In the early 1980s, The Slits formed an alliance with Bristol post-punk band The Pop Group, sharing a drummer (Bruce Smith) and releasing a joint single, ‘In The Beginning There was Rhythm’/ ‘Where There’s A Will’ (Y Records). This fun music encyclopedia explains the meaning of the remarkable band names of many pop groups. I met The Slits through this News of the World article that was written about women in punk right at the beginning. You have to remember when The Clash’s Mick Jones picked up his Gibson Les Paul for the first time, there was a long line of boys wielding guitars from Elvis to Johnny Thunders to emulate, but as female musicians there was no her-story, all The Slits had for inspiration was Patti Smith. She had been all over the place in the jungle, in Jamaica and America. “Maybe it was more acceptable to be a white woman than to be a white man and be there.

But again, Tessa has a very grounded view to this. I don’t think it was a bad thing and the whole music scene became so squeaky clean in the ’80s and I think that was what put me off. In an era where female role models like Katie Price are most often surgically modified into the cartoon image of a woman, and the teacup-wielding Lady GaGa is considered to be outrageous, that image of The Slits seems more relevant than ever. That and the record companies wanted to market us and package us up as sexy punk girls. Other members of the reformed band are German drummer Anna Schulte, and Adele Wilson on guitar. The Slits released their debut album, ‘Cut’, produced by legendary reggae producer Dennis Bovell, on the 7 th September 1979. “There were more reggae artists playing live, like Big Youth and Burning Spear, and the film The Harder They Come, which was really influential, and there were a lot of sound systems and shebeen blues clubs. The COVID-19 crisis has cut off our advertising revenue stream, which is how we’ve always funded how we promoted new independent artists. [1] Palmolive left the band around this time: it is often claimed that this was partly because she did not like this artwork,[6] including by Palmolive herself,[7] but according to Viv Albertine[8] Palmolive had been asked to leave the band before that, and does not appear on the record. In 2007, they toured Australia as well as returning to the US, where they opened for Sonic Youth at New York's McCarren Park Pool. I ask Tessa if they were aware quite how important that shot of them would become. “I saw The Slits play at the Harlesden Roxy and I thought they were amazing. She kept going on about how we had influenced the whole Riot Grrrl movement. There really weren’t any other all girl bands at the time. For Tessa, reggae was hugely inspiring to the way she played. In the ’80s music got very careerist, it was no longer about expressing yourself.”. “Mainly we didn’t sign because we knew we didn’t sound like we did in our heads. We have led very parallel lives and have been through similar experiences. Ari used to go on her own from a really young age, she had quite a nerve, she was 15, but you can’t help but like her.”, The Slits were also the first musicians to point out that women played their instruments in a different way to men, quite a revelation but for Tessa it was the only way she knew. It was a song that Chris Blackwell, founder of Island Records, thought would give the girls more success, but they were adamant they would go with their own song ‘Typical Girls’ as the A-side. The band name is a contraction of the term Cro-Magnon. Don Letts was djing at the Roxy club playing pure reggae so we got to know all these songs and even to this day I love Jamaican music, just love it.”, I ask her how the Jamaican community took to four punk girls turning up to their clubs. I remind her how Joe Strummer had praised them for managing to keep hold of their integrity. While the band was discussing possible names one evening in an old warehouse they had rented for rehearsal space, someone noticed that the warehouse's door key had the name "Marshall Tucker" inscribed on it, and suggested they called themselves the The Marshall Tucker Band, not realizing it referred to an … This was followed by a bizarre untitled compilation album of mostly homemade demos and live performances from before the release of Cut. The responsibility to stay true to ourselves is huge. I mean that is a struggle we all have to deal with all our lives anyway.”. “I like the fact that women do play differently,” she says. The band's third full-length album entitled Trapped Animal was released in 2009,[12] and the band continued to perform live.

[5], Captured on a Peel Session, the Slits' originally raw and raucous live sound was cleaned up and polished by the time of their debut album, and over time their style began to draw heavily from reggae, dub and world music. Kelly Lee Owens – daydreamer of the year, How the seven minds of Black Country, New Road combined their extraordinary abilities to find a collective spirit. The last song the bassist of the English space rock band Hawkwind , Ian Fraser Kilmister (better known as Lemmy), wrote for that group (pla... Looks like a group but in effect a one-man business with sole owner English singer/song writer Damon Gough (born 1969). A few days later I meet Viv Albertine, one time guitarist and Slits songwriter, at the book launch of new biography Typical Girls? It just had this ambiguity about it, us against a country house with roses growing up the walls.

The Slits were a British punk and post-punk band formed in London in 1976 by members of the groups The Flowers of Romance and The Castrators.

“We needed to go off and experience our own adventures. “I wasn’t aware at all till I hooked up with Ari a few years ago.

I ask Viv if the term ‘bloody-minded’ would be a suitable term to describe The Slits’ attitude to the music business at the time. Viviane Katrina Louise Albertine (born 1 December 1954) is an Australian-born British musician, singer, songwriter and writer.She is best known as the guitarist for the punk band the Slits from 1977 until 1982, and with whom she recorded two studio albums. © LOUD AND QUIET 2020. People need something like The Slits, even if it isn’t us. In fact, Cook’s daughter Hollie is a member of the current line-up, singing and playing keyboards. I couldn’t bear to listen to music for about two years, it was terrible.

I think because we were women it was even more threatening because of the way we looked. “For me I was always playing with other women so I didn’t know any different.”, Viv, though, was making it up as she went along. “I think we knew it was going to cause a storm. [1][6] Ari Up went on to be part of the New Age Steppers.

“It meant so much to me,” she explains. I didn’t want to go back,” she says. It was probably the worst style ever in the ’70s as far as I can remember, it was vomit-making, the style was so horrible, the haircuts, the clothes, the house design, the avocado green bathroom suites.”, But it wasn’t just The Slits being female that made them different, it was the style of their music too. “Originally The Slits had another bass player called Suzie Gutsy. Slits Name Meaning Historically, surnames evolved as a way to sort people into groups - by occupation, place of origin, clan affiliation, patronage, parentage, adoption, and …

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