Working off-campus? The neighbouring communities are Maidenhead to the south, Bourne End to the north, Marlow and Bisham to the west and Taplow to the east. Please check your email for instructions on resetting your password. In Aemilia Lanyer’s poem, “The Description of Cooke-ham,” Lanyer vividly describes the place which she called home for a while, Cooke-ham. Cookham forms the southernmost and most rural part of the High Wycombe Urban Area.

Several Thames islands belong to Cookham, such as Odney Island, Formosa Island and Sashes Island which separates Cookham Lock from Hedsor Water. There were several prehistoric burial mounds on Cock Marsh which were excavated in the 19th century and the largest stone axe ever found in Britain was one of 10,000 that has been dug up in nearby Furze Platt. Cookham also has a Parish Council with fifteen councillors in three wards, Cookham (2 Councillors), Cookham Rise (9 Councillors) and Cookham Dean (4 Councillors). Cookham's municipal services are provided by the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead and forms part of the Bisham and Cookham ward.

The Roman road called the Camlet Way is reckoned to have crossed the Thames at Sashes Island, now cut by Cookham Lock, on its way from St. Albans to Silchester. Cookham has a site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) just to the north of the village, called Cock Marsh.[4]. Thomas Whateley in 1799, Miss Isabella Fleming in 1869 (who wanted to stop nude bathing at Odney) and the Odney Estates in 1928 who wanted to enclose Odney Common. [3] There were several manors: Cookham, Lullebrook, Elington, Pinkneys, Great Bradley, Bullocks, White Place and Cannon Court. The poet memorializes an environment of sweet companionship that she claims to have shared with the countess of Cumberland and her daughter, Anne Clifford, a companionship reflected by the natural world. The Description of Cooke-ham . These included Widbrook, Cockmarsh, Winter Hill, Cookham Dean Commons, Pinkneys Green Common and Maidenhead Thicket.[9]. An hourly bus service to Maidenhead, Bourne End and High Wycombe is provided by Arriva Shires & Essex six days a week; The river has a long stretch of moorings above Cookham Bridge. The Description Of Cooke-Ham poem by Aemilia Lanyer. As of May 2019 there are 5 Conservative, 9 Lib Dem and 1 Independent Councillors.

With blessed Ioseph you did often feedYour pined brethren, when they stood in need.And that sweet Lady sprung from Cliffords race,Of noble Bedfords blood, faire steame [sic] of Grace;To honourable Dorset now espows'd, H 3In whose faire breast true virtue then was hous'd:Oh what delight did my weake spirits find,In those pure parts of her well framed mind:And yet it grieues me that I cannot beNeere vnto her, whose virtues did agree With those faire ornaments of outward beauty,Which did enforce from all both loue and dutie.Vnconstant Fortune, thou art most too blame,Who casts vs downe into so lowe a frame:Where our great friends wee cannot dayly see, So great a diffrence is there in degree.Many are placed in those Orbes of state,Parters in honour, so ordain'd by Fate;Neerer in show, yet farther off in loue,In which, the lowest alwayes are aboue.

Lanyer Description of Cookham .

Throughout the poem the poet uses very feminine language to describe Cookham.

The estate at Cookham did not actually belong to Margaret Clifford, but was rented for her by her brother while Clifford was undergoing a dispute with her husband. The rest of the trains require a change at Maidenhead.

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