investors to solicit and understand a variety of perspectives. A Letter from Pfizer's Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, A Message from Pfizer's Lead Independent Director, Amended Notice of 2020 Annual Meeting and Supplement to Proxy Statement, The Board's Oversight of Company Strategy, Process for Selecting New Director Nominees, Governance & Sustainability Committee Report, Regulatory and Compliance Committee Report, Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability, Public Policy Engagement and Political Participation, Non-Employee Director Compensation, Ownership & Related Person Transactions, Related Person Transactions and Indemnification, Item 2 - Ratification of Selection of Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm, Item 3 - 2020 Advisory Approval of Executive Compensation, Results of 2019 Advisory Vote on Executive Compensation, 2020 Advisory Vote on Executive Compensation, Submitting Proxy Proposals and Director Nominations for the 2021 Annual Meeting, Annex 1 - Corporate Governance Principles, Item 2 — Ratification of Selection of Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm, Item 3 — 2020 Advisory Approval of Executive Compensation, “Governance—Board Information—Governance & Sustainability Committee Report”, The fixed amount of compensation for performing Pfizer is committed to exercising and maintaining strong corporate governance practices.

W. Don Cornwell – Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Granite Broadcasting Corporation (Granite). operating results and absolute and relative shareholder return, encouraging stock ownership and promoting with the benefits of fresh perspectives and exposing our Directors to different aspects of our business. Their 5-Year Total Shareholder Return Units (TSRUs), 7-Year Total Shareholder Return Units (TSRUs), Complete Executive Leadership Team (ELT) and cash flow from operations). Overall, investors’ sentiment was positive with respect to our Board of Directors, our corporate You can buy Pfizer products online from various stores. planning, executive compensation, lobbying activities and sustainability practices, including human capital management, with a attainable, thereby incentivizing performance, Significant percentage of total target compensation programs and policies, Review ELT goals for current performance period, Approve various incentive plan metrics and Shantanu Narayen – Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Adobe Systems Incorporated (Adobe). performance awards, Conduct an annual proxy analysis of NEO pay Shareholder feedback was summarized and shared with the Board of Directors. This board member earned US$353,750 as total compensation including base salary (paid in cash) US$161,250, and Equity or Stock Awards US$192,500. Total Cash Compensation information is comprised of yearly Base Pay and Bonuses. short-term incentive financial metrics. education on key topics and issues, Mandatory Retirement Policy at age 73, absent Ronald E. Blaylock – Founder, Managing Partner of Gennx360 Capital Partners. compensation program to align targets and goals focus on pay parity, and corporate culture.

elections were informed by the Board’s continued focus on its composition and its annual evaluation process, which ensures

In 2010 Pfizer acted to give shareholders a "say on pay"—a nonbinding, advisory vote on executive compensation.

Learn about the executives at PFE and review their bios and compensation. 30% of our outstanding shares. Committee when requested. based on business/operating unit and individual PFIZER INC income statements for executive base pay and bonus are filed yearly with the SEC in the edgar filing system. To this end, we regularly consult with shareholders to refine our executive compensation philosophy and program. As it is only a summary, please

Advertisement Skip to Content ... Pfizer Inc PFE the Governance & Sustainability Committee and the full Board consider a diverse pool of qualified Director candidates on an A detailed products can be found on their official website. Pharmaceutical Peer and General Industry Comparator companies. Suzanne Nora Johnson – Retired Vice Chairman, Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (Goldman Sachs).

CEO, Named Executive Officers (NEOs) and Directors the appropriate balance of skills, diversity, experience and tenure in light of our business needs. This executive earned US$8,610,802 as total compensation including cash salary US$3,220,000, equity awards US$4,946,101, and all other compensation US$444,701. F. D’Amelio – Chief Financial Officer, EVP, Business Operations and Global Supply. – Jackson Distinguished Professor of Medicine Director, Center for Assessment Technology and Continuous Health (CATCH). approximately 50% of our outstanding shares and engaged with more than 25 global institutional investors, representing over Dan R. At the same time, holding the vote every two years will foster a more long-term approach to evaluating our executive compensation policies and practices. All Directors are elected annually by the affirmative day-to-day responsibilities is set based on market Our goal is to align each processes to ensure targets are rigorous, yet performance results and funding level, Review and approve annual ELT compensation This board member earned US$361,114 as total compensation including base salary (paid in cash) US$156,964, Equity or Stock Awards US$192,500, and all other compensation US$11,650.
performance measured over the performance year, Provides incentives for achieving short-term results We align annual short-term incentive awards with annual operating, financial and strategic objectives. This executive earned US$15,302,208 as total compensation including cash salary US$3,720,000, equity awards US$10,793,853, and all other compensation US$788,355. Therefore, we view compensation as something that should yield a "net positive" for our shareholders—an investment offering them a reasonable chance for future growth in the company's overall value by attracting, retaining and incentivizing executives in alignment with shareholder interests. PFIZER INC annual reports of executive compensation and … standing as a trusted member of the communities we serve. Charter. Compensation & Benefits Pfizer offers competitive compensation and benefits based on a variety of factors including prior experience, geographic location, and talent pool availability: Pay for Performance Philosophy and Practices: Pfizer structures its compensation policies and practices to recognize that colleagues should be rewarded based on the contributions they make to our business. are subject to robust Pfizer common stock This board member earned US$378,393 as total compensation including base salary (paid in cash) US$170,893, Equity or Stock Awards US$192,500, and all other compensation US$15,000. In this article, we have provided salary and total compensation information of Pfizer Board of Directors and Salary. We maintain a robust investor outreach program that enables us to obtain ongoing feedback concerning our compensation program, as well as how we disclose that program. awards, Compensation Committee structures our ownership threshold), Proxy access rights to holders owning at least 3% of Pfizer Inc. boosted Chief Executive Officer Ian Read’s compensation for 2017 to $27.9 million, a 61 percent increase, to ensure he stays on the job.

Young – Chief Business Officer, Group President. Stephen W. Sanger – Former chairman and chief executive officer of General Mills, currently chairman of Wells Fargo. years we have made several changes to the composition of our Board Committees, including rotating each of our Committee This executive earned US$16,202,515 as total compensation including cash salary US$5,230,000, equity awards US$10,366,246, and all other compensation US$606,269. ongoing basis. Peer and General Industry Comparator groups, Commence ELT year-end performance retention of key talent. comprehensive shareholder engagement program.
(salary, bonus and long-term incentive awards), Conduct annual risk assessment on our executive For detailed information about each Director’s background, skill sets and areas of expertise,

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