pairs of  dark green, leathery, undivided pinnae with a terminal pinnae 20-30cm long. WP_VIDEO_LIGHTBOX_VERSION="1.9.1"; Native. 45-90cm. soon spring from the crown, growing incredibly quickly. Z4. ga('create', 'UA-75712736-1', 'auto'); Ht 60-90cmZ3. In fact, an NZ tree fern panel placed in standing water will actually begin to wick that moisture into the panel. This fern grows naturally under larger trees, as they thrive in the Broad triangular upright fronds form nice clumps over time. Native. Neat compact clumps of dark green fronds with dark stems and ribs. A large fern with light green broadly triangular fronds. N.A.Native. Watch the video to see the process in action. Ht. Z8. Fronds resemble the Cinnamon Fern except that the vegetative frond is interrupted in the middle with fertile pinnae. Z4. Athyrium filix‑femina  ( A. cyclosorum)Lady Fern 1gal $11.00ea Thelypteris palustris Narrow Beech Fern ......... 1gal $11.00ea Deciduous. Ht40-80cm. A liquid fertiliser can be applied in the same way from the second year after planting. Tree Ferns originate from the humid forests of Australia where they enjoy high levels of rainfall. An elegant version of the species with very narrow fronds, much tapered at both base and apex. Large triangular firmly textured fronds from a short creeping rhizome. growth is to never let the plant dry out. The pinnae tips are forked. return newString; Ht. Semi-evergreen. ga('send', 'pageview'); Forms strong upright clumps of large triangular dark green fronds with a contrasting dark stem. Athyrium Branford Rambler Running Lady Fern.......... 1gal $11.00ea Ht. – a 3-ft fern should be subjected to 3 gallons/15 litres of water). Ht. £149.95. Long, finely cut fronds of up to 1.5m (5') unfurl from the crown in a truly magical display that adds drama to damp, shaded areas of the garden. of the frond is always pro-rata to the amount of water the plant Z4. We adore ferns and hope you’ll consider adding some of these beauties to your garden. Very easy to grow. Great for naturalizing. An easy to grow, large, dark green, shiny leaved fern that normally grows on rotting logs or in rich soil in a woodland setting. Dryopteris affinis `Cristata Angustata' Narrow Crested Golden-scaled Male Fern    1gal $11.00ea Deciduous. Delicate fan shaped fronds with green lacy leaves set atop black shiny stems. A majestic fern that forms a large crown, and sends out a ring of arching fronds made up of rounded leaflets. N.A.Native. Ht.45-60cm. This is a subspecies of dryopteris affinis. Did you know there are 18 species of Platyceriums? To keep it … Fronds are a soft, metallic grey color with reddish or bluish hues. So this means they can be mounted on just about anything. Evergreen. Dryopteris crassirhizoma  (Dryopteris bushiana)Thick-stemmed Wood Fern          1gal $11.00ea

N.A.Native. Popular 23 others are looking at this right now, Feast your eyes on the extraordinary tree fern, £99.98 Seagrave Nurseries Limited © 2020. Ht. That means these plants can grow on another plant but makes their own food, unlike a parasite which feeds on its host. N.A.Native. A soft tree fern, they are slow growing 30-45cm. Photinia fraseri 'Red Robin' 175-200cm, 20lt pot - NEW SIZE! Ht. The loose substrate is also an excellent component in vivarium bedding. Feast your eyes on the extraordinary RHS AGM Australian Tree Fern! These form a colony of crowns over time. (i[r].q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i[r].l=1*new Date();a=s.createElement(o), Native. Semi-evergreen. Ht 30cmZ6. Orders which include any other products will incur a delivery charge of £4.99. Polystichum acrostichoides Christmas Fern........... 1 gal $11.00ea Z2. New Zealand leads the world when it comes to protecting its natural resources and we are proud to offer Fernwood products knowing that New Zealand tree ferns will be around for future generations to enjoy. Fernwood brand New Zealand tree fern is available as a loose substrate as well as panels for directly mounting orchids and use in lining vivarium backgrounds. Ht. eighteen species six of them do not produce pups and therefore are considered solitary species and can only reproduce from spore *. Old fronds are dark glossy green and leathery. Ht.50-70cm. 70-100cm. Leathery parsley-like sterile fronds are wintergreen and die back in spring. A large clumping fern with shiny upright fronds. 60-90cm. Z2. Z3. New growth is reddish-rose in colour. Any goods that was purchased online can be returned within 30 days. A hybrid between Athyrium filix femina and Athyrium nipponicum.

New fronds are tinted a delightful yellow in the spring and quickly age to green. This fern forms a ground hugging rosette of spreading fronds which are attractively dissected and soft to touch. dicksonia antarctica. 30-120cm. 30-45cm. Good for edging a semi-shaded path or as a small scale ground cover. Polypodium glycerhiza Licorice Fern............... 10cm pot $5.00ea 100-200cm. Z9 (8). £7.95 postage. 12cm. 60-105cm. Larger sizes at the nursery from ...................... $249.00 - $950.00 Ht. 31 watching. Native. Native. Ht.

Evergreen. Tree Fern Panels (also referred to as Tree Fern Orchid Boards, Tree Fern Plaques, Tree Fern Slabs, Tree Fern Mounts, and Xaxim Orchid Mounts) have been used for many years and are well regarded as the ideal mount for orchids, air plants, ferns and more. Long creeping rhizome slowly makes a nice cluster in the garden over time. Ht. Polystichum retro paleaceum Narrow tassel fern... 1gal  $11.00ea Dryopteris marginalis Leather Wood Fern............. 1gal  $11.00ea Z2. New growth is pinkish. Southern Wood Fern........................ 1gal $11.00ea Tree Fern and Mounts (Click on picture for larger image) Flat Virgin Cork Bark: Price: Misc.

It's hard to beat this species once established. 100-150cm. Ht.45-90cm. ......................................................................... 1gal $11.00ea Gymnocarpium dryopteris Oak Fern................ 10cm pot $5.00ea Polystichum setiferum Bevis Soft Shield Fern... This distinctive form of the lady fern has small, rounded pinnae which give the fronds a very narrow, almost necklace-like appearance. It is a faster grower than the soft tree fern but has a narrower trunk and will grow in slightly more exposed positions. Ht. Z4. Z3. .site-title a { background: url( no-repeat !important; } Z4. New foliage has a silvery flush to it. A nice fern for shade to semi-shade. Z4. Don’t fall under the misconception that all ferns look like the ones you see commonly in the forest;  the diversity of this genus will astound you! At a young age it looks like a normal fern. ...............  1gal $11.00ea Measure over 110cm height and 110cm wide. 30-60cm. the pot stand in a water tray, which is constantly topped up (even in 38 watching. Shade to part sun.


Fronds four times divided with finely cut segments. We stock a good range in varying sizes. Native. Pale green, thinly textured, triangular fronds arise from long creeping rhizomes. 60-150cm. Z4. A favourite dwarf fern. For more information on how we send your plants please visit our Helpful Guide on plant sizes.

Z8. Z6. Osmunda cinnamomia Cinnamon Fern................. 1gal  $11.00ea Fronds are light green and widely used by florists for cut foliage. Easy and grows well even in dry shade ( once established). Ht.40cm. ......................................................................... 1gal$11.00ea Polystichum polyblepharum Tassel Fern............... 1gal  $11.00ea At a young age it looks like a normal fern. Here at Seagraves Nurseries, we stock a range of high-quality Evergreen. An elegant form ,grown from spore so it should be called "Bevis Group",with upright, arching, lance shaped fronds with narrow pinnules that are incurved and overlapping near the tip of the fronds. Polystichum rigens............................................ 1gal  $11.00ea

By David l. Jones ISBN 0-88192-054-1, We are unable to accept phone ordersVoice/Fax: 250-537-5788 Nice small fern for shade to part sun.

variegata Variegated East Indian Holly Fern   $11.00ea This tree stump planter will not go unnoticed and become one of the most beautiful focal points of your garden. JavaScript has been disabled in your browser, please check if the URL in the address bar is correct. Ht. This form has slightly more erect fronds and the pinnae overlap a touch, but both plants are very similar. On the underside of the fronds there is a brown fuzz, what is it? Plants will be small for spring . £7.50 postage. Where an order includes both packets of seeds and other products, a maximum delivery charge of £6.99 will apply - regardless of the number of items ordered. Ferns, a variety of wildflowers, cornflower, marigolds, phlox, there are so many options. 60-150cm. Deciduous.

N.A.Native. Evergreen. Dainty, lacy, triangular fronds are held horizontally under stalks. A wonderful small compact fern from China. Evergreen. Z5. // Replace our href string with our new value, passing on the name and delimeter If exposed to New Zealand tree fern panels are softer and more moisture retentive than those originating from South American or Asian Tree Fern. Fronds.50-250cm. A finely dissected fern with very full fronds with proliferous buds (baby plants) on mature plants. Able to thrive in even the changeable nature of British weather, tree ferns are ideal for gardeners who wish to re-create that rainforest feel. Seeds and garden supplies will normally be delivered within the time period stated against each product as detailed above. Tree Fern in your garden Tree ferns are one of the largest groups of ferns. We grow ferns for shade, sun, rockeries, containers and even magnificent Tree Ferns. Dryopteris dilatata `Recurvata' Recurved Broad Buckler Fern Fertile fronds appear in the center of the cluster and turn a rust brown color. Easy to grow in shade to part sun. Slender trunk with dark, shiny, prickly, arching deep green fronds up to 2meters in length. Many Fingered Male Fern.................................... 1gal $11.00ea During hot weather the trunk should be watered daily to maintain adequate moisture levels. Would need two adults to carry. Native. Dryopteris affinis `Cristata The King' ................... 1gal $11.00ea These are nice mature ferns with a 5-7cm diameter, 10-20cm tall trunk with light green fronds forming a nice shuttlecock.

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