Even for a bottomless pit of narcissism like Donald Trump, Wednesday was an exceptional day for self-aggrandizement. Is this real? In it, a firefighter named Mark Taylor claims he had a religious epiphany in 2011 — when Trump was pushing the racist conspiracy theory that Barack Obama had been born in Kenya — in which God told him that Trump would be elected president. All rights reserved. Beetle — actually, we’ll stop right there before we let the freelance bio-exorcist loose on the world.

It also draws from the earlier reporting of journalist Jeff Sharlet; the first episode dramatizes Sharlet’s infiltration of Ivanwald, an Arlington, Virginia home for young men run by Family associates. We find ourselves on the precipice of a crisis of democracy — the destabilization of Europe and the rise of Christian nationalism and ethnic nationalism.

Before Vereide launched the National Prayer Breakfast, he sought out Nazi war criminals on orders from the U.S. State Department — and though he didn’t hold Nazi beliefs, Sharlet reports that Vereide openly admired their anti-democratic discipline. It is "king." Is it actually proof of a logically consistent, underlying ideology? In the decades since, the Family’s associates have formed working relationships with some of the world’s bloodiest dictators. “David Rysdahl played the young Jeff. (Evangelicals want to keep the option of walking back the Trump worship, if and when the whole thing goes sideways.) There’s another best seller, Every Woman’s Battle, and every woman’s battle is basically to keep her man sexually satisfied. I wanted the male culture that Jeff found himself in to not be cast in a sinister way — at least initially.

And Trump is just the strong man they’ve waited to serve. Sharlet: You’re probably familiar with the tradition of muscular Christianity in American Christianity. Rihanna Is In No Rush, Demands Every Vote Be Counted, “Count Every Vote We’ll Wait.”, Fox News Won the 2020 Election Night Ratings Battle, Somehow, Lana Del Rey Managed to Make Election Night About Her. "God called King David a man after God’s own heart even though he was an adulterer and a murderer," Falwell said in 2016, defending his choice to endorse Trump. The Family made it possible in that case, as it did with Senator Chuck Grassley in Somalia.

Most evangelicals have nothing to do with the Family. I said there’s more than one kind of authoritarianism under the sun.

Yes, we should all be empathetic for what Braunwyn is going through, but it’s no reason that Gina should give her a pass. The Trump presidency is not blasphemy, then, but God’s will.

Instead, these "king" metaphors allow them to make a different argument: God chooses "imperfect" men to be "vessels" for his will because they have talents — in Trump's case, belligerence and bullying, interpreted as "strength" — that matter more than their sinful behavior. That’s the profound question we need to be asking. But then, Is this organization still relevant? We see this idea that if Jesus was alive today, he’d be a Navy SEAL. The Family decided in the ’70s that they were going to make their own Black Panthers.

That was the answer to the question I thought might be lurking in the story — and that’s what people are responding to, in part.”. Someone who will reorder society in the way that the Family wants. It’s the triumph of the Fellowship that it’s a combination of the two. If you worship power, the pursuit of it becomes a sacrament. But this transcends the story of the Fellowship. Even though it’s very present in Jeff’s description, I felt like that would tip the series too far into a space that would detract from the deeper reporting. Liberty University, run by Jerry Falwell Jr., even helped produce a documentary called "The Trump Prophecy," which was screened in roughly 1,000 theaters before the midterm election last year.

"Cyrus is the model for a nonbeliever appointed by God as a vessel for the purposes of the faithful," Stewart wrote. I would argue that is in keeping with that mega-Christian right best seller, Every Man’s Battle — the battle is supposedly with masturbation. It may seem inflammatory to talk about the work that Abraham Vereide did in postwar Germany, but this is the organization’s history. They called them the Black Buffers. Moss: I think it’s also why it was really important to look back at the history of the movement — their birth in the 1930s, and their anti-labor activism, and the close relationship with fascism.

America Just Got More 420 Friendly and No One Is Happier Than SZA. One was Maria Butina [and] the Russian-spy story exploding at the National Prayer Breakfast. Trump really does embody so much about the Family.

The series uncovers the work of Alabama Rep. Robert Aderholt, who went to Romania to campaign against same-sex marriage, and of Maria Butina, who exploited the National Prayer Breakfast as part of her attempt to influence American politics. What if we told you that an extremely private Christian sect believed, Jesse Moss: “The book completely escaped my attention when it came out, though I don’t know how. Her aunt, after all, is Julia Roberts, she of Pretty Woman, Notting Hill, While You Were Sleeping, My Best Friend?

She announced an album delay, another new album entirely, and … cussed out a fan?

Sharlet: That’s certainly not conspiratorial. At least one associate — former Michigan representative Mark Siljander — did time in prison in connection to these overseas activities.

I wasn’t even aware of the Fellowship. Just Some Good TikToks to Watch While You Wait for Election Results, Drakeo the Ruler Finally Released From Prison Following Contentious Legal Battle. — on Twitter. Meanwhile, Lori Loughlin Is in Prison and Reportedly Miserable, Meanwhile, he tweeted, “I am an eternal fire and burning love, either leave with a tan, a 3rd degree burn, or stay and die in love.”. But no doubt he loves hearing words like "king" and "chosen" and is now parroting them back — along with not-funny, not-jokes about how he'll still be president in 14 years — as the stress mounts over whether he can recreate the fluke election that got him into the White House in the first place. I said fascism is impossible in America and American fundamentalism will prevent it. Why are the people most concerned with traditional family values so committed to Donald Trump? When I read the book two years ago, I was floored.

The word that tends to be commonly associated with Trump in evangelical circles is not "president," however.

That they are instruments of God’s will. We’ve allowed these conflicting points of views to come through strongly.

We actually arranged for Bob Hunter, who you see in the series, to go on the Maddow Show and he said, “We’ve been too secretive and want to change that.” And they didn’t.

Sharlet would later publish two books about the Family, known also as the Fellowship, and its associates: The Family, in 2008, and C Street, in 2010. Someone who seems to evoke the worst authoritarian tendencies, and yet seems to have enjoyed the wholehearted embrace of Evangelical voters. Associated Press articles: Copyright © 2016 The Associated Press.

He appeared to concede his “campaign” — where else? I feel fortunate that, in the course of making the series, the question of relevance was answered by two things. Moss: In the case of Butina, they set up a framework in which someone who maybe didn’t have Jesus in her heart could exploit the National Prayer Breakfast.

Even if someone has only watched the series and hasn’t read Jeff’s books, it’s hard to avoid that we’re talking about a very male organization. On the contrary, Trump allows these fools into the Oval Office so they can lay hands on him and pray as if they were meeting a great prophet. You go back into the records — this is stuff that we couldn’t get into the series — and you see that, actually, Hunter was traveling in conversation with the Reagan government. © 2020 Vox Media, LLC. He’s the Ur-capitalist. At first glance, Netflix’s His House appears to be your typical, Beetlejuice. A bunch of congressmen getting together to talk about how they struggle with masturbation, you can say that’s silly and goofy and innocuous. This reading, perversely, allows evangelicals to interpret Trump's lechery and tendency to curse (they don't really see his racism or encouragement of violence as sinful) as more evidence that he has been chosen by God. We see now the rise of far-right authoritarian governments worldwide. As journalist Katherine Stewart, who covers the religious right, explained in a New York Times article last December, the gist of the white evangelical view of Trump is "that he is a miracle sent straight from heaven to bring the nation back to the Lord" and "that resistance to Mr. Trump is tantamount to resistance to God.". “There’s an argument to be made, and the Fellowship makes it, that you can do more work if you preach to the powerful. — as the stress mounts over whether he can recreate the fluke election that got him into the White House in the first place. That’s where the important work is — and what I want to be doing. Early in the day, Trump tweeted quotes from one of his more sycophantic — and unhinged — followers, Wayne Allyn Root, calling Trump the "King of Israel" and "the second coming of God."

Certainly there are pre-millennials involved, but the Family is about building the 1,000-year kingdom of God on Earth. What’s the role of the faith community? If you’re befuddled by all that Christian support for a seemingly unchristian man, Netflix’s new docuseries The Family should resolve your confusion. Is it sheltering immigrants who have come to this country illegally, or is it justifying a president whose policies demonize them?

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