Patrice’s character isn’t real, either. According to Stallworth in a statement, he said, "my mother moving our family to El Paso was the best decision she ever made, as Chicago was a far cry from the poverty, gangs, and conflict in city's South Side, where I would have come of age if she had not left. Six states where Dems are in charge. Charlie Wachtel, David Rabinowitz, Shaun Redick, and QC Entertainment were instrumental in bringing the book to the attention of Jordan Peele and Spike Lee who adapted it into a movie. I knew from being called a n***er many times in my life, that when a white person would … In October 1978, African-American detective Ron Stallworth successfully infiltrated the local chapter of the Ku Klux Klan in Colorado Springs, CO. [10], In 2014, Stallworth published a book titled Black Klansman about his investigative experience. He also mistakenly gave away his real name in the note. But Stallworth does not recount being too careful in his telephone exchanges. Ron Stallworth (born June 18, 1953) is a retired American police officer who infiltrated the ranks of the Ku Klux Klan in Colorado Springs, Colorado, in the late 1970s.He was the first African-American detective in the Colorado Springs Police Department.. ", North Dakota Democratic–Nonpartisan League Party, "Attention hunters: Voting in North Dakota could cost you your out-of-state hunting licenses. She gets scared as Patrice approaches the house and places the explosives in her car instead. Stallworth described what he would look like with his colleague, Chuck, in mind: "I’m about five foot nine, 180 pounds. Immediately following my swearing-in ceremony and receiving my formal commission, I marched over to Arthur’s office and showed him my brand-new city certificate of employment and department identification card signifying my minutes-long status as a full-fledged cop. “Apparently [Lee] read my book, liked it and contacted Jordan to tell him he’d like to direct it,” Stallworth says. Stallworth, who spent more than three decades in law enforcement, earned his Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from Columbia College-Salt Lake in 2007. The Black Panther leader is in town giving a speech. All the while, Duke was certain he was speaking with a like-minded white man. Duke, furious, stepped back. Everyone from Cannes to Twitter seems to be talking about BlacKkKlansman, so we wanted to help you sort out the facts from the dramatic liberties. “Yes!”. The ads began running in June 1978, according to reporting in the Colorado Springs Sun by Nancy Johnson. One from Nov. 15, 1978, read, "Ku Klux Klan is forming. In reality: Stallworth’s sidekick was not Jewish. This is the story that the real Ron Stallworth said he used to convince the clan of his undercover identity. As we shook hands, I asked him if he truly believed an armed conflict between the black and white races was inevitable. I then repeated my obnoxious declaration: “Now that I’m legal will you make me a narc?”, He laughed at my audacious persistence and said, “You need to put in at least two years in uniform before consideration. A large group of cloaked Klansmen set a towering cross aflame in the middle of a field. Now was my time to prove my professional mettle to them, and it was to be against one of the foremost leaders of the civil rights movement, a man I had watched numerous times as a teenager on the late-night news agitating the system and provocatively confronting the forces I now represented. Starring John David Washington, Adam Driver, Topher Grace |, Copyright © 2020, CTF Media. He conducted his portion of the operation over the phone and through correspondence. Fact-checking the movie reveals that Detective Ron Stallworth and a white narcotics officer conducted the investigation for approximately nine months. I stood in the line and slowly made my way toward him. In the BlacKkKlansman movie, Ron Stallworth (John David Washington) develops a relationship with an activist college student named Patrice Dumas (Laura Harrier).

At that moment my professional life could not have been better. “That’s my name they’re mentioning. He was not inciting immediate violence. Ron Stallworth Wiki: Salary, Married, Wedding, Spouse, Family Ronald Tobias Stallworth (born February 25, 1966 in Pensacola, Florida) is a former professional American football defensive end who played for two seasons with the New York Jets of the National Football League. Ron Stallworth first wife. "I was seeking a reply, expecting it would be in the form of literature such as a pamphlet or brochure of some kind. His first undercover assignment came when Stokely Carmichael was invited to speak at a Colorado Springs nightclub with a black clientele. Shortly after, Stallworth got a call from the head of QC. But we have a very simple, humble life. Within a short time, Stallworth's Klan certificate of membership arrived in the mail with Duke's signature. Box 4771, Colorado Springs, CO 80930.". Actor Adam Driver, who is not Jewish in real life, portrays Flip. The Klan had called, after all. They had been listening, so they knew what Stokely had said, but I talked about the atmosphere. In the summer of 1972, Stallworth's family moved to Colorado Springs, where he first took an interest in a career in law enforcement. A blue steel Magnum with six bullets in it?” That way you’ve described to your listening officers that a gun is involved in the situation, it’s being pointed in your direction, and trouble has arrived. We invite you to make a gift to the Ron and Micki Stallworth Criminal Justice Endowed Scholarship at From this position, I also took note of the closest exit in case I had to make a hasty escape. He was the first African-American detectivze in the Colorado Springs Police Department. Bell’s was in the central part of town—just off of the downtown strip. Reprinted with permission.

I was proud of my blackness without being angry.

The cheeky photograph is the highlight of the luncheon in Stallworth’s memoir. Oh yeah, it’s also costing you 200 million dollars. [13][14] BlacKkKlansman won the Grand Prize of the Jury at the Cannes Film Festival[15] So I began my undercover career investigating the Black Panthers, but now it was time to go after the other side of the coin. None of that happened. [11] The book was taken to QC Entertainment by producer Shaun Redick to make a film based on it called BlacKkKlansman. Officers are listening to you and you’re not alone. Stallworth's partner on the undercover case, portrayed by Adam Driver in the movie, was posing as the "white" Stallworth at the time and was present at the lunch. Stallworth's chief assigned him to protect David Duke during Duke's January 10, 1979 visit to Colorado Springs. ", "The film even changes the facts in Ron Stallworth’s book, Black Klansman, to demonize me," Duke said.

According to Stallworth’s biography, that really happened. The real Stallworth talked with Duke following Duke’s visit, but Stallworth never revealed his identity. His story only went public in 2006. In reality, Stallworth started dating his future wife just before his investigative work began.. Ron Stallworth first wife. This one statement received, perhaps, the greatest applause response from the crowd and the loudest verbal affirmation in the form of “Right on, brother” and “Black Power.”. But a good many of our fellow citizens of color did not tend to view black officers through the jaded lens of suspicion or consider us lost sheep who had strayed from the herd. ", A person is on film “burning 80 Trump ballots.”, “Last night I was leading, often solidly, in many key States, in almost all instances Democrat run & controlled. It was obvious the narcs were anxious about an inexperienced brother officer going into an unknown environment. He was the first African-American detective in the Colorado Springs Police Department.[1][2]. So the bulk of the investigation took place over the phone. As an Amazon Associate and a Affiliate, QDT earns from qualifying purchases. "I thought for sure Spike Lee had just thrown that in to make the connection to present times. Duke did sprinkle holy water on them. Dr Duke & Mark Dankof Expose Spike Lee/Zio Establishment Movie: The BlacKkKlansman & The Why and Wherfore of the Zio Shutdown of Alex Jones! "To me, race is the single most divisive factor affecting American society. Now, I was proud of being both black and a cop. So have we. He tells Flip he has to take a lie detector test to make sure he is not Jewish. In the Black Klansman book, Stallworth calls him "Chuck." To them I was not a “black” man, but rather a police officer who happened to be black. But to black revolutionaries like Stokely, because I and others like me had chosen to wear a badge, gun, and blue uniform representative of the forces of an “oppressive” (their point of view) government and enforce what they perceived to be naturally un-just laws specifically designed to work against those victimized by that oppression, we had become modern-day “house slaves”—house n------, each of us a black Judas who had chosen to collaborate with the governmental “massa” (master) and enforce the “white man’s justice.” We had become slaves to the “system,” the white man’s “boy,” as I was called on many occasions during my career by my self-proclaimed black “brothers.”. Stallworth did attend a black student event just before the undercover investigation started, but that's where the similarities with real life end.

He’s still the same man that devoted his career to law enforcement, sought out a college degree when he was through, then earned the Columbia College Alumni Relations Community Service Award in 2010 for his work coaching youth sports teams in Salt Lake City and serving as an expert on gangs at the state and local levels. Inset photo: In late May, Ron Stallworth visited Universal Studios to sign movie posters and attend a private screening for BlackkKlansman.
"[The Colorado Springs chapter] was under the auspices of David Duke's Invisible Empire," Stallworth told NPR.
I happened to find a table near the back of the bar with a lone occupant, a fairly attractive German lady. When a meet-up was required, he sent a white friend who worked in narcotics in his place. Yet Joe Donnelly stood right here with the radical left against all efforts to secure our most vulnerable entry points. O’Dell, the chapter leader, did once pick up on the difference in Stallworth and Chuck’s voices. Stallworth is now on a first-name basis with the 2017 Academy Award recipient for lifetime achievement in directing. That checks out with Stallworth’s memoir. I felt like Daniel entering the lion’s den, food waiting to be recognized and consumed. When he was young he had a small part in Spike Lee's 1992 film Malcom X, which saw his father in the title role. We’re concerned about the impact he might have. He sent a letter with his phone number (In the movie, the ad contains a phone number, not a P.O. We can't fight back misinformation about the election and COVID-19 without you. In the movie: Stallworth was Duke’s bodyguard during his Colorado Springs visit. He then called for the black masses in America to arm themselves to prepare for the “BIG” revolution that was soon to come. Although it was never spoken, I knew Arthur and the department brass were worried Stokely would ignite another city—our city—on fire, much like the 1967 riots. Stallworth concluded his investigation at the behest of his bosses on March 30, 1979, when the Klansmen insisted that he become their new leader (as in the movie). Felix rushes to her rescue; Flip follows. Neither of those crimes ever happened. Stallworth believes that the chief was worried about the department's public image and did not want it to come out that his officers had ties to the KKK. However, in real life, it was at this point that the chief panicked and immediately shut down the investigation. It wasn’t exactly what you’d find on a TV police drama, but for me it was all new and exciting. In 2014, retired Police Officer Stallworth published the true story of his undercover investigation of the …

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