This differentiates them from females whose forelegs are normal sized and also normal regarding structure. In Canada the Silver-spotted Skipper is found in British Columbia, Quebec, Quebec City, Langton Lake, Manitoba and near Taber in Southern Alberta. All rights reserved. Rather than being a tasty snack that gains protection from their mutual resemblance, recent studies in Florida revealed that viceroys may be as distasteful as monarchs. It was very dark, had wings that were bat shaped, a long curling talon and what looked like yellow talons”. Member of Family: Pieridae French common name: Piéride du chou This is one of our most familiar and common butterflies. Sadly here in Guelph I have not seen a single monarch this year on my large patch of milkweeds so sad. According to the Butterflies of Canada, viceroy butterflies were last seen in the interior of BC in the 1930s. Scientific name:Eacles imperialisFamily:SaturniidaeWingspan: 80 – 170 mmDescription: a large moth with a heavy body, yellow wings variably shaded with pinkish to purplish patches and similarly coloured dots on hindwing, body pinkish to purplish overlying yellowLarvae: up to 100 mm; green, sparsely haired, black-edged white spots on side, four orange tubercles on top of thoraxRange: Sault Ste.

It has two broods; the first of these flies in May and the second generation flies until the end of August although some are occasionally seen in September. For a fritillary to find a mate of its own species, pheromones and smell play a crucial role in mate recognition. Unfortunately, the woolly bear’s reputation as a prognosticator of winter’s severity, based on the presence of a greater amount of black to orange or vice-versa, is mythical. Thank you for providing habitat for these gorgeous and wonderous butterflies.

Are you able to share the area you saw it in? Larval foodplants: prefers oaks, but will feed on a wide range of trees and shrubs.Flight season: adults emerge mid-summer; female’s abdomen swollen with eggs so she cannot fly and instead remains near emergence site and attracts males with emitted pheromonesOverwintering stage: eggs laid in furry clusters on tree barkTrue fact: These moths were deliberately introduced to North America from Europe around 1869 to be bred in captivity for their silk. In June 2016 I discovered and nearly ate a large moth in my chicken wrap on an Air Canada flight. I’m greatly enjoying your site. It is worth noting that females are larger than males. We had an imperial moth last two weeks in Tallahassee, Florida held it and matched up with your identification.

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail In such cases, location and even the time of the year may help determine the species of a butterfly.

The second is the black female form which has stripes that are darker (sometimes appearing as a dark gray).

What an awesome creature! Larval foodplants: All are in pea family; black locust, hog peanut, groundnut, showy tick trefoil, false indigoFlight season: Early June to late JulyOverwintering stage: pupa in leaf nest on foodplant or nearby plantTrue fact: Larvae construct and live in leaf nests by initially making two parallel cuts at the edge of the leaf and folding the cut section over them; when they grow larger the larvae use a whole leaf or may fasten a few leaves together. It’s possible that in some areas “tasty” monarchs may benefit by resembling toxic viceroys. Male Eastern Tiger Swallowtails are yellow in color and have four black tiger-like stripes on each forewing. Family: ArctiidaeDescription: Adults – mid-sized, abdomen light orange with a row of black spots on the dorsal side, forewings are pointed, orange-yellow to orange-brown with slight light brown lines and with darker spots near the apex, hindwings paler with variable dark spots towards outer edges; wingspan 4.5 – 6.5 cmLarvae: fuzzy in appearance, this caterpillar is up to 5 cm in length, covered with thick bristles, orange across the middle and black at either end; often curls into a ball when disturbedFoodplants: Larvae – many low growing herbaceous and woody plants such as asters, dandelion, plantain, grass, nettle, clover, meadowsweetAdults – a variety of flowersHabitat: fields, bottomlands, forests. Or if not possible, otherwise describe the coloration or identifying features on the moth? Your email address will not be published. If you do have photos to share, we’d love to see them all the same!

This is the largest resident Canadian skipper. Except for the ONnatur…. Silvery Blue butterflies are found in open woodlands, flowery meadows, roadsides and sometimes even in small waste areas in urban centers. A great spangled fritillary male hovers above a female to waft his pheromones over a potential mate.

Did the chrysalis look like this: ? It is abundant in areas that are near the larval food plants since adults also feed on the nectar of these plants. Range: across Canada south to Florida and Texas; common from April to AugustOverwintering: Similar to other sphinx moths, pupates in shallow burrows and over winters as an adultTrue fact: The Hummingbird Clearwing not only looks like a hummingbird, its feeding behaviour mimics its namesake. Range: Southern Canada south to FloridaOverwintering: possibly as a pupa in light cocoons among leaf litterTrue fact: Like many other species in the family Geometridae, this inchworm mimics a twig when disturbed by grasping a branch with its hind prolegs and holding its body outwards. You might want to make a correction to the entry about the Polyphemus moth, though: Homer did not encounter the Cyclops Polyphemus on his odyssey, as you say. Probably the best times to observe Monarchs is in early fall when they start their migration southward. Pieris rapae It has a wingspan measuring between 75 mm to 100 mm. As moths get more worn, the scales on top of their thoraxes wear off, sometimes appearing as red or burgundy. They also have a dusting of black scales along the bases of the wings, along with the Costa (central vein along the edge of the wings) and along the apex of the forewing. […] to what I can find on the internet, it appears to be an Imperial Moth.

In late summer and early fall, adult monarchs follow shorelines of Lakes Ontario and Erie, sometimes stopping and congregating in large numbers, particularly at Point Pelee. Scientific name:Malacosoma americanaFamily: LasiocampidaeDescription: Adults – a mid-sized moth with a stubby looking body, wingspan 2.2 – 4.4 cm, body and wings are a rich light brown to red brown colour, forewings with 2 white linesLarvae: a colourful caterpillar with black stripes lining a bold white stripe down the middle of the back, its sides are blue with orange stripes, each segment of the body has a black and white eyespot; orange-yellow hairs project from the sidesFoodplants: cherries, hawthorns, apples, pears and other fruit treesHabitat: forests, woodland edges, orchards and gardens. They are a common Western species. Larval foodplant: composite flowers, including thistles, knapweed, burdock and othersFlight season: May to OctoberOverwintering stage: adults migrate and not known to overwinter in CanadaTrue fact: The painted lady is the most widespread butterfly in the world, being found on every continent except South America and Antarctica. Nests sighted in late summer and early autumn are not those of eastern tent caterpillars but instead of another species, the fall webworm, Hyphantria cunea. This family mainly consists of Whites and Sulphurs. In addition to that, most of the butterflies in this family are predominantly white, yellow or orange in color.

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