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Universe This track was used in the Sans Mii Gunner costume reveal. Link If you do I will file a complaint to remove it immediately. Enjoy!NITRO's Patreon Updated! New Tiers: Thanks To Shinkonet For The Help! The song appears in Super Smash Bros. MEGALOVANIA is the second remix in the Smash series to be handled by a Western composer, the first being Spiral Mountain from Banjo-Kazooie, rearranged by original composer Grant Kirkhope. MEGALOVANIA List of Super Smash Bros. series characters, Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, Mr. Game & Watch (Super Smash Bros. Brawl), Users who like UNDERTALE - Bring my SOUL to Light (MEGALOVANIA "Smash" Remix) You crazy sons of bitches. <3 I don't think so (you see losers clapping at the end of matches) but I guess its up for interpretation. Arrangement: Toby Fox Ultimate as a downloadable track alongside the Sans Mii Gunner DLC Costume.

2019-09-18T00:50:37Z Comment by Crossdoggo. *heh *I will make sure this is your final SMASH, @stolen-kill You did it. @user-167049142 yahhhh. Composition and arrangement Copyright Toby Fox. Undertale
New Tiers: To Shinkonet For The Help! I know we're all done with Undertale, but I had to write it, & had a lot of fun with it! You can hear more songs like this on my Patreon! : Art: Version: you would like to use my music, here’s a full list on what you can do and cannot.Always link the original song, and don’t contact me just to double check, just read this.You CANNOT: re-upload my content in anyway that isn’t transformative and monetize it, you cannot extend my music (if you already did before this I made this change and have my permission don’t worry, you’re fine) re-upload of my content with different art, different title, use it for a non-fan game related project, claim you created my content, mashed it up with your own instruments, or compilations. The former song plays during conversations with Sans, while the latter two are the boss themes for Sans’s friend Toriel and brother Papyrus respectively.

Is your network connection unstable or browser outdated? ►Follow me on Facebook: 2019-09-24T18:44:29Z Comment by MrxD Music. Super Smash Bros. So I recently heard a rumor about sans being in Smash Bros., so I decided to write a Megalo remix as a concept battle theme. Under the lines of, "What would an Undertale Megalovania remix sound like in Smash?" ►My Patreon: o wo:

Origin/Source @yeeters-beware: That actually raises an interesting question: do smash contestants kill each other? ►Buy me a coffee!

You need to enable JavaScript to use SoundCloud, [*chuckles..] @forbesthecomputer you have no idea how right you were. Megalovania is a Music track which originates from the RPG game Undertale. Enjoy! [1] ►Follow me on Twitter:, @skyanultra shh you're not supposed to point it out, @user-bitchlasagna couldbt wait to play as Patrick star when he came out for ultimate. UNDERTALE - Bring my SOUL to Light (MEGALOVANIA "Smash" Remix), Users who like UNDERTALE - Bring my SOUL to Light (MEGALOVANIA "Smash" Remix), Users who reposted UNDERTALE - Bring my SOUL to Light (MEGALOVANIA "Smash" Remix), Playlists containing UNDERTALE - Bring my SOUL to Light (MEGALOVANIA "Smash" Remix), More tracks like UNDERTALE - Bring my SOUL to Light (MEGALOVANIA "Smash" Remix). ►My Bandcamp: Need help? what are your thoughts? Musicians You CAN however: monetize the content if it’s transformative such as using it as background in livestreams, intros or outros, comic dubs, speedpaints, animations, use it as a backing instrumental for your own original lyrics. Said guitar solo incorporates the leitmotifs of Sans., Heartache (in this case sounding like its rendition in Asgore) and Bonetrousle (in this case sounding like its rendition in the unused Song That Might Play When You Fight Sans). ►Submit a commission today! Sans in smash guys, we got it. feel free to use it in anything from AMVs, OC stuff and fan games related to the content.Alternatively if you cannot find any legal way to listen to or download my content, feel free to use a youtube/soundcloud to mp3 downloader, I’d rather have everyone listening to my work and enjoying it as they please. Coincidentally, both songs were added in the 5.0 update. But I do have spotify, itunes, amazon music, apple music, etc.#Sans #SuperSmashBrosUltimate #Megalovania Hope you enjoy!

Though a friend commented it sounded more like a DDR remix, & I kinda agree! The song starts off on a similar metal style to the original but incorporates an orchestral segment near the middle of the loop, as well as a guitar solo near the end. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Ultimate NITRO's Patreon Updated! You can use it as background music in school projects, vlogs, critic, education, and commentary videos.For FAN created content, if you need the music for anything non-profit and for fun, please go right ahead!

@user-460904792: it actually kinda does sound like that, @poultry-man-137899300 i can't believe i get to dress my mii up as steven universe, @user-709315762 seriously, I didn't even ask, but we got, that we got))), *heya *so *you thought it was funny to pretend to be MII (am I right lads or am I right lads) and kill people right? just link back to the original video! 2019-09-14T15:19:38Z. You did it. -------------------------------------------

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