It means having a longer time horizon (think on the scale of three years), and it means keeping your finger off the trigger, as these things take time to play out. Another attempt is to not require every computer on the network to be aware of every transaction, or to effectively “shard” things. The killer apps from the decentralized/parallel financial system use cases are already live. With Waymo, Alphabet Inc.’s multibillion-dollar self-driving vehicle project, you’re starting at Level 4–5 and waiting to scale until it can be achieved in a secure fashion. But given how young crypto is, a project is more like building a biotech company or manufacturing a rocket than a traditional software startup. Jones also points to Bitcoin’s fixed supply of 21 million coins as a singular feature that makes the leading cryptocurrency stand out among all other assets. Cory Doctotow explored one way this might play out in  Down and Out In The Magic Kingdom, though the book sketched a world with only reputational currency. However, if you decide to buy $5,000 worth and it takes one day for your order to get filled, it would be quite right to say that the market is illiquid. In On Liberty, John Stuart Mill writes:

…the peculiar evil of silencing the expression of an opinion is that it is robbing the human race; posterity as well as the existing generation; those who dissent from the opinion, still more than those who hold it. Think of it as a running stream of water. The personal philosophy of anyone issuing a personal coin will be an important public filing. Old school financial behemoths will either have to adapt, support, and ultimately join this parallel system or fade away. In a homogenous society, ideas and customs can be stagnant for generations. Continue browsing if you are happy with that, or see, Authenticator Alert – Securing Your Crypto, Invictus Capital Closes Quarter Well Following Market Turmoil, eToro Is First Major Exchange to Lend Support to the Flare Network, META 1 Coin Trust Announces Commission to Study Global Persecution of Cryptocurrency Projects, Bitsgap Releases Futures Trading and Updated Platform, LeverageConf: The World’s First Dedicated Online Crypto Trading Event, Ripple Chief Brad Garlinghouse Addresses Concerns of XRP Manipulation. Marie Curie (neé Skłodowska) was the daughter of two Polish teachers, one atheist and one Catholic, and attended an underground university in Warsaw before immigrating to Paris. For this, there are two angles to consider: I believe that Bakkt†, the newly-created subsidiary of Intercontinental Exchange, will solve the institutional on-ramp problem by providing low cost exchange transaction infrastructure. For instance, it’s vital that a team have experience building communities in the past and have experience with open source projects. These problems will eventually be solved I think, but for now it’s quite early. Anyone screaming that the lack of users means blockchain tech is useless, probably doesn’t understand liquidity or what attracts it.

I think to make money in this market you have to be contrarian and right about which projects and companies to invest in.

It begs the question, “Okay, how will these companies make money?”. Those that invest well will also be great investments, which is the equivalent of investing in a holding company like Berkshire Hathaway.

Harbor*,which is trying to tokenize real world assets and have them tradable on Ethereum.

If enough people have personal coins and famous people's coins are all really expensive, then the real money making opportunity will be in discovering the pre-famous people -- in other words, value investing in people instead of companies. Imagine you want to buy Tesla stock: if you try to buy $5,000 worth and your order gets immediately filled, from your perspective, the market is liquid.

The reason all of this will be possible is due to blockchains’ lower coordination and enforceability costs; it’ll all happen programmatically instead of having to trust an institution to do things in a fair, open, and honest way.

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