[3] The asteroid was first observed as 1965 AO at the Purple Mountain Observatory in January 1965. Alex Miller. Some here intereprete the asteroid in connection with "telepathy", which would make sense, given the similiarity of the words themselves.Personally I am uncertain about its validity or rather strength in this regard. Personally I am uncertain about its validity or rather strength in this regard. This minor planet was named from Greek mythology after King Telephus. 5264 Telephus / ˈ t ɛ l ə f ə s / is a large Jupiter trojan from the Greek camp, approximately 70 kilometers (43 miles) in diameter.It was discovered on 17 May 1991, by American astronomer couple Carolyn and Eugene Shoemaker at the Palomar Observatory in California, and later named after King Telephus from Greek mythology. "pathos", which is the origin of the suffix -pathy, means "suffering" or "emphasizing", thus telepathy indicates someone who can sense someone or something from far away. Posts: 1548From: SaturnRegistered: Nov 2012. It must have depth and soul to last. Posts: 166 From: Registered: Apr 2013: posted June 06, 2013 08:07 AM Have you encountered these asteroids in telepathic links between you and other people? Posts: 199From: MercuryRegistered: Apr 2009. Asteroid Online Calculator, Asteroids in Astrology Natal Chart - Seek and meet people born on the same date as you. Now Telephus conjunct Psyche in synastry would be something to get excted about. It is also a non-family asteroid in the Jovian background population. The mythology behind this particular asteroid is not terribly clear, as the elements of the story differ so greatly. But "pathos" or "pathy" has a different meaning than "phos / phus"! ------------------I'm sooo happy! Also have double whammy both ways moon conjunct Pluto. next newest topic | next oldest topic: Author: Topic: Telephus and Hypnos: Selene Knowflake .

Note: missing data was completed with figures from the JPL SBDB (query) and from the LCDB (query form) for the WISE/NEOWISE and SIMPS catalogs, respectively. The body's observation arc begins with a precovery taken at Palomar in January 1989, more than 2 years prior to its official discovery observation. when referring to its placement in Natals. Telephus was the son-in-law of King Priam of Troy, but fought with the Greeks in the Trojan War.

How cool is that? Good grief!!! [4][12][a] Due to its higher than usual brightness variation, this Jovian asteroid is likely to have a non-spherical shape. I have read that these thought forms can almost acquire their own identity, a scary thought, and interact with other thought forms. Natives with HYPNOS conjunct/trine/sextile SAMADHI will easily get in to trance state."

[2] The dark and possibly elongated D-type asteroid belongs to the 50 largest Jupiter trojans and has a rotation period of 9.5 hours. I didn't mean that!

[2] The official naming citation was published by the Minor Planet Center on 12 July 1995 (M.P.C. [13] In May 2016, follow-up observation by Robert Stephens and Daniel Coley at the Center for Solar System Studies, California, and Linda French at Wesleyan University gave the so-far best rated period of 9.525±0.002 hours with an amplitude of 0.47 (U=3). I think IQ also once said that the asteroid wasn`t that strong of a factor regarding telepathy, but I may mis-remember. My telephus is quincux his sun 0 degrees, trines his moon 0 degrees and conjunct his MC 3 degrees. Chalk it up to Moon in Libra's need for peace and harmony lol! Ultimate Bulletin Board 5.46a, Powered by Infopop www.infopop.com © 2000 25444). Am hoping someone who is knowledgeable about this will provide some info. Also, the name is "telephus", something that resembles telephone far more than telepathy. If so, how could that affect us?

Ultimate Bulletin Board 5.46a, Powered by Infopop www.infopop.com © 2000 Thereus is unusual because his orbit is even longer than Saturns, plus its orbit is elongated which means he speeds up now and again.

Alex Miller is a professional writer and astrologer, author of The Black Hole Book, detailing deep space points in astrological interpretation, and the forthcoming Heaven on Earth, a comprehensive study of asteroids, both mythic and personal. AstroSeek, Free Horoscopes and charts 2020 Astro-Seek.com Some people think this is how demonic entities come into existence. "telos" - the word, tele comes from, means ending or far reaching. I.

It showed a rotation period of 9.518 hours with a brightness amplitude of 0.34±0.02 magnitude (U=3-).[11]. These figures are given in italics. A fascinating but complex topic. Its a very intuitive thing. [17], (mean-diameter in kilometers; YoD: Year of Discovery), Small Solar System Objects Spectroscopic Survey, "JPL Small-Body Database Browser: 5264 Telephus (1991 KC)", "Asteroid (5264) Telephus – Proper elements", "Asteroid Catalog Using Akari: AKARI/IRC Mid-Infrared Asteroid Survey", "Rotational Properties of Jupiter Trojans. [16][15] In the SDSS-based taxonomy, it is also a D-type,[14] while the Collaborative Asteroid Lightcurve Link (CALL) assumes it to be a C-type. As far as me flying off the handle first, lol, maybe but probably unlikely lol! Also have her Neptune/Venus conjunction conjunct my Neptune which sextiles our double whammy Moon/Pluto conjunction. Copyright © 2010 Love is complex.

[4], In June 1994, photometric observations of this asteroid by astronomers Stefano Mottola and Anders Erikson with the Dutch 0.9-metre Telescope at ESO's La Silla Observatory, Chile, were used to build a lightcurve. [6][16], It orbits the Sun at a distance of 4.6–5.8 AU once every 11 years and 11 months (4,342 days; semi-major axis of 5.21 AU). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0NXQJ7J6iA, There is some info on astral sex, for example here: http://www.empathys.co.uk/115.html, Copyright 2000-2013

iQ said a while back: "Hypnos is very powerful indeed. So, more wonderings as to what this indicates in synastry. [8][9][10] CALL agrees with the results obtained by IRAS, and derives an albedo of 0.0571 with a diameter of 73.33 kilometers, based on an absolute magnitude of 9.4.[4]. Telephus was the son of Heracles and princess Auge. What about Pallas? Get a load of that Sun Square Saturn Double Whammy lol!! 5264 Telephus /ˈtɛləfəs/ is a large Jupiter trojan from the Greek camp, approximately 70 kilometers (43 miles) in diameter. Pallas is great wisdom as had the elders of the Indian tribes. ------------------Virgo Asc 6˚& Mars 0˚Gemini Sun 24˚Libra Moon 14˚(conjunct Pluto 0˚ in 2nd house)Gemini Mercury 25˚Cancer Venus 29˚ (Mutual reception with Moon)And yes, i'm a guy! That is why I put non sexual asteroids as soul mate asteroids.

What I am really curious about is to what degree and how do we affect others (in this instance, people we are enamoured with) with our thoughts. It was discovered on 17 May 1991, by American astronomer couple Carolyn and Eugene Shoemaker at the Palomar Observatory in California,[1] and later named after King Telephus from Greek mythology. So, could that mean making love in the astral state? I have no idea why the smiley face for this post is this. It is also said that our astral bodies meet in the sleep state and enact out wishes and communicate. Edit:Other asteroids that also indicate telepathy suggested in a previous thread by Ceri: PALLAS (pineal gland)ANUBIS (astral plane)AURASPIRITKAALI.

The lightcurve gave a concurring period of 9.540 hours and an brightness variation of 0.20 in magnitude (U=3-).

He is the grandson of Zeus and son of Heracles, after whom the Apollo near-Earth asteroids 5731 Zeus and 5143 Heracles were named, respectively. [4], Telephus is a dark Jovian asteroid orbiting in the leading Greek camp at Jupiter's L4 Lagrangian point, 60° ahead of the Gas Giant's orbit in a 1:1 resonance (see Trojans in astronomy). It is a bit weird for me to see Isis without her twinsoul or Yang-complement Osiris actually. Light Curves of 80 Objects", "Lightcurves of Jovian Trojan Asteroids from the Center for Solar System Studies: L4 Greek Camp and Spies", "Large L5 Jovian Trojan Asteroid Lightcurves from the Center for Solar System Studies", "SDSS-based taxonomic classification and orbital distribution of main belt asteroids", "S3OS2: the visible spectroscopic survey of 820 asteroids", Discovery Circumstances: Numbered Minor Planets (5001)-(10000), https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=5264_Telephus&oldid=950887024, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 14 April 2020, at 10:58.

Asteroid Thereus 32532 falls under the category of a Centaur.

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