On top of all that, Princess gets the one thing she wants for the holidays: super powers! She then says she is going to go tell Santa that the Girls are coming to destroy his workshop and ruin Christmas forever for branding them naughty.

Like I said, the Christmas story is good, it has a good storyline and is well thought out.

When Bubbles looks at the North Pole sign, the "X" in the back of her hair is missing.

Perhaps best of all, the violence that the series is so often criticized for is kept to a minimum. When she finds his documents, to her dismay, she finds out she is the only child in the world who is on the naughty list (which is a Post-It note).

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. As the narrator says at the end, Christmas is saved, thanks to the Powerpuff Girls.

Fortunately, since the Girls can fly so quickly, he asks them to deliver the presents. This could well be the best Princess adventure of the Powerpuff Girls.

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Now, Bubbles, Blossom, and Buttercup must explode into a Yuletide tornado of bad-girl-thwarting action to put Princess in her place—and keep Christmas from disappearing forever!

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The movie shows the origin of the Powerpuff Girls before the cartoon series.

It is the day before Christmas Eve in Townsville, and the students at Pokey Oaks Kindergarten, including the Powerpuff Girls, are all anxiously awaiting Santa's annual journey.

Her fiendishly foul plot: to trick Santa into turning her into the fourth Powerpuff Girl! Three super-powered little girls constantly save the world (or at least the city of Townsville) from monsters, would-be conquerers and a few other gross things. With Tom Kenny, Jennifer Hale, Mike Bell, Jeff Bennett. Now, the girls have to stop Princess and make sure that Christmas is saved for children everywhere.

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The Powerpuff Girls: 'Twas the Fight Before Christmas Even the "Meet the Beat-Alls" dvd had other episodes on it. There is also a reference to the song and the 1964 special "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" as Santa asks the Powerpuff Girls to deliver the presents that night. These three mess with the rules of camp, and Edward, a platypus, hates them and tries to get them out... See full summary », When Princess Morebucks finds out that she's been put on Santa's naughty list (in fact, she's the only one on it!

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), she does a quick re-write, resulting with Bubbles, Blossom, and Buttercup with nothing but coal for Christmas!
When Santa backs up and hits the tree, all the balls fall down except two, but every time the scene flashes back to Santa, you see a lot more than two balls. Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist.

Princess Morbucks' superpowers in the Christmas special would be immune to Antidote X or a suitable substitute to Antidote X because Chemical X or a suitable substitute to Chemical X wasn't involved this time, they were given to her by magic from Santa Claus and only Santa can removes them from her.

Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Now, Bubbles, Blossom, and Buttercup must explode into a Yuletide tornado of bad-girl-thwarting action to put Princess in her place—and keep Christmas from disappearing forever! On top of all that, Princess gets the one thing she wants for the holidays: super powers!

Princess tries to steal Christmas from the children of the world, and the Powerpuff Girls are to the rescue. However, the Girls tell Princess she will not be getting her wish from Santa and will instead only be getting coal since she is most definitely naughty, citing her actions in previous episodes and her overall personality as proof. When a scam goes horribly wrong and leaves the neighborhood kids furious, the Eds embark on a journey to find Eddy's brother in the "Ed, Edd, n Eddy" series finale. Animation. (", 3) You gave us a bomb for our birthday!

(And, in the process, make him believe the Powerpuffs have been very, very naughty!)

When the Powerpuff Girls discuss their requests to Santa, Princess comes upon them and declares that, since her father is rich and can buy her any material goods, her desire to be a Powerpuff Girl is what she has requested from Santa.

This FAQ is empty. 'Twas the Fight Before Christmas is a Powerpuff Girls special that was released on VHS and DVD on October 7, 2003 and aired on December 12, 2003.

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