e) I have not installed the foot sensor, would like to observed the tailgate for a month before installation. I have waited a few months before reviewing to see how well it worked, I bought a kit for our Toyota CHR Hybrid because I missed having a powered tailgate, the customer service before we bought was fantastic answered every question and sent fitting instructions before we even ordered, payment was through PayPal so no worries there. The person who installed the unit for VW Touareg power tailgate kit, is an audio installer for the past 15 years and worked mostly with German cars. I know when I install it, they’ll be right there with me to help if needed. FORD Kuga 2017 Automatic Tailgate Lift Seamless Steel Tube Cylinder

Volkswagen Sharan Power Tailgate Lift Kit, The Power Hands Free Smart Liftgate With Auto Open. – October 8, 2019. It just was that the car did not always match the directions and photos because Nissan must have changed later editions slightly. This aftermarket power liftgate assisting system opens and closes your rear door by simply pressing a button or using the optional “foot kick” under the rear bumper. a) Note the wires are too long such as the power cable, strut cable and latch motor, looked messy and bulky in bundling them together. Description. So, had to insert the power cable first applying a lot of WD 40 and slowly pulling it. It would make sense for the company to redo all installation instructions into clear and proper English. I had looked for a long time and had almost given up on finding a power liftgate for Honda Pilot. I am handicapped and the rear door was just too difficult to shut. Power Liftgate Kit Step-By-Step Install. Best customer service i’ve ever experienced. 2. If you’re fairly handy or willing to struggle and learn, you’ll be able to install the liftgate opener with the help of Tao, youtube and the instruction manual. It was handy to lay all the parts out prior to installation, just to figure out what was to be done. great We found an excellent auto electrician to fit it and it has been brilliant, delivery was within a couple of days and it is excellent quality. I just want to let you know what a wonderful experience it has been working with you. My wife loves being able to walk across the supermarket car park watching the tailgate rise as she approaches with her trolley! However, I just need to press the unlock button 5 times instead of 3. Was definitely work running all the wire but the end result was well worth it! Hatch is tight, no water leaks. Where to put it. Harness adapters included and no need to cut wires. – February 14, 2019.

They sent them right out and I had them 3 or 4 days later. Hi Patricia, we have one last kit in stock for Holden Trax, please order online. From China a shipment in just a few days and by WhatsApp indicated everything they had to do to install the liftgate. Support original remote to open/close gate; Support front/rear button to open/close gate; Support for optional foot(boot) kick sensor; Soft closing; Still support manually open/close the gate; Customizable gate height that adjust to everyone It’s a perfect trunk lifting solution for all family members and extremely helpful for disabled or aged person. The plastic holder on both ends of the rubber gourmet are brittle and very hard to pry open and detach from the tailgate and body, too much force could damage a tooth and will no longer be able install on its original finish. I’m a little anal about this kind of thing and wanted them ran right next to the wiring harness. This makes car life easier for those carrying multiple things and or wrist issues.
Power Liftgate For Toyota RAV4 Branded Vehicles The videos were more help than the printed instructions. The hardest part was fishing all the wires, 2 rear struts and 3 from drivers kick panel area, through the liftgate. Front dash and rear buttons to open/close gate, Works with original remote to open/close gate, Gate height customization to suit everyone, Audible beep to warn liftgate is opening/closing, Works in all weather conditions.

A great value addition to an already nice car. Replies to my emails are prompt and helpful. This is something that my wife has wanted for a long time, and I am very pleased that I found your product and am happy to recommend your company to others. Well hatch would not open, it wanted to. Remove/loosen the Interior Panels; Prop Liftgate & Replace Struts w/ New Power Struts; Tap Into Can Wires, Insert Fuse Tap & In-Dash Button; Fish Wires from Front to Back; Drill Hole for Rear Liftgate Button & Fish Wires Through Liftgate; Tap Into Existing Control Box & Connect All Wires; Shut Gate & Test Height For the VW Beetle, an electric tailgate is not offered at all because the tailgate is so heavy. But we could hide it. Power Tailgate Lift Kit. Toyota Wish Power Tailgate Lift Kit, Power Liftgate, Electric Tailgate Lifter. Estimated Ship Date: Tuesday 11/3/2020 if ordered today. I wanted to send you a note to tell you how pleased I am with this product. All the pieces in the kit were made well and heavy duty. They also made a short video of the fitting to put on their website! I contacted Tao in customer service. I’m so pleased I was able to find your company and even more pleased at your professionalism and knowledge of your product. The package arrived fairly quickly and the instruction were on a pdf email. It’s like asking a neighbor for help except that neighbor is in another time zone. I have to say that although Autoease is located in Asia, I will not hesitate to recommend them. And having the support over Whatsapp is amazing!! A great addon enables boot kick feature(hand free), easy to open and close the gate by waving foot under rear bumper. – August 18, 2019, Yes, please contact [email protected] for business request, Hi, Once I moved the position of the fuse, things worked perfectly.

Well I found a guy who wanted to fit it for me. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone. A few main points that I learned: I recommend the product highly and would award it 5 stars out of 5. Part Number: ELI-TG-1. Great people to work with. The quality of the electric tailgate is good. I had many questions prior to doing the install and they were always answered quickly by Tao the Sales Manager.

I need this for a 2017 Ford Transit Connect van. – December 21, 2016.

In defense, the connector was kind of hidden behind a piece of sheet metal and hard to get at. They make a quality kit that despite the confusing installation instructions due to the translation into English, was easy to install. The kit is very good quality, the control unit is clever and the whole system works brilliantly and at more than half the cost. thanks I will be making a post on the tesla forum attesting to the high quality of your product and the outstanding support you provided me throughout this project. Picture for reference only, products vary per different cars. I can only recommend the product! I would echo what has been stated above. This took an hour to complete the passage of the connectors and cables altogether, we did not want to stretch the rubber gourmet’s body out of proportion. Also, thank you for sending the replacement equipment to me expedited mail so that I could compete the project sooner. Thank you. The mechanic was impressed by the quality of the components-he felt they were excellent-and he was also impressed by how well it works.

This Pro Power Liftgate/Tailgate assisting system opens and closes your rear door by simply pressing a button or waving your foot under the rear bumper. Extra hour and a half. He walked me through a diagnosis quite quickly that included measuring the voltage at that connector. I got everything done but the liftgate fishing in one day and got tired and frustrated and came back after a good nights rest and finished fishing. Purchased for 2013 Toyota 4runner. He is a very excellent service oriented person!!!! Second: Front hatch button would close hatch but would not open hatch and three clicks on open key fob would not work. Autoease then sent me another new control box (2nd generation) and transmitted new software. High OEM quality parts. I replaced brackets, hatch worked. It is a perfect rear door lifting solution for all family members, extremely helpful for disabled or aged person. It works fine but the standard close speed is too slow, so we adjusted it to level 6. My sister loves it to and she is now hoping to get it for her Civic as well. While challenging it’s do-able for a advanced diy guy. Also, there is beeping when the door opens and closes, slightly annoying, I simply disconnected the beep buzzer. Again, thanks for the wonderful service and what I believe will be an excellent addition to my Ford Edge.

I appreciate your excellent customer service and prompt communications. I shaved the small plastic ridge off my left strut (gray connectors) and the power and control plugs snapped firmly in place.

Autoease Technology Great product, got it for my 2018 Honda Civic Hatchback EX, works fantastic. The plastic molding was fastened on the body to begin with, so it was sturdy to hold the motor in its place. He usually replied within a day. I installed in 2018 Jeep Compass. A. The support from Autoease is great, I can only recommend the electric tailgate offered here !!!! Support original remote to open/close gate. Again, words can’t describe how happy I am that you sent me the kit. Just much cheaper.

I had Kevin and his team install it and they did a great job. They replied immediately to all my emails when I ran into a problem. I have great news!

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