Fast, Private & Affordable to recommend that you get tested for STDs. SEND TEXT. Telling your partners is good for your health.

1 of 3 LET'S GET STARTED. Our panels are carefully designed by our physicians to provide you with complete peace of mind. We will prosecute anyone who harasses another individual in this manner to the fullest extent of the law. partners at risk to get tested.

Then provide the confirmation email address. This message cannot be traced back to the sender, and should only be used to alert sexual soon as possible. to send an email or text. EASY TO USE. We figure if you wanted to send someone a text with your name, you would have already done so. Our health. No, not yet, take me to your privacy policy. What should I get tested for? SEND EMAIL. Speak with a health specialist today. All text pranks are anynomous. Have a question? transmitting potential STDs to someone else. Receive your test results in your account in 1-2 days. TIFU by trying to prank my girlfriend with an anonymous STD check up text message. Let your partners know they should get tested. Pick Prank From List. The text was sent anonymously by one of his sexual partners through an STI notification service. When you go to the site it looks like an e commerce site, not a medical site. Skip to the content . No. How does anonymous reporting work? Once the message is sent, you will receive a second email notification to that address.

Our health. Also, we absolutely do NOT ask for any of your personal information, nor do we store your partners' information. No. It can take 3 to 12 weeks for a person’s body to make enough antibodies for an antibody test to detect HIV infection. If I receive a notification message, can I find out who sent it to me? All text pranks are different and really funny.

Every request will also be reviewed by us manually. You must click a link in the confirmation email to approve this request. Anonymous STD Test Notification Tool Just like many other solicitators these days, this company sends text messages to random phone numbers, the difference with this company’s texts is that they are playing with peoples heads, purposely causing fear and anxiety in order to make these people pay for their “private” lab tests. Text (SMS) Our platform is. ANONYMOUS. We won't send anything until you review and approve your message. Testing only takes minutes. This recommendation may have come from someone you had a recent sexual relationship with who received positive test Use this form to send an anonymous message that notifies a partner that s/he has potentially been exposed to an STD. If you need to let a sexual partner know that they should get tested, use our Anonymous STD Test Notification Tool to send an email or text. Send STIs can cause annoying health problems and be transmitted to others without being noticed. Need help? A simple google search revealed a long list of these types of sites. That way, he or she can get tested, and the STD will not be transmitted to others without being noticed.

Your partner’s health. In the form below, choose Text (SMS) or Email and then provide either the person’s phone number or email address.

The notification tool is 100% confidential; there is no way to find out who sent the message. How to Get an Anonymous STD Test and Anonymous Treatment; Anonymous STD Notification Tool ; Anonymous STD Notification Tool. Select the individual STDs you want to get tested for, or choose our doctor recommended. Find out what test is right for you using our personalized Test Recommender. Also, we absolutely do NOT ask for any of your personal information, nor do we store your partners' information. It also prevents you from Telling your partners is good for your health. Thank you for doing your part to help prevent the spread of sexually-transmitted infections. Your test results are delivered within 1-2 days. © COPYRIGHT 2020— brought to you by. You’re doing the right thing – congratulations!

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