Thanks . Great way to specify to brands exactly who they’ll be reaching through you.

Too much husband bashing these days. e + c. You have a great one page kit. Your stats are easy to see and obvious which is great. I agree – you have wonderful content and the image you have up front is beautiful!

Kids are our future and its our duty to Love them, Nurture them and instill great values in them. The Modern Social Media Kit features a fresh design and several templates for various purposes such as quotes, announcements, blog post promotions, and more. Get my tips straight to your inbox, and make profitable products + services that SELL.

It is really consistent and you’ve definitely set a brand/theme. It looks and feels “healthy & organic” which I thought was great!

Please leave feedback for Amongst Lovely Things here. This is the exact post I was looking for! Thanks so much for sharing!

However, I would change the light wording on the dark background. I absolutely love how you have links to buy your ads right next to the description and costs – I also use OIO publisher so I might have to steal that idea:) I think it’s super convenient for advertisers.

You can view the Weekly Standard’s media kit Here. ALIUM 2 Social Media Pack (By Laaqiq, Adobe Photoshop Format) Hey Carrie! Great post. You can view their entire media kit Here. I was immediately drawn to #1 and #2. Great list of example kits! makes use of an interactive media kit on a sub-domain. Possibly break it up with boxes or consider a different background? If it is a typo, we much be kindred because I do the same thing all the time. But you have lovely content beyond that and you should highlight it! What is the #1 thing (besides statistics) that would convince you to work with a blogger, based on their media kit? The really beautiful media kits you see here are mostly done by designers.

Think about this as a potential brand/sponsor. The Square Social Media Kit makes use of gradient overlays to bring attention to your photos. Either way, Grace – it’s your choice. You want it to be easier on the eyes and something that can be printed. This kit is perfect for bloggers, fashion, and lifestyle brands.

Just getting to know people online, whether it’s in their space or yours, helps grow your following. I have considered a new email, but I had an established catering business before blogging and when I started I just kept it the same… and had 500 business cards printed! Thanks for the advice!

Lastly, loved your blog! I am currently working on updating my media kit. My answer – clean, easy to read presentation – stats easy to find – clear picture but no clutter. Thank you for writing and sharing! And also, A media kit must regularly be updated? The only page I would change, is your testimonials.

Overall, good kit, though.

Congrats on getting it finished! Thanks Srikanth AN for sharing this awesome post it was actually helpful and i realized I was actually missing a great deal of inspiration, productivity tools till now.

I really like the image you included and I want more:) I also think that breaking up the text with more headlines and bullets would make it easier to scan. Best,

The ones that were simple, informative, and quirky caught my eye.

and link it to the article directly on your blog if the brand rep wants to see an excerpt.

Required fields are marked *. Thanks for sharing!

The template includes more than 200 fonts and a stylish background that will give you attention-grabbing social media quotes in seconds. You’ve also nailed the outline of what you can provide to companies/businesses.

We love the icons + numbers.

So, I’m still pretty new at this, and thanks for all of the examples! I especially liked the ones that had clearly defined “sections” that made it easy to see things like stats at a glance, meet the author, etc. Otherwise, adore you! I enjoyed the layout and feel of your media kit.

I also have a passion for Kids and i feel its my duty to equip them with the know how of challenges they may face and simple ways of facing them and coming out stronger and wiser. I really like that you show the personality of your blog, both through the words you use and the design of the kit.

Now I’ve just got to send it out!

Great graphic with a nice, clean layout. Thanks! We will always start with the best on these lists!

Thanks! Also, if your engagement is high this might be something to include Hope this helps!

I’m not sure I have a ton of suggestions except maybe to make your social accounts clickable if they aren’t already. Can you condense it just a little? Great job, though! Your kit is great, lots of great pictures. Pages.

That way they’re opening up a conversation with you, not just grabbing your media kit and vanishing. Thanks for taking the time to check out our kit. It has nice testimonials, a warm and friendly picture, quick stats.

It has tons of cute personality but is not overwhelming (like mine–haha!) And, yes, I am definitely following you to get more advice and guidance.

The blue was a little bit hard for me to read with the white print. Your media kit is great – super comprehensive and lots of valuable information! I would also suggest offering some other options for advertising. My marketing manager has told me that in her experience small business owners are super busy and don’t have time to do anything but skim emails that come in.

Do you have any examples that would be more appropriate for my blog? Add those and you’ll be golden , Thanks so much Kristy, glad you liked it! This could be a highlight of you media kit!! And my last suggestion would be to use a few subheadings to draw attention to different parts of your media kit – for instance, Rates, or “The Fine Print”. Gena your media kit has so many lovely pictures! Its really good & informative post I must say.I beleive this media ket idea will definatly works to increase income from blog.Thanks for sharing.

ps ~ the New Year’s Picture of the dogs!!!

Great idea! BuzzFeed, Inc, and Fast Company were BY FAR the best 3.

You’ll get 10 square layouts that are perfect for Instagram and Facebook and can be used to promote your brand in a creative way.

are. I love the way you worded your “legal crap”, about posting and such.

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