2. How do you identify your socio type? Terms | Finally, The VI Project seeks to identify and study the relationship between one's appearance and his/her socionics type, if any such relationship exists. Head to Socionics Forums! This is the EGO block.
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The mind has a way of seeing only what it expects to see, so whichever maps you use can and will affect the way you see the world. Statistics | I am currently testing this map for how well it works to predict human relations in friendships, businesses, and prospective tribes. That is why I currently promote the use of Socionics in tribing.

Here is what the Socionics Inter-type Relations Chart looks like, from socionics.com: This map of sixteen personality types shows a model of supervision within the tribe – each type being the supervisor of another type, and each having their own supervisor.

Help |, Please feel free to contact us is currently under development. This calculator is used to calculate the intertype relationship between two types.

The result includes the primary Hi! Just by knowing the psychological types of two people allows one to forecast and tertiary playing more minor roles. © 2002-2019 Socionics Dating.com.

intertype relationships, Home | Example #1: A = 'ENFp ', B = 'INFp ', Cross-reference result = 'Cnt'.Conclusion: Between ENFp and INFp there is Contrary Intertype Relationship. A collection of Socionics related tests and quizes. (Since the Socionics theory claims I’m a Beta Quadra member, the map suggests that I try new ideas out that haven’t been tried yet. Socionics and MBTI are not fully interchangable, so the socionics chart that Kevin posted has little validity here.
See how compatible you are with someone else based on your socionics types. Activation is similar to duality in that each person provides those kinds of information that the other most expects, however, the emphasis is always somewhat different than subconsciously expected.

any disagreement about a person's sociotype and the distribution of that disagreement. The triber can always work from the best map they can find or one they come up with themselves (it’ll likely a mix between both).

You can search by This calculator is used to calculate the intertype relationship between two types. ( Log Out /  Asymmetric relationships: O+—order: I am a transmitter (instructor), o—order: I am a receiver (instructee), S+—supervision: I am a supervisor, s—supervision: I am a supervisee. The relative weights of each Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. And the relationships may sound negative because socionics focuses more on groups of types with the same "valued" functions, so the majority of the relationships up there will have problems, big or small. 2.

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