He raises his ears up to listen closely. How many floppy ear wild dogs do you see .. wolf? I love little dogs but I have had more issues with getting bit by them than any other dog. I think IS BEYOND RUDE AND CRUEL! But with my boy ZEKE it’s natural ears for the time we both have together on this earth.

Most of the ear position gestures are accompanied by movement of other body parts. First of all I really don’t know who these people are leaving these comments they must really don’t know s*** about dogs all dogs in the wild have their ears up floppy eared dogs is a defect and a retardation of the canine species due to selective breeding crop ears keep ears more clean and doesn’t leave a breeding ground for bacteria like floppy ears look the s*** up before saying all those ridiculous ignorant stuff seriously cuz it just sound like a bunch of pet lovers with no information just feelings not knowledge.

She would run and the ears would rise like wings. For those here that say to “look up the benifits” I just did and there are none!

Breeders only crop Pitbull’s ears to make them look more intimidating and threatening. It has so many little groves and she can actually close her ear all together.

There are instances where the dog’s attention may be attracted elsewhere and not respond to your verbal calls. He does tend to get re-occuring infections due to allergies; however, anti-biotics only work for a week or so and then it comes right back. This normally manifests dominance in your canine friend. We also have 4 cats and other small animals and NEVER has my dog or any other Pit I know committed any crimes towards people or animals. Not only is there no benefit but it’s also cruel, how would they like it if when they were 6 or 7 weeks old someone said oh I don’t like the length of his index fingers let’s cut them off at the first knuckle because I I think he’ll look more intimidating sounds ridiculous RIGHT!!

This ear position can communicate a lot of messages. 80% of all mutilations (thousands per year) are pits or pit mixes. 13 weeks short cropped.

and never crop tails or ears off. you’re right… they’re sweet,smart. Then there is submission after losing a fight: Ears down and partially flattened on the head: TOP 10 Best Dog Bed for Large and Small Dog, TOP 10 Best Automatic Pet Feeder for Pets, Mini Blue Heeler (Everything You Need to Know). Dingo?

I breed dogs and I would have got my dog ear chop but not for looks. Although there isn’t much to protect inside your skull. The PKs they were prescribed was more than adequate.

Sometime ear infections crop up seasonally, especially when dogs are outside more, or the weather is hotter and more humid. But he is the love of my life and would never put him through anything that I would not be willing to go through myself. Since pit bulls are prone to allergies and allergies can cause skin issues and ear infections, you can expect to deal with an ear infection or two. Dog Ears Back. YOU have done no real reasearch on these animals. Additionally, ihomepet.com participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links. By day three the smell was gone and his ears looked clean and healthy again. Read along and learn how to interpret what your canine friend could be trying to tell you. Let us now take a look together at some of the positions and what they communicate. Occasional low grunts and growls can be heard. At the end of day 10, he was 100% better – it’s the best his ears have looked in years. The dog will be under anesthesia, however often when ear cropping is performed the dogs aren’t given adequate pain relief. Some people believe that some dogs ears should be set and carried a certain way. All Rights Reserved, StomachPunch Media LLC is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.

Or you may be facing a first-time problem.

Breeders or owners will trim the dog’s ears so that they no longer lie flat; they stand up and are usually pointy. I love them like my own kids. Both my Am Stafs had their ears cropped with no problems. per year. Popular dog trainer Cesar Milan has done much to dispel the notion that they are an inherently aggressive breed. God made these magnificent creatures.

We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. If your dog is in such a state, do not provoke him as he can attack anyone out of desperation. They are GREAT with your kids.

The tail stays stiffened and fluffed up, rising from the rest of the body. For those who’ve dealt with chronic ear infections and recurrent yeast problems in their pit’s ears, nothing seems to get rid of them.

This can happen too during playing time to show that he is paying attention and is interested in whatever activity you two are involved in.

It’s obvious that all that criticize them have never owned one. The dog’s adrenaline is high and is preparing to take flight. Although some people believe they’re helping their dogs to hear better or hunt better, they may actually be hindering them and causing them more pain down the road. You have to spot other dog body languages in order to unlock it’s true meaningfully. That he must really love you. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. Reading stories about babies and 3 year olds being torn apart is a little more concerning to me than something trivial like this. It gives the actions around him very minimal attention since it feels safe.

The cropping on the fighting dogs so the opponent didn’t anything easy to grab.

The ears when laid back can be in a very different position, each of which tries to tell you something.

Cropping is cruel and wrong!!

Anyone who cuts off a piece of an animal for looks should have it done to themselves. The ears are cropped to prevent this unsightly and often times painful occurrence for the dog. Some will always argue that it is the choice of the owner to crop their dogs ears if they want to, whereas others will fight to make it illegal across the globe. There is no recognized benefit to cropping a dog’s ears. How Do Gorillas Get So Big And Strong While Being Herbivores? Unfortunately, it’s exactly what it sounds like.

Copyright 2013-2019 Vet Organics. Fox? They are perfect in His eyes.

But you know what else is cruel.. you said this, “Personally, because it is not a medical issue and it has zero proven benefits to the dog, I would not want my dog’s ears cropped, nor would I purchase a puppy that had already had theirs cropped. They can be used for talking too. This is said to be a non invasive procedure. The ears, especially of Pitbulls, are extremely vascular and hold many nerve endings so when they’re chopped off the dog can experience phantom pains for the rest of his life as well as constant ear sensitivity and pain.

EcoEars is a great product! Again, if you did any research, you would already know why.

Neither understands the other. Vet Organics is a South Florida company that formulates highly effective, natural, safe remedies and supplements for dogs and cats. Not the breed themselves.

Keep your bs to yourself since you obviously have no actual dog experience whatsoever & seemingly no human experience either.

This shows submission especially when he recognizes a leader.

It is for looks and is “believed” (by people who are not educated on veterinary medicine) to help with hearing, no evidence to support this “theory”!!!!

As for your comment about the harm Pitbulls do, please go and do your own research on some statistics on Pitbulls along with other breeds and the shit that isn’t reported on the news before you start mouthing off about a breed you clearly know nothing about and based your opinions on random news that specifically targets the breed. I’ve had many in my life that got along great with cats and farm animals as well as very loving and gentle twords kids. For those of you don’t know what a hematoma is it’s a broken blood vessel in the ear that creates a pocket of blood and pus. I love all dogs , but after having a pit bull, I wouldn’t have any other breed! Meanwhile i have my glen she could almost a chiwawa size she’s the one that barks even peoplepassing by, looks for fight with other puppies.

I read reviews online and went on forums, desperate to find some relief for our dog.

EcoEars contains all-natural ingredients tested and proven to be effective on thousands of dogs. MEAN PEOPLE MAKE MEAN DOGS. Any dog can be mean. They were bandaged for 2 weeks, but were back to their loving, playful selves the very next day.

Most of us have experienced this after coming back from work and finding the house in a mess, and he knows he is the one who has been messing around the house. The dog’s tail, face, and other body postures are perfect alternatives for communication. IDIOT!!! Yes it is cruel and arrogant. When my dog play fight the first thing they do is grab each other ears and tail. My bullie is 4yrs old and had his ears cropped at 10weeks so happy we did it I kept them in my toolbox I take pics for all you crybabies, I have a Dogo Argentino and had his ears cropped he was not in pain whatsoever the next day when he came back from the hospital he just wanted to play showed no signs of pain whatsoever! There are many dogs that are prone to getting their ears cropped, including boxers, doberman pinschers, miniature pinschers, Schnauzers, boston terriers and great danes. For some people it makes the dog look good, there is nothing wrong with that, remember people all around the world have experience and dangerous surgeries to look a certain way, for example like breast implants, there is not a benefit actually it end up killing a lot of women, but people will always keep putting there lives at risk, the dog doesn’t feel anything during the surgery, obesity after he will feel a little bit of pain, is like castration, do you agree with the dog been castrated, I know in some cases is needed, some people don’t want there dogs to reproduce and is totally okay. Depending on the overall body language followed by flattened ears, it might be a submissive gesture or a precursor to an attack. In cases where your dog’s ears are cropped and cannot, therefore, position them to communicate, look for the alternatives. Forget aesthetics, the ears are cropped so they don’t get torn off during fighting and cost the dog owner their meal ticket. If a dog’s ears are gently pulled back, accompanied by happy tail wag, it means they’re feeling friendly and up for some cuddles! You should, therefore, be attentive to the dog’s ear positions and communicate better with your friend. No need to register, buy now! Many people mistakenly believe that hackled hair on a dog's back means they are aggressive. He has even pulled my earring out several times. I was SO thrilled with this product, I cannot even say it enough. It appears to be the working dogs and traditional fighting dogs that usually are expected to have their ears cropped. From my days of breeding Pitbulls, I had only the females cropped. If you’ve had a pitbull for some time, you are probably familiar with the fact that pitbulls often get ear infections. It is seen as an elective, aesthetic surgery with no medical benefits. Just as earlier stated, a dog does not only use his ears for listening to stuff around him. Your pit bull may have had chronic ear infections, often for years, and you may have visited the vet for antibiotics, cortisteriods like prednisone, ear washes, and ear drops without much relief. It is then stitched and bandaged until the ears are healed. I’ve had more lil bastards like the Yorkie n chihuahua be aggressive than any pitty I’ve been in contact with. But, if their ears are flat and pinned back or to the sides, your pooch is definitely signaling fear. If you ever owned a dog, you would know when they are hurting or something is wrong & they are not themselves.

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