I recently installed Schwalbe's latest hybrid tire, the Hurricane on my Riese & Muller Homage, replacing the Rock Razors that came on the bike and the Super Moto X that I replaced those with. I installed the 27.5 x 2.4 Double Defense Raceguard with reflective sidewall stripes. Smart Sams feel very sporty and dampen the road vibration very well even close to their maximum inflation pressure. There is also a new kind of puncture score called 'Puncture Factor.' First class all-rounder utilising Schwalbe's incredibly robust Double-Defense construction: 3mm thick GreenGuard puncture protection coupled with highly cut-resistant Snakeskin sidewall. Puncture Factor should provide a more realistic puncture resistance score. NOTE: We have a test available of a newer version of this tire: Schwalbe Lugano II 2020 The Schwalbe Lugano is the entry-level road bike tire from Schwalbe. You may unsubscribe at any time. However this week while climbing very steep gravel / rocky trails I found myself wishing for a Magic Mary or a Maxxis DH on the back to keep the rear end from breaking away. Winners are randomly chosen on the first of each month. It's fast, has a high puncture resistance, more than enough tread and to make it even better, pricing is very decent as well. Rolling resistance is very low. I am talking about the kind of trails that would be unthinkable on Marathons . The twin protector. However, please expect some delays in order processing and delivery. Wet gravel posed no issues. Fax: (250) 598-2018.

I would rather ride on snow tires in summer than drive on snow with summer tires. The 3 mm GreenGuard anti-puncture layer doesn't seem to affect rolling resistance all that much.

Because of the significant differences in the construction of the tires in the Tour/E-Bike class, I've found the standard puncture resistance test -which is based on the force required to puncture the tire, to be insufficient. My NNs are great on pavement as well as off road, so they are probably worth considering. RATING: Schwalbe make plenty of excellent tyres, no doubt. Measured total height is 36 mm. I was converted by several notable members of these Forums to buy and install Schwalbe Smart Sam (standard issue) tyres on my Vado (47-622, 28 x 1.75"). When we also take the thickness of the tire into account, the Marathon gets to a Puncture Factor score (Puncture Resistance * Tire Thickness) of 102 points in the tread test and 8 points in the sidewall test. Puncture Factor is simply the force needed to puncture the tire, multiplied by the total thickness of the tire. I rode for the whole last mild winter on Electraks! * Puncture Factor = Puncture Resistance * Total Tire Thickness. Thank you for your understanding. I'm sure the Marathons will be silent, same as my Marathon E-Plus on another e-bike. Only the Vittoria Randonneur (read review) and Schwalbe Marathon Plus (read review) are able to get higher Puncture Factor scores. So now I am thinking I will switch back to a pair of Magic Marys on the FS bike and a pair of Smart Sams on the Charger instead of the current setup of Marys on the front and Sams on the back of both bikes. The total thickness of the tire at the center of the tread comes in at 7.3 mm -tires without a thick anti-puncture layer seem to come in at 4 - 5 mm. It is impressive how quiet and fast rolling these tyres are on road, while I can ride them (with some effort) through the sand off-road. TEST VERDICT: More safety for light off-road tires is impossible. It may not display this or other websites correctly.

The Schwalbe Marathon GreenGuard is THE tire to beat in the Tour/E-Bike class. Because the anti-puncture layer which is used in the Marathon is made of a soft material (latex), the force required to penetrate the tire with a 1 mm thick, steel needle isn't spectacular. Even the Schwalbe Marathon Racer (read review) has a higher rolling resistance than the plain Marathon, which is something I really didn't expect. Don't forget to take a look at the overview pages to make it easier to compare all bicycle tires that have been tested: The Schwalbe Marathon used for this test comes in at a weight of 729 grams; this is almost spot on to the advertised weight of 730 grams. TF: 1-888-700-5860 Having to get off the Ebike on a narrow steep incline means you cannot get started again unless you retreat downhill back to flatter ground. Receive a 10% coupon and be entered to win a free set of tires of your choice. I am a big fan of Smart Sams and we have them on the rear on all of our bikes as they are extremely versatile and we have never had a flat on a Smart Sam with over 30,000km between us. It is impressive how quiet and fast rolling these tyres are on road, while I can ride them (with some effort) through the sand off-road. Schwalbe's New for 2020 Hurricane Tires - A Review, 10 Essential Accessories for New Electric Bike Owners.

I am hoping my incoming Schwalbe Marathon 365 tires (700 x 45) are pretty quiet too. This kind of extreme trail riding probably takes up less than 1 % of my total mileage but when you need big knobbies you really need them. Our teams are working hard to process all orders as fast as possible. This is a review of the 700 x 25C folding version of the Lugano. The best solution is tires with  ECE-R75 certification, valid throughout Europe. (-: I wouldn't perhaps ride Electraks on snow but these are surprisingly grippy even around 0 C, Steve. Deceivingly fast rolling and efficient, the Smart Sam Plus delivers an unparalleled balance of performance and protection for those riders who demand both! All rolling resistance tests are performed on our rolling resistance test machine. The only terrain not acceptable was sand. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Equally at home on the road, trail, or bike path, the tightly spaced center-tread provides smooth-rolling speed, while the intermediate and side-knobs delivers assured and confident off-road grip.

These are the best value for money tires. How does a tire with a 3 mm anti-puncture layer perform in the puncture test? / 5

Even the Schwalbe Marathon Racer (read review) has a higher rolling resistance than the plain Marathon, which is something I really didn't expect. High Density Guard + SnakeSkin. When you take into account the CST is pretty much a slick tire with only half the tread depth and puncture resistance, the performance of the Marathon is very good. Wait for your discount code before making your order, it will arrive at the address you enter below! EDIT: more tires have been tested now, please visit the overview page to compare all tires. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Horses for courses. I've measured tread depth at 2.3 mm, which is a higher than average score and means there is plenty of rubber on the tire. With this test also comes an entirely new Tour/E-Bike section. When you happen to ride over a long nail or screw, you're out of luck. ECE-R75 zertifiziert für absoluten Fahrspaß mit dem E-MTB.

Perhaps It feels more stable on dry pavement which are already stabilizing factors. The Marathon even has the lowest rolling resistance of all tires that have been tested to date. By signing up you agree to allow Schwalbe Tires North America to send you emails and other promotional materials.

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