Heck, it took me years to find out where the reset button was on the VBE.

Line charts in Excel are essential for trend analysis, spotting distribution and outliers.

( Log Out /  In this getting started guide, learn what is Power BI, how to get it and how to create your first report from scratch. Cannot find link on here would you please post again – BIG THANKS! Right now I’m simply trying to get the data into the Table via a VBA UserForm, then worry about data manipulation. I know the text will fit in the cell, and the problem isn't solved by making the cell bigger or using a little bit less text.

Sometimes I include a Rolling Average in a client's worksheet – usually a 3 month average.


[email protected] I have removed the merge cell in column A (never merge cells…don’t know why this exists!) Have done a quick test on some dummy data and it seemed to work fine. That is right!, a formula to tell me if the latest month’s value is all time best, best in last 12 months. I tried a horizontal version but didn’t seet to work properly. The heading in cell C1 also references the number of months: You can download the sample file from my website, on the Sum Functions page.

Good luck with creating your dynamic charts! The Data is layed out like below. The dynamic range is not really dynamic at all as you are always looking to get the top 12 (for example) values. Trailing twelve months (TTM) is important because it provides companies with detailed and recent financial data for internal audits, financial analysis, and corporate planning. I will be adding more over time of course. Is it possible to replace blanks and na() with 0?

I study something tougher on completely different blogs everyday. Don’t use the word Chart in your name, apparently it won’t work (Mr Excel). AMOUNT-COLUMN is range of the thing you want to sumDATE-COLUMN is range including all dates. Smile.

How do you analyze sales or similar data? As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Add a title to your chart as normal and then type = and a reference cell so if the content of the cell changes it updates the chart title.

This is super helpful thank you!

Some of my text entries are rather lengthy. Your top couple deciles of customers (or your top couple deciles of products) contribute the majority of your sales/profits. I received a notification about the generic title but I can’t change it for some reason. Select the first cell in which you want to see the rolling total -- cell C2 in this example. =SUMIF(A$2:A2,">=" & DATE(YEAR(A2),MONTH(A2)-($E$1-1),DAY(A2)),B$2:B2). So, if we're summing the amounts, I guess we can call that a Rolling Total (an accountant might have a different name for it). I want to display data for each month day by day.

Thank you so so very much!! Using COUNT guarantees that you only count cells that contain numerical values. I need this line to stop on the last month there is data for.

Then we need a dynamic named range to pick out the correct labels (in this case dates) to match the dynamically selected data. The download link for the file has been sent to the email you provided. I’m assuming it’s going to be a combination of index and match and sumifs to account for the between the two dates. Column A: Rep Column B: Date of Sale Column C: Total Sale Amount, Any help would be very much appreciated. or have a different formula that works. I found this when I was looking for something else.

Thanks!! Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns.

Hi I need some help with a formula for TTM calculations? I always come up with a naming error. Go ahead and spend few minutes to be AWESOME. Nice post.

Amount from 20,000 and above only show thousand?

When conducting this valuation and analysis, reliance on year-end or calendar year financial data will not provide an accurate picture of the company’s current financial health. Read my story • FREE Excel tips book. What about you? I need to create a bar chart for the year.

Works fine for all except if the person was hired in year 2000 then this formula shows 110 y. As before, remove any cell references from AXIS LABEL RANGE, leaving the sheet name and exclamation mark exactly as before.

Was faced with exactly this kind of problem of how-to-stop-wasting-time-updating-chart-data-series-manually, your article helped me 100%!! is this possible?

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I would upload if I could but work would be far from thrilled.


I was able to convert start date and and end date to the number of days. I then wrote a macro to add a line of data to each table to see if all the dynamic ranges moved as planned….and they did. I “grew up” in graduate school with the old old Fortran IV and what I refer to as the “real BASIC.” These I understood and could write from scratch. However, when I use this same formula to calculate the TTM for each customer and product it does not work. is there a way to manipulate the dynamic range to omit negative values and n/a results? You can do the same for every animal so setting up a dynamic range for each row should be a relatively quick and simple job. Each row shows the Rolling Total for the latest 12 months (if available).

So I write an Excel formula. From simple to complex, there is a formula for every occasion.

In E17 (trailing 12 month high can not be calculated for first 11 months…) write = C17=MAX(C6:C17), Drag the formula to fill remaining cells in column E. Assuming we have a bunch of sales numbers by month in the range B6:C30. By linking the chart back to a workbook should in theory eliminate the problem. My question though is in regards to sets of data that contain #NA! Would that cause a problem?

I have yet to find such. You could also consider avoiding a VBA form and use the built in form in Excel itself. For example, instead of $B$50:$Z$50, to have $B$50:$Z$58?? Month | Type | App 1 | App 2| App 3| % of profits vs. % of customers) on an x/y scatter plot is also useful -- and you can jazz up the chart with some dynamic markers, titles, and, perhaps, a scroll bar form control.

With cap words, you are already dead to me , ok, forget the caps, can "nobody" answer Ryan's question, Is there a way to adjust this forumla to exclude the current month?

Agree there are sometimes single output. values. - Excel, Line Graph Problem: Remove Line Going To Zero - Excel, Use If To Return A Truly Blank Cell - Excel, The Difference Between Numbers (positive And Negative) - Excel, Need Help To Auto Calculate Annual Leave/sick Leave Day - Excel, A Bar Chart With Mutiple Bars, But Just 1 Is Stacked - Excel, How To Create Spellnumber In My Country Currency - Excel, How Do I Add A Leading Zero To A Date? Is this possible? You’ll see how I have used the chicken numbers row and based everything else off that. Trailing twelve months shows trends that help you quickly track leading indicators – such as total income, gross profit, and net income.

Select the newsletters you’re interested in below. The best month in last 12 months (trailing 12 months) Now, it would be a shame if I have to find these answers manually.

If you search by category or tag you should be able to find quite a few bits in both Excel and VBA which I also teach. Instead of asking for earlier version of file.. Many thanks for the reply. TTM helps investors and creditors accurately evaluate and value a company.

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