In my field experiment, I focused on diversity and how it plays a huge part in how the students interact and learn within the classroom.

Maslow created the Hierarchy of Human Needs, thus meaning that some needs such as food, shelter, and water are more important than analyzing the theme of Romeo and Juliet.

There are visual learners, verbal learners, and kinesthetic learners. They are different in gender, culture, social class and learning ability. She gave the students five minutes to try and complete the warm-up, and then asked students to come up to the smart board to solve the problems. I noticed how he took them from the first level of knowledge down to evaluation in the subject of grammar. Martin Luther King Jr…, members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races. Finally, this strategy promotes critical thinking in students in that it promotes mind orderliness, regularity and predictability. The article states that, “The U.S. tax code currently is riddled with loopholes that allow top corporate and financial leaders to avoid paying their fair share of taxes.” The strategy of preferential capital-gains treatment of carried interest is discussed in which executives are saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes. MANAGING DIVERSITY Teaching students with special needs is a prime example, often requiring assistance from specialist aids.
2003). Diversity in the classroom may include: exceptionalities, culture, language, learning style and gender. I define diversity as what makes a person different and unique from others. (2017, May 16).

Through the aid of variety and choice, teachers can differentiate presentation to motivate interest in the individual, and hence aid the student to become an independent learner. Boosta Ltd - 10 Kyriakou Matsi, Liliana building, office 203, 1082, Nicosia, Cyprus.

Transforming Lives.

The difference between equality and equity is equality is giving every student in the classroom the same instructional strategy. Albert Einstein is one of those men who were labeled as a genius because of all that he had accomplished at such a young age. Consequently, a student will feel at ease while in the classroom and thus be in a position to think critically without distraction. These dispositions served as a way to make the students comfortable with the diversity in the classroom. Interactions between diverse individuals produce a vast array of educational benefits (Hoover, 2017).

If they assume that every student, Urbancova, Cermakova, & Vostrska states that “Diversity is a phenomenon which is increasingly manifesting itself in the globalized society; therefore, it is observable in various areas of human activity, and thus also in the labor market and work teams.

As an educator, I need to be aware of the inequity and inequality some of my students may face. This seems plausible in light of research into brain plasticity, which suggests that the brain has the ability to transform, adapt and “increase its capacity to learn” (Walker, S. 2010). I am a Christian that loves the Lord with all my heart and know that I am making a difference here on Earth. In an instance where students have sensory processing disorders, it is normally essential to remind them of the progress within the class repetitively. Through this research I was able to explore the meaning of diversity in the classroom, how important it is to have an awareness of its effects on learner and educators alike, and how as teachers and leaders it is crucial for us to tap into the diversity in out classrooms for the success of the learning process. These characteristics can have a great impact on how students learn. Gender was the first sign of diversity I noticed in the students.

In a diverse classroom there will be students with vastly different beliefs and experiences that contrast our own, and that impact on their learning capabilities. principles, it can do more harm than good. Essay, 9 pages. Aligned to this is the idea of flexible grouping where research shows that when students are put in small groups comprising varying learning preferences and abilities, weaker students attain better learning outcomes, without detriment to stronger students. This strategy enhances flexibility; hence it can be applied to any age group.

Although there are numerous approaches for the educator to adopt, educators need to narrow down classroom management strategies on the basis of values of education and align them with the student’s needs.

It would be wise to follow the encouragement given by the apostle Paul: “Imitate me as I imitate Christ” 1 Corinthians 11:1.

While it is unfair to expect teachers to fully grasp the psychological & cognitive complexities that comprise learning, they should have a solid understanding that individual students have different preferences in the way they prefer to receive, perceive, interact and respond to information; known as their preferred “Learning style”. It is not only important for our students to understand diversity and the differences, but it is also important for our educators to understand and be prepared for diverse learners. Managing Diversity in the Classroom Introduction In a regular classroom, there is a wide range of diversity of students.

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