Techters have a number of passive skills to improve shifta, including shifta advance to increase shifta's bonus, and shifta critical, which adds a critical hit chance bonus to shifta's effect. The important voltage counts are 100 for the first Shifta/Deband buff, 200 for maximum damage boost from Luster Voltage, and 500 to trigger High Voltage. Requires Wand Gear to use.

Shifta/Deband Advance further enhance that percentage. Advanced Shifta + Critical Shifta + Shifta Strike - These boost the power of your Shifta by 25%, add +20% Critical Chance, and increase damage dealt by characters affected by it by 10%. Increases maximum HP when Shifta is cast on a Poisoned enemies caught within the blast will themselves generate a poison blast, roughly the size of a Wand Gear explosion. Super Treatment does apply to healing Bind status inflicted by the Profound Darkness.

A deck of cards that allows usage of Technics. Reduces the PP cost of the above support techs if Territory Burst has been learnt. version as it doesn't work with Zanverse, Megiverse, and Zondeel (which is a good thing). You can also check other PSO2 Builds created by our team right here: Best PSO2 Builds. Tech Arts JA Multi Bonus and Tech Arts PP High Save: These give critical rate bonuses and PP reduction for using different Photon Arts in a row.

This includes weapons and Technics. Applies to Resta, Anti, Shifta, Deband, Megiverse, Zanverse, Zondeel, Freeze Ignition, and Poison Ignition. The important voltage counts are 100 for the first Shifta/Deband buff, 200 for maximum damage boost from Luster Voltage, and 500 to trigger High Voltage. With no other PP regeneration effects active, it normally takes the player 20 seconds to passively refill 100 PP. Very handy to have. At Lv3 skill with Lv10 PP Restorate, grants roughly the same PP regeneration as Photon Blast: Cetus Proi, gaining. 100. Engine for simulating an affixing action for PSO2. While attacking, try to take advantage of your Wand's great AoE potential and your subclass' defensive (and offensive) capabilities to stay in the heat of the fight. This effect stacks

It’s by percent, so at level 10 you will fully recover from a voltage of 500 or greater.

The rest don’t really matter what order you want to level them in. Completely negates a certain percentage of ALL damage while Deband is active.

Techters have a number of passive skills to improve shifta, including shifta advance to increase shifta's bonus, and shifta critical, which adds a critical hit chance bonus to shifta's effect.

player by a percentage based on the skill's level. Gives you access to the Leaping Dodge Skill that allows you to gain verticality, which makes locking on weak spots and selecting priority targets much easier.

Next, get all the skills related to the styles of gunslash you want to use. This ring makes your Wand change elements based on the last Technique you have charged. These both give you a PP recovery boost during downtimes, so getting both is kind of redundant.

Have to hit breakable part for Break Stance.

Generates Tech-based explosions with an area of effect after striking enemies with standard attacks. Stacks with Bolt PP Save, PP cut Shifta Drink side effect, and PP cut weapon potentials. The damage increase part (Shifta Strike) is available only to Techter mains, which makes you even more valuable as a … Increases passive PP regeneration. About Weapons: while Wand will remain your main weapon choice in most situations, don't forget about your Talis and its flexibility; it will allow you to cover otherwise unreachable places with techniques. As far as I know, Resta only scales with Resta Adv. Element depends on weapon attribute. Build focused around group play, overshadowed by other setups when solo.

Why not?

It also scales with some other odd skills, like Perfect Keeper and High Time. Extends the range of support Technics and skills to roughly 150%.

With duration of 30 seconds and cooldown of 120, it can be active roughly 1/4 of the time. If deactivated, Wand Gear gains/reduces like normal.

If you have points in Step Advance in another class, that applies to Step while using Wand Lovers. In order to deal the most damage, to hit enemy weak spots, the player will need to have that part be the one nearest them when Poison Ignition is activated. As a final note, Stun status cannot be cured by Anti - it can only be cured via Sol Atomizer, so you may want to place Sol Atomizers on your subpalette when playing in Ultimate Naberius. Increases the healing rate of Resta by (4% * skill level). This build relies mainly on Melee Attacks so you need to use the MEL Type Mag and evolve it accordingly.

Upon curing yourself or another character of a status effect using Anti or a Sol Atomizer, your HP is healed by 25% and PP regeneration rate is increased by +3 for 30 seconds, effectively granting 4x natural PP recovery rate. Adds additional S-Atk to Wand, up to 140% at level 10. Critical Field, Stance Critical. Passive skill. Purely focused on Melee (because of the Hunter Sub), if you are looking for offensive Technique-based Techter, this is not it. Also adds a visual flair when buff is applied during casting.

Luster Voltage, Voltage Bonus, High Voltage, and Voltage Heat Up: These help with your voltage gain and gives you bonuses based on voltage. Also, keep in mind that Freeze status cannot be self-cured unless you have pre-casted an Anti field, so avoid it if attempting to use Super Treatment on yourself. Active skill. Our recommended setup was made for a level 75 Characters (the current cap on the English/North American server) with the Techter main class and Hunter sub-class.

This Subclass choice makes our build a great choice for all players who want to test themselves in the support role and still be able to DPS. This means your weapon will still be a light attribute, but it will do no light damage.

Registration on Odealo is free and takes only about 30 seconds. In the featured build, we focus on the Support aspect of Techter and take full advantage of it, without forgoing other essentials. Not that useful past level 1. This will increase your survivability and allow you to play more aggressively.

Complete Rest gives you massive PP regeneration when you are sheathed and standing still.

Afterwards, go for All Attack Bonus Lu and the Lu Weapon Bonus skills. Detonates nearby poisoned enemies, dealing large burst damage and causing them to also poison other nearby enemies. A bunch of them don’t even cost points, only levels. As a Techter main, while in a group, you want to keep all your teammates buffed up and safe (if you will not save them from danger, the chances are they won't save themselves either).

Large area of effect, capable of hitting many targets.

below. More points only increase the amount of time each tick of Shifta/Deband gives. Gear empties slowly over time. Things like Phrase Weak that use elemental weakness will not activate because your actual damage will have no element.

2). If you are looking for PSO2 Support Class, look no further as Techter main is as good as it gets - it can CC enemies, heal and buff allies, cleanse debuffs, and keep up quite solid DPS in the meantime. Grants you the HP Restore skill while equipped. increases with enemy stats and difficulty. Voltage decays over time unless you hit something. With Lv10 of this skill, it now takes roughly 14 seconds to passively refill 100 PP. Here are some details about some of the key skills. Pietro (Client Order) Title Reward 4×4 2x2 Vigorous Parfait: Increase damage (4%) when your Pet kills an enemy … Also adds a visual flair when buff is applied during casting.

Just Attack does not affect the explosion's damage. Effectively extends Field duration by 10 seconds. Thanks to Wands, Techter's weapons of choice, the class deals very respectable AOE damage. Shifta Gauge Boost: Boosts gear gain and Photon Blast gauge gain when Shifta is on.

Applies to support techs even if they are cast as auxiliary branches from Bouncer Photon Arts.

Turns Mirage Escape into Step, and gives the ability to Step Attack.

Since an explosion is generated for each enemy hit, wands excel at dealing with large groups of enemies, allowing you to deal heavy damage at no PP cost when enemies are tightly-grouped.

Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of Sega, Our recommended Techter setup, which is among the top Support builds in Phantasy Star Online 2.

S-Class Special Ability 2 (Weapon) S2: Tumultuous Vitality. Also adds a visual flair when buff is applied during casting. The effect of this bonus is additive, not multiplicative Deband Cut. If you have any other build requests please let us know in the comments section below. Title Reward 4×4 2x2 Reckless Parfait : Increases Pet PA cost by 25% in exchange for 10% increased damage. So even as equipment numbers, become increasingly larger relative to base stats, the benefit from Shifta and Deband. Deband Disorder: If you like inflicting statuses, this is a great skill. Zanverse scales with mastery. Shifta and Deband raise base stats by a set percentage. Wand Gear makes this explosion even more powerful and Wand Lovers further strengthens your Striking damage.

Wand Gear gauge is always maxed out while the skill is active. IMPORTANT: Pick the L/A. Let’s say you have a weapon with light attribute. Sign in|Report Abuse|Powered By Google Sites. The Best Techter/Hunter Support Build for PSO2. 30 second cooldown when de-activating Wand Lovers. Important note:  This build idea adopts a lot from the JP version of the game and might be slightly reworked as we get to do more thorough testing for the PC version.

Brissa set will provide you with a great stat boost; 200 HP, 20 PP, and 70 in all offensive Stats, as well as 50 Dexterity.

Complete Rest: Voltage Reset Heal grants HP and PP when your voltage runs out based on your total voltage. The effect of this bonus is additive, not multiplicative, Completely negates a certain percentage of ALL damage while Deband is active. This is very helpful in maintaining your gear gauge. Raises the maximum time that Shifta and Deband lasts by 120 seconds. S1: Lucent Grace 2 .

Voltage decays over time unless you hit something. We will appreciate your feedback so that we can improve our content to be more suitable for beginners but also the more advanced players. You can also go for. Gear increases very quickly with multiple hit, multiple target Techs such as Zan. This allows you to play more aggressively as Perfect Guard lets you spend more time attacking and less avoiding damage with dodges. This includes trap/floor damage (lava, Darker Den) and status effect damage.

Braver skill Snatch Step also applies. Normally, S/D gives 15 seconds of buff per 'pulse' and lasts up to 60 seconds after casting, if all four pulses hit. Lv16 S/D raises. Since an explosion is generated for each target struck by a wand, it becomes very easy to kill large groups of enemies when used in combination with Zondeel. I make my skill builds with more focus on raid bosses so I’m not a fan of this one. Because of High Save you want to try to rotate Photon Arts and keep up a combo string if you can. Enemies poisoned by other enemies will gain the same Poison Level that the original enemy had (enemies affected by Poison 3 will inflict Poison 3 on other enemies), For a limited time, increases passive PP regeneration at the expense of lower Maximum HP.

Gear accumulates by connecting with charged Technics.

S1: Superior Prowess 2. I personally like Voltage Reset Heal better, but I can see Complete Rest being useful if your playstyle sheathes a lot.

It allows you to "choose" your wand's element accordingly when facing enemies with different weaknesses. To do this, you should try to be as efficient as possible with your buffs (refresh them as rarely as possible, without letting them run out, and position yourself in a way that will allow you to but as many teammates as possible with a single cast) so that you have more time for dealing damage.

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