When Haise Sasaki and his colleagues enter the coffee shop, Yomo wears an expression of surprise, and is later reprimanded by Touka for not greeting their customers. Yomo is aware of Uta's relation with the Clowns but has never questioned nor judged Uta's affiliation with the group. Before working at Anteiku, Yomo was a very vengeful person. An omake reveals that he gets drunk very easily from fermented blood, and becomes extremely talkative. He harbored immense hatred towards Kishou Arima for killing his sister, Hikari. Yomo appeared at the end of Kaneki's confrontation with Akihiro Kanou, freeing Rize Kamishiro, leaving Kaneki in a state of confusion and shock. After he had left Arata Kirishima, he thought to himself that he was the weak one and he was just blaming others just to make things better. Uta has the ability to shape-shift. For people to say that the coffee I pour for them is delicious. Because of this, Uta, in his role as a mediator, clashed with Yomo multiple times but Yomo was so powerful that he had to withdraw from the fights since they would have killed each other. Because of his scavenging habits and long-beaked, avian mask, he has the nickname of "Raven." During the Gourmet Arc, Yomo admitted he watched Kaneki, Touka Kirishima, and Nishiki Nishio fighting Shuu Tsukiyama. A level of trust and perhaps comfortability came easily to them, enough so that Renji shared his secret being the brother of Hikari thus, the uncle of Touka and Ayato, and his long term hatred of Arima, in turn, Take, who does not share much of his own feelings, finally expresses his own thoughts of Arima during the long years as his subordinate. You're... My friend. Midway through Yoshimura stopped the fight and brought Yomo away. Two years after the Owl Suppression Operation, he returns as the manager of the coffee shop :re, alongside Touka Kirishima. While attending Seishin High School, he wore the standard school uniform. :Re Spoilers. Quiet and reserved, Yomo was originally a hot-blooded ghoul who would retaliate violently, especially against Uta back in their juvenile days in the 4th ward. Yomo used to live with his sister, until she was supposedly killed by a younger Arima 6 years before moving to the 4th ward where he settled down for a while after befriending Uta (though not before multiple conflicts with him). During the CCG's attack on Aogiri Tree, Anteiku also planned an attack on the 11th Ward Base of Aogiri Tree to rescue Ken Kaneki. Midway through, Yoshimura stopped the fight and rescued Yomo.[4]. This is evident as he is able to take on Kaneki's rampaged attack without flinching. After meeting Yoshimura and working under him, Yomo's anger and vengeance for his sister gradually subsided, with Uta later wondering what it was that Yoshimura might have given to Yomo for his anger to fade. Since his meeting with Yoshimura, he gradually became more composed and loyal to the manager while he worked on the behind-the-scenes jobs unquestionably. Yomo was disapproving of his sister getting married to Arata but became content with it later. He harbored immense hatred towards Kishou Arima for killing his sister. After Arima appears in the 4th ward, Yomo fought with Arima out of rage for his deceased sister, only to find out that he made his sister's kagune into his new quinque, or at least implied so. Yomo was a guide of sorts to Kaneki and often kept a watchful eye over him.

Ken. He intervenes to shield Touka and Ayato from Arima's onslaught showing his affection for the two of them. Páginas com links quebrados para arquivos, https://tokyoghoul.fandom.com/pt/wiki/Renji_Yomo?oldid=225.

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