Initially, Vinny used the channel to serve small recordings of video game playthroughs and amateur videos. ", Someone did offer to buy his gas mask for $500 but never contacted Rev beyond that. "BBQ Quest" is due for an update, thanks to the kind donations of the Vinesauce community during the 2015 charity stream. Joel as a ninja during his Shinobi III stream, circa Early 2013. There's a chance that Joel hates Chase to this day. Well that's fucked. He was on 4chan's /v/ board and saw a post which advertised Vinny's Spore stream.

Interested, Joel decided to check out the stream. In Part 7 of "Rimworld", it is revealed that Joel has to take insulin shots for his diabetes. He is a fan of thrash metal, MIDI music, skeletons, and "Manime," such as Fist of the North Star and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, although he doesn't actually watch that much anime since he claims to be "too occupied" to take his time to actually sit and watch throughout the entire thing. Ever since then, Joel has found it hard to be impressed by anything short of an apocalyptic monster truck derby. When "Нет" (No in Russian) is selected on the Game Over/Continue screen, the player is shown a photo of Felix ripping his own face in two. He went to the University of Texas and is rumored to have a masters degree in art. Well, also that your names are different as well, so., Streamer, Musician, Gamer, Director, Writer, Editor, Youtuber, Filmmaker. At the same time, he was watching the scene where Arnold went to Mars and made the famous "Eaaghh eaaghh" sound. When he was hanging out with his dick-drawing friend, he kicked a tree. Joel also seems to have a crush on the character "Undyne", exclaiming that he'd "fuck that fish" and showing disappointment when Undyne and Alphys revealed their love to each other. When he was 11, he installed a desktop stripper onto his PC.

In Sweden, students dissect squids instead of the more common frogs. Happiness is a Cigar Called Joel.". Joel accidentally found the Rom but didn't know what it meant so he told his brother and he flipped out. It is currently unknown if he still does this. Joel claims this was both the most awesome and most awkward part of his childhood.

There's a chance that Joel hates Chase to this day.

Joel$$$, On November 4th, 2015, Joel‘s YouTube channel and Twitch channel had been reportedly hacked by the identity Towel, a "hacker" (read: script kiddy) who admits to "hacking" (read: obtained the password via one of the many 2015 data leaks) Markiplier’s Tumblr account, as well as the accounts of various other users. Joel's grandma would rub alcohol on the spiders in her house to kill them. When Joel was 8 or 9, his half brother secretly watched Total Recall on VHS.

Joel couldn't remove the application from his PC, and had to eventually ask his dad, Kermit, about it, who was very disappointed of him.

Everyone thought he was cool for this. He then started to contribute to the community by making some art and helped a lot with the community itself. Cookies help us deliver our Services. In Sweden, students dissect squids instead of the more common frogs. One summer, Kermit had the stomach flu. The next day, his friend, in tears, accused Joel of stealing the cards, was forced to give them back by his mom, and was never friends with "That little diaper shitting Sonic the Hedgehog-Pokemon lying F*CK face.". When Joel thinks about Sonic the Hedgehog, he always remembers the day where he was once accused of stealing Pokemon cards at age 7. Joel once drank a martini with his eye when he was drunk; He very much regrets it. I appreciate the vibes of sincerity you give off. Joel has something known as the "AVGN Syndrome" (Named after the man himself), it's identified by someone who can do incredibly well at old games (Like how Joel is very skilled at Battletoads and Top Gun, both for the NES.

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