admit when I’m wrong and when I make a mistake, I tend to thank people for correcting me. O.K. You arrange flowers. Synonyms for old soul include sage, philosopher, guru, savant, authority, expert, mahatma, scholar, elder and Nestor. Antique: an … Those decorations all have an old soul feel to them, but when you’re in the process of actually making them, you’re like a kid having fun with their arts and crafts. Blog Archive. Of course, as a result, you would rather keep your own company and do your own thing. All of my friends are 5-15 years older than me. You wear a lot of vintage dresses and oversized sweaters. She's a queer gal whose passions include recovery/sobriety, social justice, body positivity, and intersectional feminism.

You definitely relish in spending time all by yourself. Posted by Padre on Maybe you were that person who did not share the interests and thought patterns of those around you and in your age group. So I guess I did end up writing more than I thought. 3. There’s almost nothing more important than knowledge to an old soul.

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