There are many guides and charters on Lake St Clair but these are the ones for which my customers have given excellent recommendations. 31 ft Tiara Trolling Boat Rates On these trips we utilize larger boats specifically set up for musky trolling charters on Lake St. Clair. If you make a purchase after clicking on a link we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. For deeper trolling you may wish to use a downrigger or even lead core line depending on the situation. Example, a lake with fairly straight break lines and lays fairly flat or has large areas devoid of structure calls for trolling techniques.

Trolling along the edge of a weed bed using a fish finder is by far the most consistent way to troll where the fish are. I will, After musky bucktails the next thing in my box I grab for are crank baits. These boats can run as many as 14 lines at a time to put these giant Lake St. Clair muskies in the boat. Capt.

Part 1 of our INCREDIBLE trip to Lake St. Clair fishing with Mark Kornosky and Mike Duche.

BITE BACK BAIT CO.BITE BACK BAIT CO TRILOGY : Duche Guide Service - Kornosky Guide Service - on St Clair?

Due to the high demand of our regular trips only certain days will be set aside for these trips. We can accommodate a third client however we do charge an additional $150 for the 3rd angler. On these trips we utilize larger boats specifically set up for musky trolling charters on Lake St. Clair.

During these summer months we see extremely consistent action with great numbers and some super Monster Muskies hitting the net. This means fatter and fatter trophy fish for our clients.

(419) 410-0498, "We aim to build lasting relationships with our customers and to exceed their expectations for a great fishing experience.

When you book your Lake Saint Clair musky trolling charter with Medicine Man Charters, rest assured you will be provided with the best boats, equipment, Captain’s and have an amazing experience. One of the most common methods is using planner boards and trolling large plugs behind the boat covering many miles while sitting and waiting for a musky to strike the plug. All our casting boats come equipped with a kicker motor specifically for trolling.

Lake St. Clair musky trolling has also been helped by invasive zebra mussels. One, Ninety percent of Lake St Clair’s musky fishing is done by trolling.

Although a big lazy muskie will hit a lure that's just being twitched on the water surface most people do prefer to troll somewhere in the range of about 2-10 miles per hour: Of course the depth and type of lure that you use will have a huge impact on the speed at which you troll. The level you achieve is up to you. As the season continues the Lake St. Clair musky fishing only continues to get better as the warmer water of mid summer raises the muskies metabolic rates and causes them to eat more. A guide to the basic musky fishing strategies and casting techniques of, I am always asked by people about why I love, or Lake St Clair musky so much.

… I fish for muskie from, When it comes to gear for musky fishing there are thousands of rods, reels, lines, and lures to choose, With musky fishing by far the most popular fishing rods are bait casters.

Ninety percent of Lake St Clair’s musky fishing is done by trolling. $1400 for an Ultimate trolling charter (See description below), All of these trips the rate is for up to 5 clients NOT per person. Most people who troll for musky will generally do so on the edge of a weed bed in a large lake. We have three 31 foot Tiara trolling boats equipped to run these trips. This distinction is mostly due to the extreme difference in the boat layout and size of the two different types of charters. They sell everything from 6ft rods, Like I listed earlier, bait casting reels are the most popular and versatile set up to target muskie with. There is no question that trolling is an effective way of catching muskies. Listed below are guides that are available for casting and jigging for musky on Lake St Clair and the Detroit River. Although Lake Saint Clair has many trolling charters, there are only a handful that spend this amount of time on the lake. On a lake as large as Lake St. Clair there are always going to be a ton of different variables especially wind and weather. Spencer's Angling Adventures

is becoming very popular on the Detroit River and St Clair River There are a number of jigs, As I mentioned before that many musky will follow a lure right to the side of the boat and there is a trick, One thing that I will pick to mention is that many fisherman give up to soon when casting for musky. The mussels have helped clear water, generate weed growth, increase forage numbers and assisted sight feeding musky. In the fall the musky casting bite on Lake St. Clair continues to stay strong however the inconsistency of the fall weather does cause more ups and downs in the bite then the summer months. As mentioned above the time of year has a big impact on the depth that you will find muskie.

It’s not, I believe that one of the main reasons that we now have such a productive musky fishery in Lake St Clair, I have mentioned a great deal about how to get a musky into the boat, however most people I run into, Well I am glad to see that you have read this article this far and hopefully I have given enough basic. $700 for 6 Hours Charter They can all handle up to 5 clients with a 6th being an option if needed. ", Lake St. Clair and Detroit River Musky Casting Rates, Charter business on Lake St. Clair and the Detroit River. The mussels have helped clear water, generate weed growth, increase forage numbers and assisted sight feeding musky. Spencer's Angling Adventures The Lake St. Clair musky casting and trolling combo trips give you the most versatility you can get to make sure that you are ready to catch muskies no matter how they want lures presented! This is by far the most popular way to find them and then present them with a lure. Lake Ontario Outdoors is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. However the lowering of the water temperature causes the muskies to start really gaining weight in preparation for the winter.

This involved using rods right off the boat and speed trolling to trigger the muskies! However, there is no question that you can also catch muskies while casting Lake St. Clair. Ed has spent thousands of days fine tuning the art of Lake St. Clair musky trolling. Knowing the seasonal and daily musky migrations and patterns is critical for your Lake St. Clair musky trolling charter success.

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