Yousician You could also check out other apps/courses (many of them offer free trials), though very few of them focus on classical music, that’s true. You are also reading this article because you don’t know where to start or you want a second opinion, and that’s where we come in. These traditional methods benefit from the personal guidance of an instructor. If you want to play “Hot Cross Buns,” then you can do that in less than a day (click here to learn how). Digital technology has improved so dramatically that unless you plan to be a world-class musician who mesmerizes the crowds at Carnegie Hall, your digital options serve as an equally viable alternative for your musical exploits. I started taking lessens a few years ago and never followed thru, I slacked off by not staying steady at it. Online videos cannot provide this feature. Let me know if you have any other questions. of the videos are available on YouTube for free, it’s a low-cost step. You will learn to think carefully about the music that you play. They also offer online piano courses. Have fun! I bought his course and have had skype coaching with him a number of times. Lucas may have more to say.

To benefit from this approach, you will need some innate musicality and a heightened personal aptitude for applying and analyzing information in a practical, musical way without outside assistance. Best of all, it’s all free! I’d like to play music more in Christmas classics and songs that I grew up with and some of the classic religious songs. Anyway, I hope you’ve gotten some value out of this, and I wish you the best of luck with your musical journey. Hey there Lucas and Thomas! Hi, Hope this helps! But I recently took a giant step towards realizing this dream and bought a digital piano (a Kawai CN29) -actually want to thank you for the comprehensive reviews of pianos on pianodreamers, they were extremely helpful! Beethoven, Mozart, and more. If learning to play the melodies of popular tunes is your goal, then you can do this in weeks or months. I trust your pursuit goes well and that you’re able to contribute to your church’s worship! In addition to these videos, you will benefit from a variety of other tools and resources, such as downloadable sheet music, a “note trainer,” “interval ear trainer,” informative articles, and more. Thank you very much once more. So let’s recap before you step forward in your journey. Thank you again for this very comprehensive article and website. For a more comprehensive approach which focuses on traditional piano playing, I recommend the reputable online platform Zebra Keys. How Long Will It Take Me To Learn the Piano? what tool and approach would you recommend will help me the most with regaining sight reading while actively motivating me to re-engage? The third set, Technological, features options which utilize technology without an instructor. I have no specific goal other than being able to play. I’ve wanted to learn how to play the piano, but my social anxiety hinders me from taking classes. hopefully, I will be able to learn it fully one day. They also will be able to guide you into more advanced learning once you complete the standardized curriculum. Believe it or not I actually read it every single thing word by word, taking it all in. (If you want some curriculum for following this approach, then check out Hear and Play). Chances are, you’re reading this article for one of two reasons. With variations, these options teach basic keyboard concepts and enable you to play a wide range of popular tunes. As you sort through your options, remember – there’s no one right answer! Learning keyboard or piano skills this way resembles standardized online classes, but it differs due to a more bare-bones approach. First off, congrats on your new instrument!

That was the most thoughtful, most informative, most interesting well written article that I’v read concerning any subject matter. This will really help in my learning. There is actually a ton of good options out there, the key is to start somewhere! But before you sign on, be sure to ask some important questions. Furthermore, it teaches from a digital keyboard and not an acoustic piano, so it will fall short in the musicality department. I need it, it’s more simple for me because i don’t remember everything. With both hands! *And what apps can i use in Ipad for additional learning method? In the bit of experimenting I’ve done using my acoustic piano, the ability for the software to “hear” what I’m playing is hit or miss at best making it far more of a distraction than a benefit. So… If i may ask; I do recognize that these software-based tools will only take me so far and further advancement will require personal instruction. If you travel to your instructor’s studio instead, you should account for your own travel expenses. seem to focus more on building a repertoire of popular songs rather than a foundation so I am a little wary of them. Am I right? Did you actually write all that ? Most piano instructors use methods like these and for good reason.

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