Dean was shocked to finally meet his grandfather, though ran out the building when Jonas took control of it. Gary later takes to camping on the grounds of the Venture Compound and would later help Sergeant Hatred, who had learned of Dr. Venture being captured by The Monarch after crashing a villain's party. [45], Doc Hammer is credited as executive producer from season 5 onward. In the episode The Family That Slays Together, Stays Together (Part II), 24 dies in an explosion. Brock is modelled on Race Bannon. He is often far more cautious and fearful usually warning his brother against doing dangerous or foolhardy things which most of the time goes unheeded and earns him derision from his brother and leads to him being called a wuss. On a moment's notice, they switch from wrestling with each other to enthusiastically pursuing a new adventure together. No Blu-ray editions have yet been released in Australia. Further ambiguity has been shown on the matter given that Dermott Fictel, revealed to be Hank and Dean's half-brother in Everybody Comes to Hank's, also has blond hair like his own biological mother even though Thaddeus Venture - a redhead like his ancestors, as well as his son, Dean - is his biological father. Similar to the Season 3 set, all episodes are uncensored. Dean along with his brother were both surprised and happy over having an uncle and expressed fascination over how their uncle was "born". Dr. White thoughtfully presented Dean with an envelope containing the remains of his recently-grown pubic hair, since the operation required its removal, and Quizboy told Dean that during the operation, he had "hooked him up with the complete package," the meaning of which was lost on him. 21 considered Brock his rival (which was one sided on his part). It has also been mentioned that they were killed, possibly multiple times, by Myra Brandish, their alleged mother. This two-disc DVD or one disc Blu-ray set includes all eight episodes from the sixth season, including 1 bonus episode ("All This and Gargantua-2"), audio commentary from Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer, and deleted scenes. Dean also admitted being upset that he and Hank weren't close anymore and jealous of his carefree attitude that allows him to dress as The Bat in public without shame. Madman Entertainment have also released all seven seasons on DVD in Australia. At the beginning of the series, Dean is sixteen years old (see "Death" and "rebirth" below), tall and thin, and wears his reddish-brown hair in a slightly longer style than his fraternal twin brother Hank. Gary asks Brock if he can join the O.S.I., and when Brock turns him down he asks "What about S.P.H.I.N.X.?"

[30], Critical reception to the first season was more mixed than later seasons but was still mostly positive. Dean, while seemingly more naive than his brother concerning the carnage and perversion that surrounds them, is actually quite aware of his often manic and abnormal life. Myra Brandish claims to be their mother seemed possible, as Dr. Venture freely admits that the two have had sex. Dean's "emo phase" lasted all the way from the beginning of the fifth season to its finale. The only update was a voice over of his sons names. Publick: I think you and I are both sick of every interview mentioning the “It’s a show about failure” from five years ago. 21 resented Tim-Tom and Kevin for their bossiness and was rightfully scared of the Pupae Twins, especially after the two nearly killed 24. During The Curse of the Haunted Problem, Jonas taking control of the tower led to Dean contacting Dr. Orpheus who discovered the still living head of Jonas. When Thaddeus ignores it, this led to Dean contacting Dr. Orpheus who discovered the still living head of Jonas Venture Sr. in a machine. Dr. Venture is modelled after what a child such as Jonny Quest might have grown up to be like after having lived through a childhood filled with bizarre, life-threatening events. Magic!, Dean first met Triana and was infatuated with her almost at first sight. He has also developed a good relationship with The Monarch, who has made him his bodyguard and sees 21 as a completely infallible super-soldier (even after 21's eventual departure from his crew). 21 listens in closely and agrees with Red Death about letting the villains do their job only for the monarch to remind it him it was his idea. However, in Rapacity in Blue 24's voice still speaks to Gary meaning he still has some unresolved issues with his friend's death.

In season two, each end credit sequence holds a different additional (fake) duty for AstroBase Go!. He snapped out of it after revealing to Hank that the brothers were both clones. After the talk, he asks Red Death how is he so calm about all the killings he's done to which Red Death asks him the same due to the rumors he's heard. In A Very Venture Christmas Dr. Venture calls Dean "more feminine" than Hank.

This was an imperfect clone Dr. Venture rejected back when the boys were still infants. In Perchance to Dean, Dr. Venture implies that Dean Venture was named in honor of famed album cover artist Roger Dean. Gary is awakened in S.P.H.I.N.X. staff to return to their old positions at the O.S.I. During the episode Rapacity in Blue, Gary shows The Monarch a video of his father turning to the life of a villain. Gary soon tries to recreate S.P.H.I.N.X. Gary tries to convince The Monarch to leave the house just in case Phantom Limb returns but the Monarch finds the plans for the Gargantua space station, stating Phantom Limb had went there and he plans to capture him for a rank in the council. She is the first woman that he slept with in the series.

The aftermath of losing 24 caaused him to have serious delusions. Dean tells him that he has company but the person turns out to be a dazed Hank who catches Dean sleeping with Sirena. While both boys express a vague, wide-eyed interest in "pretty girls," Dean has become particularly smitten with Triana Orpheus, the gothy teenage daughter of Venture ally and tenant Dr. Orpheus. He helped the spirit of Abraham Lincoln save the current president in Guess Who's Coming to State Dinner by eventually building Lincoln a suit made of five-dollar bills, after unsuccessful possession of Dean's body. Despite later returning to work for The Monarch, the matter has never been raised again and (given how they both now regard him as a trusted friend) it is likely he simply got over his feelings and let the matter go. Articles using Infobox character with deprecated parameters, Articles using Infobox character with multiple unlabeled fields, Former Inhabitants of the Venture Compound, containing spare clone-slugs of themselves, Video of Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick at Dragon*Con '08 via Adult Swim, The Venture Bros.: The Music of JG Thirlwell,, A giant robotic spider that burst into the boys' room, A gasoline explosion caused by the boys trying to smoke cigarettes, Reenacting the William Tell "arrow and apple" legend with Hank, Being decapitated by a clothesline while riding his hoverbike, Being mauled by what appears to be Dr. Venture in werewolf form, Another robot that breaks into the boys' room, Falling on a pair of safety scissors (after ignoring the age old admonishment against running with scissors). Hunter Gathers later destroys the S.P.H.I.N.X. He also listened to and monitored the boys, copying their behavior. He began training using a fat kid as a weight set. After 24's death, for most of season 4, 21 served as The Monarch's right hand man, until he quits in Operation P.R.O.M. This two-disc DVD or one disc Blu-ray set includes all eight episodes from the fifth season, including 2 bonus episodes ("A Very Venture Halloween" and "From the Ladle to the Grave: The Shallow Gravy Story"), audio commentary from Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer, and deleted scenes. It's about that failure happens to all of us...Every character is not only flawed, but sucks at what they do, and is beautiful at it and Jackson and I suck at what we do, and we try to be beautiful at it, and failure is how you get by...It shows that failure's funny, and it's beautiful and it's life, and it's okay, and it's all we can write because we are big...failures. Dean at times finds himself being used by Hank which a majority of the time puts both of them in trouble with their father and evil villains. [8], On July 8, 2013, Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick stated in an interview with Slate Magazine that they had begun writing the sixth season as of Summer 2013 and that it would enter full-production in September 2013. Upon defeating the henchmen, 21 thinks he's found his true calling and begins to ignore 24 in lieu of attending the prom instead. The two hide as Red Death invades and forces them to come out but the two truthfully tell him that his family is at his mother-in-law's home telling him to call to make sure. to which Brock replies it was all his as the rent's paid up for the rest of the year. Dean also protected her from The Monarch and Henchman 21 failure of an arching, Sirena kisses Dean on the cheek as thanks. Afterwards, Sirena kissed Dean on the cheek for attempting to help her. The two infiltrate the Cocoon while there the two slowly see they possess some similarities and bond when Gary saves Hatred from being discovered by Monarch henchman. After finding out he was a clone, Dean adopted more rebellious and sarcastic personality which caused him to distance himself from Thaddeus. 21 is horrified that the villains killed each other, having provided them with food to keep them healthy. [27] In 2013, Slate's Chris Wade called The Venture Bros. "one of the best shows on television" and praised the detailed serial nature of the humor with a favorable comparison to Arrested Development. A deranged clone of Dean appears in the episode Perchance to Dean. Two months later, in The High Cost of Loathing, Dean decides to get away from chaos at his home and move into the dorms at Stuyvesant University. This was later shifted to June 2, 2013, at midnight. Girlfriend goes to her first meeting as a member of The Council of 13 while Gary and the Monarch try to find food which they soon do. In the episode The Buddy System, indicated his feelings were not completely unrequited. Dean was shocked to finally meet his grandfather, though ran out the building when Jonas took control of it causing it to go wild. After failing to win her back, Dean falls into a depression where he adopts a more serious and realistic view of things. This is proven in the episode Perchance to Dean, when Dr. Venture, after deciding Dean's "clock was ticking" after Dean lost some of his hair, decides to start Dean's super-science training, giving him access to his "Egg": a chair he listens to progressive rock records on for inspiration. Headquarters, leaving Gary the only thing remaining of S.P.H.I.N.X. The boys also once stumbled into a room containing spare clone-slugs of themselves and were traumatized until Dr. Venture, in a rare moment of quick thinking, managed to convince them the clones were to be a gift for the boys ("A whole big army of yous"). Dean Venture is one of the main protagonists in the Venture Brothers in the Adult Swim program The Venture Bros., serving as a parody of such boy adventurers as The Hardy Boys and Jonny Quest. It also seems that The Monarch has come to view 21 more as an equal rather than a subordinate, even apologizing to him after an angry outburst in Faking Miracles, a courtesy which in the past he has claimed that a villain should never give their henchmen. Girlfriend and that he kissed her on top of the Monarch. In Operation P.R.O.M. Dean met with college Professor Victor Von Helping who related to him by revealing to a surprised Dean that his own father was the famed villain Vigo Von Hellfire.

But upon learning from Dr. Mrs.

Aside from dying in the hoverbike incident in Return to Spider-Skull Island, Dean's other "deaths" were showcased in Powerless in the Face of Death. The Monarch mentions them, showing he does not want her aware of the true cause of their demise. Venture's decision to buy this garment for Dean but not Hank may indicate that he is grooming the more academic boy to be his successor as a "super-scientist." Dean finally got a date with Triana in Victor. [44], Music of The Venture Bros: Vol 2 was released digitally on April 10, 2016[45] and on CD and Vinyl on June 3, 2016.

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