It was during this that Snake discovered the harsh truth: his aging was not part of any external source, but the way he was designed as a clone, and also that the FOXDIE that Naomi injected him with almost a decade earlier will finally claim his life within six months. Cardboard box (Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops/Portable Ops Plus). The cardboard box was first invented in Europe during the 1900s, originally as headwear to absorb sweat while someone was wearing a hat. Snake ist sichtlich gealtert, aufgrund eines (möglicherweise programmierten) Gendefektes (Werner-Syndrom). Like with MSF, the delivery boxes can also be used offensively on various soldiers, although unlike with MSF, the boxes remain intact if they hit the ground or a soldier on the head, requiring that personnel physically open the box to retrieve the contents. Solid Snake Play Arts Kai figurine icon from the Metal Gear 25th Anniversary website. [4][24], Despite his success in Outer Heaven, Snake departed FOXHOUND and entered early retirement. He sat in front of Big Boss's grave with his gun in his mouth, but ultimately was unable to end his own life. Voiced by (English) [92][89] The addition of "Solid" was Kojima's intent to create a paradoxical name, in contrast to the smooth motion commonly attributed to snakes, and to express the character's strong image. For example, Snake entered the women's bathroom in both the Zanzibar Land and the Shadow Moses facilities in order to find a disguised female contact (Gustava Heffner and Meryl Silverburgh, respectively). Namely, if they bump into the box, they will wonder what a box is doing nearby and investigate by pulling up the box, leading to the player's discovery. Solid Snake, disguised as a militia instructor, infiltrates the Middle East. Service For the rest of the game, the wolves will recognize the scent and will not attack Snake as long as he has this specific box equipped.

Yoji Shinkawa concept art for Solid Snake. When Snake contacts Otacon and Mei Ling, regarding Samus Aran, it is implied that Snake may be infatuated with the bounty hunter. During the Shadow Moses Incident, Solid Snake located several cardboard boxes, each addressed to a different location, allowing him the option of either hiding from enemies, or traversing the Shadow Moses disposal facility more quickly, via enemy cargo truck. In the former instance, after Snake made contact with Dr. Marv, Dr. Madnar told Snake to look for Gustava there due to her disguise. He was also reminded of the possibility that he had willingly returned to the battlefield because he enjoyed war, as commented upon by Meryl, Psycho Mantis, and Liquid Snake, and echoing Big Boss's words in Zanzibar Land. Although Snake initially was to meet up with a rebel group to aid him in getting into Liquid Ocelot's primary base, the Vista Mansion, he was forced to change plans after Laughing Octopus murdered some rebel soldiers and spared one under the condition that he not forget "his" face (Laughing Octopus having disguised herself as Old Snake via FaceCamo at that time). Besides as a hiding place, cardboard boxes can also be used in the story as supply containers, if the player either uses a support strike marker of any variety, or in the case of Monster Hunter missions on Isla del Monstruo, having various Felynes dig underground and throw a cardboard box with supplies inside. Snake shooting at a Praying Mantis soldier in the Middle East. Wie sich in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots und Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain herausstellte, war dieser "Big Boss" nicht der eigentliche Big Boss sondern es handelte sich dabei um das "Phantom Big Boss". Snake ultimately defeated Liquid, with Ocelot's former personality temporarily reasserting control prior to his death. The boxes can still function as a disguise, similar to previous games. Snake made it to the base where Naomi was held, and she gave him a thorough medical examination.

During another Codec conversation with Kevin, due to the ambiguous nature of his fate, Raiden referred to Snake in the present tense, while Kevin referred to him in the past tense. Während den Geschehnissen in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots bricht er diesen Schwur, jedoch einmalig. Afterward, he helped Mei Ling infiltrate a neo-communist island of San Chago in order to acquire evidence of a chemical plant that is secretly being built on the island and then expose its existence. Although fans initially assumed that it was an April fools joke due to the humorous tone of the commercial, the timing of its airing, as well as the airing of a similar commercial around the time of Metal Gear Solid 4's development, its existence in-game was later confirmed. During Snake's assassination mission to the Middle East, a cardboard box filled with watermelons served as a distraction to two unmanned Gekko units, while Snake himself hid from them using his new OctoCamo suit. ORDER NO:255-200-17 Discovery tanker, his stealth camo malfunctions. Although he largely was in shape for the mission, he did end up exhausted after climbing the flight of stairs up to Tower A's roof, causing Campbell to briefly joke that Snake's mushing had him get out of shape. The box also came equipped with various pop-ups for deterring an enemy, including an emergency flap for quick escapes, pop-up devices that can deter the enemy that can be modeled after either an ally or as a bikini-clad woman to either ignore the threat or otherwise distract them long enough for the occupant to escape the box. If the player punches Pliskin after he falls asleep, he becomes confused upon waking and the blue "?" Reporting the strange sight to her superior, Solidus Snake, he remarked that he had "seen someone use that box trick before. In Metal Gear Solid 4, the cardboard box makes an appearance alongside a new, similar item, the Drum Can. Knowing Liquid was planning to do this by using the only non-Patriot controlled weapon in existence - the rail gun from Metal Gear REX - Snake followed Liquid back to Shadow Moses Island. Writing on the box reads "NO PLACE TO HIDE" and "NO PLACE FOR HIDEO." Thick.

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