Jaime Guzman 530-253-3078 leave message (MJ20-MA21P), West: White and Tortoise Shell – See “Destiny Pigeon Lofts” on facebook. Rick Peters 319-269-0916. [email protected] (so20-ja21P), Saxon Spots – Black and Blue, 12 birds total.

Adjustable to fit most. We may believe that some one pigeon showed a slight tendency to this strange habit, and that long-continued selection of the best individuals in successive generations made tumblers what they now are; and near Glasgow there are house-tumblers, as I hear from Mr Brent, which cannot fly eighteen inches high without going head over heels.’. Portuguese Tumbler Club of America - 920-467-2289 Ed Tomasko Shelton, CT Phone: 203-925-8955 Breeds erf. All available Back Issues Wondering when your ad expires? Membership includes quarterly bulletin and yearly calendar. Sandy Oelschlegel, [email protected], 423-807-0633 (MA 20-JF21p), Thuringer Wing –Many color patterns. Does anyone know anything that may help me?My name is Wayne, and I live in Florida,in the U.S.A.THANK YOU.

We do not send reminders of expiring classifieds. Advertising in the features is discounted - call or email us “When people see them, they just have to have them. They are affected by a total inability to fly, and therefore the ability to escape from fear in the normal way for pigeons. These pigeons are kept for their gorgeous color, form, and texture. March/April 2015 – Classic Breeds Arthur Clarke, 734 461-0190 (JA20-MJ21P), 100 Year Los Angeles Pigeon Club Anniversary Book on CD – Over 475 pages with 900 photographs. “When the males court, they walk on tip-toe and almost inhale to make themselves appear more impressive,” Kolodziej has noticed. Call Dan Davis 505-281-7205 (MA 20-JF21p), White Swiss Mondaines, White Utility Kings, Racing Homer – White and Rare colors. .hide-if-no-js { Nov/Dec 2015 – Pouters & Croppper Sec/Treasurer. MULTIPLE BREEDS, Frillbacks, Figuritas, Pigmy/Saxon Pouters, Franconian Trumpeters, Oriental Frills, Zitterhals, Nuremberg Larks, Firebacks, Czech Bagdads, Damascenes, Nuns, Jacobins, Dutch Highfliers – Tally Mezzanatto - NPA, NPCC, AFC Master Breeder. $20 Canadian funds per year.

There is clearly a genetic basis to these behaviours. Annual show, bulletins, master breeder program. I am interested in obtaining a pair of these birds that are advertised as the "worlds smallest pigeon" breed. If in doubt, ask for references. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. OF THE ISSUE | SUBMISSIONS | PHOTOS | LOGO Madison Heights, VA 24572 E-mail Mike_Pope @hotmail.com Website: http://americanPigmypouter.angelfire.com (MJ18-MA19P), American Short Face Club – New Members always welcome. Send dues to Karen Fraire, 24234 Central Ave., Descanso, CA 91916 (JA19-MJ20), Western Canadian Fantail Club – Come share in the revival of this great old club! We use cookies to improve your experience of our site.

The Fancy pigeon Portugal Tumbler – or also known by the names: Portuguese Tumbler, Culbutant Portugais, Portugiesischer Tümmler, Capitombolante Portoghese, Португальский Турман – a variety that came from Portugal, which is informed as genuine race for the flight, which began in 1905. Owners call this a rolldown. JA = July/August, - Produced and printed in the U.S.A. }, Pİgeon types - ogoc.org or facebook (JA16-MJ20f), Voorburg Shield Cropper Club of America – A super friendly pouter with a personality that is hard to match.

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