Donc pour vous aider à faire votre choix, optez pour: Découvrez ci-dessous notre sélection des…. Let us look into some other crucial factors that must be considered before buying a musky reel. Tout le monde n’a pas les moyens de mettre des milles et des cents dans son moulinet big bait. So, the material with which the gears are made of isn’t a buying factor. Its precision fishing line-counter is designed for near exact trolling presentations. La famille des Ambassadeur n’est plus à présenter. Make sure you provide such an environment so that you can trick them with food and lure them. Choose the most suitable one to get your prized fish, the musky now. We will ship it separately in 3 to 4 weeks.

You can use as much as 50-80 pounds braided line with this reel. Comment régler son moulinet casting pour avoir de meilleure performance, 7 +1 conseil pour bien choisir votre ratio de moulinet casting, Apprendre à lancer avec un moulinet casting: la méthode du pouce. Been used at least 50 days a year for the last 4 years. I own 4 of them now, plus 2 of the Cardiff, which is basically the same reel on the insides. The 400 and 401 models have a clicker while the others two doesn’t. Vous allez vite vous rendre compte qu’il est destiné au big bait: Attention, là vous rentrez dans le monde du haut de gamme des moulinet big bait. Cependant et même si ce n’est pas une généralité. If your need is to have a baitcasting reel that is versatile and has a wide range of options, then Okuma Komodo is for you. The store replaced it, and I haven't had an issue since. Réalisez 101€ d’économie sur le prix public, Comparatif des moulinets casting Curado vs Tatula, Pêcher avec les meilleurs moulinets casting, Comparatif moulinet casting REVO SX VS STX. Before you choose a musky reel, it is essential to understand the various components and metrics of them.
If the gear ration indicates 5:1:1, it means the spool rotates five times in a single turn. This is Glen Jensen founder of Fisher Picks. Nous sommes pas loin de la haute couture. Sans hésitation, mon dévolu se jetterait  sur roulement de tambour…. All the bearings are resistant to rust and corrosion. It doesn't matter what you're doing-start with a solid base, and everything you build on it will be better. Depending on the water temperature, season, and migration, you can target the fish under the following zones: Shallowest parts of the lake or river where the temperature ranges from 40 to 50 F (7 -12 C). As for dragging, the max drag capacity of this reel is 22 lbs.
Avec le nouveau REVO BEAST, ABU GARCIA révolutionne le monde des moulinet big-bait. The functionality of the reels predominantly depends on the bearings it has. Le spécialiste du moulinet de pêche casting et spinning en France. Et qui en du mal à pêcher correctement avec un moulinet baitcasting profil rond. Bait clicker is standard in all models. All materials are corrosion resistant and will last for years.

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