Margarita will join Courageous. Leave The Shrine for an event, then speak to George in Courageous 1F. The Shadow Dancer, Venom Demon, and Iron Golem. When you see all three key events, head to the east exit of Celdic. When you regain control, Speak to Towa twice at the bridge of Courageous. Go to the south end to find a treasure that contains a Wind Bell. Then speak to the lady by the counter, she will teach you the "Tomato Stew" recipe. When you regain control, assign your party members, and equip Valimar with the best Ex-Orbs you have for the upcoming battle. Make sure to cast Earth Pulse again if the effects expire. Bring Machias in your party to trigger an event battle. The boss is casting, then have Machias Impede it with his Mail Breaker. Just slipped your mind? After that, you will end up in the same airship from the end of Chapter 1. Then visit the 3rd floor by taking the southeast entrance.

Enter to get to the Trial Area. The boss is based on how many Shrines you have cleared. On the entrance of the Terra Shrine, you will find Beryl, speak to her to update her character profile page 1. Go inside Aqua Shrine, take the warp portal to the mid point. There is a pretty high chance you might miss your attacks allowing the Kestrel to counter you. Go to the northwest corner, and examine the lamp. You will need Emma in your party to trigger the event scene to unlock the gate. Select one of the four Shrines, once you clear it the game will have a story event.

After that, head to the second floor and speak to Dorothee and purchase the "Pasta" recipe from her. Attending Alfin's bonding event, will also unlock her final partner event on December 30th. Then go to Ymir's General Store and speak to Camilla. Survey all the key events in Celdic. All Rights Reserved. Obtain any of the trial chest you were missing from the previous act. When you regain control, go to Alouette Inn in Artisan Street. Travel to the center area, then take the south path, activate the switch to lower the platform. Set your destination to Eisengard Range to start one of the side quest. Speak to Linde at Courageous 5F - Bridge. Accept his request and then leave Roer.

Use your S-Craft to finish off the Sleipnir units. Follow the path to the end, you will find a switch. If this is your first trial cave, then read the December 24 section, if not then read the Shrine Trials Part B section. Jusis and Sara will be fixed party members for the next story segment. Then climb the ladder next to you, you will a Purgatorial Flame quartz in a treasure chest. Speak to Fiedelio at Courageous 2F - Computer Room. Then revisit Eisengard Mountains, on the landing spot, there is a Trial Chest for Fie and Laura. Speak to Nicolas after you have recruited Margarita.

When the boss is focused on attacking Machias, cast Earth Pulse on Machias, so that Machias can regenerate HP each turn. When the switch is activated, the water will drain, climb down the ladder. If you see a Zero arts bonus, use your S-Craft during that moment to prevent the boss from getting the bonus. The switch requires someone with a B rank proficiency in Thrust (Fie, Gaius, Jusis, Sara) to activate. Going to there will lead you to the boss room. During a certain point in the story, the Imperial family's high-speed cruiser known as the Courageous becomes the home base for Rean and the other members of Class VII. Return to the previous area and take the northeast path. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Go to the Roer Institute of Technology (Northwest Building 2F). Now go all the way to the northwest corner of the map. Listen to everyone's opinion and then repeat it again. Go downstairs, and move to the east path, and you will find another wall near an enemy.

Her attacks can cause confuse or freeze to your characters. Some of them are easy to complete, but some are completely hidden unless you speak to the right NPC. You will find the quest monster located at the southwest end of North Kreuzen Highway. Go past the gate to find a HP 2 Quartz. Guide Rating: 127,530 Views Exit out of the room and follow the northeast path all the way to the bottom. A list of new locations will be added, such as Eisengard Range, Roer Region. Return to the bridge and speak to Towa. All the Shrines are highlighted with a red exclamation mark on the world map. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. Unlock the gate by pressing the switch beside the treasure.

Head to the southeast end of the map, you will find a switch, activate it to drain the water below. You should also visit the snowboard area, a new course has been added. Then head to the first floor and speak to Angelica, this will update her profile. When the boss is defeated, head upstairs and grab the Zemurian Crystal to clear Aqua Shrine.

"If at all possible, I prefer to forge my own path through life, then call it "destiny" once the cards have settled...", LD2013 | hasegawa2010 | hasegawa2010 | hasegawa2013, The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II, Hard to take a war storyline seriously when *spoilers*, Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't get the groups rationale. During this phase, you should cast Platinum Shield with Jusis just to be safe. Giving Margarita a Peculiar Dish will reward you with items and a rare quartz if you manage to give her every single Peculiar Dish. There is two Trial Chest in the same spot, one is for Fie/Millium and the other for Jusis/Sara. There is also two Trial Chest here, one is for Alisa/Sara and the other for Machias/Emma. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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