Andy described the robber to Heather and followed him to his car just as Wayne spotted him in the bushes changing. He, trying keep things calm, told them he had keys out in the yard, and follow him outside. He stalled with the combination, but he finally opened the safe, which held stacks of rolled coins and a little cash. She told the gunmen that only Ken had the combination, so they ordered him into the office to open the safe. This season consisted of 15 episodes (14 original episodes and 1 episode containing a mix of new and repeat segments). The following is a list of episodes of the CBS television series Rescue 911.

Two of the rescuers are, A man loses an arm in a shark attack while scuba diving, A girl is injured while riding on the hood of a car and gets her leg stuck in the engine, A boy is trapped on a moving boat after his parents are thrown overboard, A dog falls through the ice and gets trapped in the freezing river, A rear-end collision leaves a woman unconscious on, A girl calls 911 when her abusive stepfather stabs her mother after an argument, Two boys float out to sea in an inflatable. On the night of the robbery he just happened to have more then usual because he had a payroll coming up, and a holiday was around the corner as well, so he had more then usual for holiday bonuses. The syndicated episodes are generally shown in production order when the series airs on national networks.
Her emergency call was answered by Mesa Police Department Dispatcher Gary Melton, who sent police and rescue units to the scene. Location: Knoxville, Tennessee Date: December 4, 1989 On the morning of December 4, 1989, Jerry Meredith, a retired military officer from nearby Fort Knox and his wife, Donna, were traveling down Merchant's Road and spotted what appeared to be a robbery in progress at the First Tennessee Bank. A boy calls 911 when his father falls down a flight of stairs, A girl is swept into a storm drain channel, While three college students climb up a high cliff, one of them falls down the cliff and is critically injured. Following his recovery, his divorced parents of 8 years remarried. FANDOM. "911 Armed Robbery Recovery" was first shown on an hour-long repeat of this episode (Production Number: 309R) that aired on June 23, 1992. When the phone started ringing, one of the robbers went back into the living room where Vera and the baby were. Unless indicated, segment titles are as they appeared in 1990s TV listings (e.g., as compiled by Fancast[1]) when the show aired in syndication. They were being very careful by not knocking on the door or barging in, being that there were weapons involved. A good Samaritan risks his life to save a woman trapped in a burning apartment building who refuses to leave without her pets. Rescue 911 was a reality show hosted by William Shatner. The television listings did not provide episode descriptions for the weeks of August 23, August 30, and November 1, 1993, so the original air dates for 15 of the episodes in Set 1 may be earlier than the date given. He then told Officer Bell that their car was a silver 1978 Chevy.
The dispatcher was confused at that. The first robber was found guilty on charges of weapons violations, and armed residential robbery, and sentenced to four years in prison, the second one was awaiting trial, and the third one was still at large. Syndicated reruns show an update that she died (She was alive when the episode originally aired). When the dispatcher answered all that she could say was, "Help! Season 5 consisted of 28 episodes (26 original episodes and 2 compilation episodes). Troy was put into the ambulance and taken there.

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