2. Liabilities are the claims on the assets of the company by the people or the other firms. Any unbalance above 3% hampers the motor efficiency. 5. Going by the numbers you have shared, G1 should have, If you want the formula in F1 then you will have to do something like, =SUM(D2:D1048576)+SUM(F2:F1048576)-335.46. 2. First, the readings of three phase currents were taken at the frequency of 15 minutes for a month. Practical imperfections which can result in unbalances are:-. In the first column I have the date which is column B, in the second column I have the description of the expense which is column c, in the third column D, the transaction with a minus sign, the fourth column which is E are the deposit amounts with a plus 7. Enter below formula in cell G1: =SUM(INDIRECT("D2:D"&MATCH(1E+100,D:D)),INDIRECT("F2:F"&MATCH(1E+100,F:F))) This will return the total of column D & column F, till the last numerical value in each column. Torque (and thus the speed) produced by the motor becomes fluctuating. all subtractions and additions. @Grey, In Excel VBA you'd set Application.Calculation to xlCalculationManual to turn off calculation and xlCalculationAutomatic to turn it back on. A mortgaged or the bank loan is a good example.

[2]- Limits for Voltage Unbalance in the Electricity Supply System, Version 1.0, 30th November 2005, Prepared by- Abu Dhabi Distribution Company, Al Ain Distribution Company and RASCO. The balance sheet formula will look like: Start Your Free Investment Banking Course, Download Corporate Valuation, Investment Banking, Accounting, CFA Calculator & others.

3. Examples of Balance Sheet Formula (With Excel Template) ... Now in the above given balance sheet, we have calculated Grand total of assets using total current assets and total non-current assets.

In induction motors connected to unbalanced supply, the negative sequence currents flow along with positive sequence current resulting in decreased percentage of productive current and poor motor efficiency. Further analysis was done for getting consolidated data on what is maximum unbalance, what is the average unbalance and which phase is causing it.

That is the reason the second part of the balance sheet formula is made up of the claims on assets of the company. For distribution cables de-rating factor represents the part of total current giving fruitful outcomes.

I have an Excel spreadsheet that someone created for me about 5 years ago and now I have somehow deleted the formula.

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