Former contestants from Airtel Super Singer 2008 and the debut season of Airtel Super Singer Junior participated in a week-long competition to promote and celebrate the opening of season 2 of the show.

The 22–25 February Bhakthi Padalgal (English: devotional songs) round required the remaining 12 contestants to perform songs from the devotional genre.

Nithyashree and Roshna each were given 2 lakh cash prize each. The semi-finals began with the 2–6 May round which required the remaining five contestants to perform in a quick-fire competition, accompanied by special guest musicians. a song in the Melody genre together with playback singer Harish Raghavendra. The second part of the round required contestants to sing hits from films released after 1980. The comperes, voice trainer, permanent judges, and contestants dressed as ancient Indian kings and queens, and spoke in Middle Tamil. At the conclusion of the episode, Nithyashree was eliminated.

The first song was required to have been released in film.

This was evident with the crowd that turned out to watch the LIVE telecast of Vijay TV's Airtel Super Singer Junior 2 Grand Finale at YMCA Grounds Royapettah, Chennai. At the conclusion of this week's performances, the special guest judges decided to waitlist the bottom five contestants and would not eliminate any contestant based on their performances. Carnatic music advocate and playback singer Nithyasree Mahadevan made her first appearance on the show as a special guest judge for this round. The 22 remaining contestants were required to perform songs which were in a language other than Tamil. The 11–14 January round was in celebration of the Pongal festival, and required contestants to perform Graamiya Padalgal (English: village songs). Viewers expressed positive comments about the concept and were later disappointed that the following two seasons of the show did not repeat the round to the same high standard. The duet performance of Prasanna Sundar and Srinisha was dedicated to them. The special guest judges granted four contestants immunity from this week's elimination. Roshan who has the most sensuous voice sang to "Udahya Udhaya' song.

When Shravan began his performance with "Om Sivo Hum', the audiences were more than excited to cheer him up. The winner Alka Ajith, was introduced as a playback singer in the 2011 Malayalam-language film The Train.

Instead of an elimination there was special prize for impressing the judges, who performed with them. Over four episodes, they performed "mass entertainment" songs, "philosophical" songs, South Indian "folk" songs, and "challenging" songs. Those selected in the top five were safe from elimination.

Born in a family of musicians, Alka Ajith was the winner of the second season which premiered in 2009. Later, the hosts in each …

Divya, Malgudi Shubha, Mano, K. S. Chithra, "Jab Deep Jale Aana, Jab Shaam Dhale Aana", Medley consisting of excerpts from "Dheiveega Raagam", "Aathoram Kaathaada" & "Kaadhal Oviyam", season 1 jnr finalists Vignesh & Krishnamoorthy, and, Excerpt from "Maadhavi Ponmayilaal" (Remixed), Excerpt from original "Thootal Poo Malarum", "Ragam Vol. Alka chose to sing a classic song "Singara velanae' and her singing was flawless which had the audience in raptures and deserved the standing ovation that followed. The kids went through two rounds of singing each - Challenging songs in the first round and sang to the song of their choice in the second level.

In the first part of this round, the wild card entry judges selected two contestants to advance to the public wild card round. The 24–27 May wild card round had the six wild card contestants compete for a chance to re-enter the competition. The 22 October episode featured compositions of A. R. Rahman.

In the first part of the round, the best two performers, Srinisha and Shravan, were given an award by playback singer P. Susheela and immunity to advance to the next round. Each of these rounds were hosted by Divyadarshini. The bottom five contestants from the previous week were required to perform in a "waitlist challenge" in the first episode of the week.

Children aged 6 years to 14 showcased their singing talent.

SSJ09 Vishnucharan was ill and considered the weakest performer, but the judges decided the contestant should receive immediate formal training in Carnatic music for his development as a musician rather than being eliminated.

The show has a huge fan following.

Alka, Shravan, Roshan, Srikanth and Nithyasri ' the chosen five finalists of Airtel Super Singer Junior got the greatest opportunity to sing in front of this huge audience. The set was transformed and everyone was dressed in white to complement the theme.

[citation needed].

Pastor Alwyn Thomas also appeared on the show for a special guest performance in the third episode of the round. Priyanka and Srinisha, the two promising singers were given one lakh each. Nithyashree was ultimately the bottom performer, however special guest S. Janaki requested that no one be eliminated and the judges agreed.

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