By Peter on 2010-11-03. He can make killer shapes and even do some retro art and even crazy shaping. ", It took decades for shapers to design an epoxy board that was easy to maneuver. It’s for the surfer that wants to do everything on a wave.

They make great boards all around. FORMULA 1 PEARSON ARROW - The Formula One model has it all. It's pretty easy to find some generally off putting people in the surf industry, but John is about as far from that as they come. I've also had some rides on a buddy's board, a 9' performance 2+1 setup. Name * Email * Related Products. I brought them a fin that had their logo printed on it and said, "What about this?" He should be shaping like mad right about now to fill his summer orders, so you should be able to catch him at the factory. A shaper I spoke with said that in his view the rocker on Clark blanks over 9'2" did not ride well for a hp LB. Comments? ward coffey comes up a lot as a top shaper in santa cruz. ", Once Shunned, This Surfboard Is Catching a Wave. My estimated time of completion is 8 weeks.

Cookies help us deliver our Services. I'd definitely go talk to him if you're in the market for a new board.

It’s for the surfer that wants to do everything on a wave. He caught a steep wave and carved a series of flashy Z's along it. Not sure whether I should go custom. ", Rob Machado, the pro surfer, disagreed, at least for big-wave riding.

"So they got a bad reputation. ", William Riedel, an award-winning shaper, has worked with epoxy resin for more than 20 years.

Despite the issues with the shop workers, the board I've got by them (9' twin fin) is AMAZING. More options than ever exist to satisfy surfers of all appetites. Placed my order through Dustin at Billabong because he gave a bro price and 20% off fins and a bag. I recently tested a Surftech Bob Pearson Formula 1 performance longboard. Now the 3rd guy is a guy named Brian Wynn.

They got a decent selection.

The first models "were junk, barely surfable," said Chris Mauro, the editor of Surfer Magazine. They sell em at RipCurl shops (I prefer the outlet on Mission St). He emailed me back the same day. I waited for months before finally giving up and buying elsewhere.

Not a whole lot of foam but what can you expect for a performance longboard?

", A competitor, Richard Novak, the owner of NHS, the parent company of Santa Cruz Surfboards, agreed that epoxy is superior: "Now the industry is saying, 'Why did it take us so long for us to switch over?'

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