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Affectionate with family, this kitty loves to talk. First, I would like to mention that in researching the many types of Siamese, some will argue there are only two types.

This is when you’ll have a greater understanding (if you didn’t already) of what kind of Siamese you have based on coloration. The coloration distinguishers include seal point, blue point, chocolate point, and lilac point. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about silver point siamese? The Siamese would be taken to a lush palace and would live out the rest of their days in luxury as the Siam people would believe that to be their beloved lost human soul. So, with the help of other passionate cat owners, we've put together this helpful resource to help answer all of your most pressing questions about owning cats, taking care of them, and much more. The tail is as long as the torso, tapering at the tip. On the other hand, if you enjoy having someone to talk to throughout the day, the Siamese can be your best friend. The Oriental Shorthair is a breed of domestic cat that is closely related to the Siamese. Fascinatingly, it’s not solely genetics which accounts for these evolutions in the Siamese’s appearance. Now we will discuss the subcategories of each of the two major Siamese variations: Traditional Siamese: Dating back to more ancient roots, these three variations of Applehead, Classic Siamese, Old-Style are all going to have that more Thai-look to them compared to the Modern subcategories. They begin a soft crème color, and the dark spots evolve over the first month or two of their lives. The Classic was recognized by the CFA and International Cat Association in only 2007. Want to know more? Spread this message as it’s so important to all of those fur-babies looking for a good home. Well you're in luck, because here they come. What about the Thai?

The most popular color? Seen in dozens of movies and known for their athleticism and intelligent, this breed has undoubtedly come a long way. Just be sure you have time to spend with this demanding and social cat.

Alternatively, the ICA (International Cat Association) states that the color types recognized are tabby points, cream points, silver tabby points, red points, smoke points, and parti-color points. It is believed these issues are due to breeding them in modern society to be a bit too far from the modern Siamese. But the Applehead is considered by some to be a bit more peaceful and less vocal than other Siamese. Their passion for people is their strongest personality characteristic, and they will love you to the end. Medium-bodied and very athletic in build, the Old-style will have elongated facial structure compared to the Applehead and Classic Siamese.

Traditional Siam’s would also be known to take spirits into their bodies after they’ve passed on. Some cat breeds are reputed to be smarter than others. The TCA’s Traditional Siamese has a round head and a big-boned, rounded body.

It is hard to find a Siamese owner who doesn’t say they’re smitten with these kittens. Not everyone appreciated their unusual appearance, but they quickly became fashionable pets. Not to freak you out but there are 3-4 variations in each of the next two subcategories! They are simply further variations and descriptors of fur patterns common in the Siamese breed.

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