The added XTC technology around the racquet head amplified the feel which came in handy for my slices, dropshots and volleys. Can you say the XTC for a bit more power and spin, the TF40 for more control? Dislikes. The TF40 305 was quite surprising off the ground. The swing weight is on the heavier side (320s) but gives you enough plow through to keep the ball deep. They’ve made subtle differences but I think the TF40 came together really nicely and has more control and really good feel. For me, I want to be able to swing fast and know I’ve got tons of control at my disposal. | August 08, 2019.

If you found this review interesting or have further questions or comments please contact us. Tecnifibre has produced tour level performance in the TF40 305 Demo Tennis Racquet. The feel and control of this racquet had me playing with enough confidence to pick my spots on returns. It incorporates Dynacore XTC (Xtreme Touch Construction) throughout the frame for increased shock absorption and feel. Thanks! Swingweight: 326. The Tecnifibre TF40 is called TF40 to celebrate Tecnifibre’s 40 years in business. Compared to my racquet of choice, this TF40 305 has a much lower launch angle and has more control. Unstrung — 10.8 oz / 305 g. Again, it’s a stick that’s better suited to people with fast swings, and if that’s you, then there are a lot of benefits to be had. From the baseline, Tiffani found herself right at home with this new racquet. Whether I was blocking back big first serves or laying into second serves I got the ball to go where I wanted it to and made a lot of returns back in court. Length: 27in / 68,5cm. I also found this racquet to have the perfect amount of power, so I could hit confidently without fearing the ball would drop outside the court. ", The TF40 305 seemed to hold its own when our playtesters moved toward the net. Swingweight: 326. I felt very comfortable, and my motion felt natural. The Dynacore XTC technology is designed to allow extra dwell time and pocketing to give players an instant … This racquet is just on the upper edge of what I like in terms of maneuverability, and when I was being a little lazy and not completely snapping through, I didn't get enough action on the ball and missed. The Xtense bumper and grommet system does an incredible job in creating a larger, cushioned sweetspot so you don’t have to feel like you need to be super precise on every shot. So, what exactly was it that stood out for us with the Tecnifibre T40 305?

", While Tiffani is more of a baseline player, the TF40 305 gave her the extra confidence she needed at net. The racquet also displayed its heftier nature on each swing with an impressive level of stability and the ability to redirect pace. I can't recall the last time my ball bounced this high. She explained, "The feel at net was excellent. It incorporates Dynacore XTC (Xtreme Touch Construction) throughout the frame for increased shock absorption and feel. She described, "Plush and stable are the first two things that come to mind when I think of returning with the TF40 305. The TF40 305 has a nice sweetspot that allows me to find an impressive amount of power on my first serve without compromising control. ", The TF40 305 seemed to hold its own when our playtesters moved toward the net.

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